Face Projection Mapping With Kat Von D Video Illusions

face projection mapping with kat von d

Wow! This morning, I came across an email in my inbox from Ed. He sent me the link to an absolutely amazing video of something called a live face projection mapping with Kat Von D. I normally am not terribly impressed with most videos, and I ended up skipping ahead, but not with this video! The combination of face projection mapping and the string quartet music is just so…intense and transfixing!

Words really don’t do this face projection mapping video justice. You just have to watch it to see…

Full Length / Live Face Projection Mapping with Kat Von D from Wildbytes on Vimeo.

I’ve seen these sort of projections done in other routines, like dance routines, but I’ve never seen them done to this extent on the face. I can’t even image how long it took to practice this and get it just right. I mean, for the face projection mapping to be perfect like it is, Kat Von D has to be in just the right spot, at just the right time, for just the right amount of time. It’s crazy! I truly admire not only the beauty of this video, but also the time and creativity that went into creating it!

It’s no face projection mapping, but if you like video illusions, you might also want to check out this Jason Paul freerunning video!

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  1. Beautiful vid and very cleaver. But it’s not she who is moving her face to the projection but the projection is following her. That is what the various white dots on her face are for, they allow the multipul projections to match her movements.

    Great to watch even knowing how its done.

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