Extreme Makeover Optical Illusion

In this edition of extreme home makeover, we can see some real optical illusions. Can you believe person on the right is the same women we see on the left side of the photo? Selected women have been changed drastically in terms of their sexuality after participating in the TV show aired on ABC called Extreme Makeover. Makeovers included everything: from plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, weight loss surgery, face surgery, breast surgery, implatants, liposuction, sun-bathing, sport practicing, professional makeup, dentist visit, new teeth… For more unbelivable makeovers, jump inside this post!

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  1. I think they look terrific and what is so very compelling is how much energy and confidence seems to fill their faces! Andy dude, these are women (read: grown-ups), seems to me you would not know a good looking woman if she hit ya right on top of the head.

  2. it is never bad to become a beauty
    if it grows older, since it thinks so also by whom, however when young, the one as it is will be a beauty

  3. I think in the post
    “been changed drastically in terms of their sexuality”

    would read better as
    “been changed drastically in terms of their appeal” or appearance, you don’t have to bold it either. As much as I’d like to see a gender reassingment operation I don’t think broadcast TV is quite ready for that. :P

    One of the biggest things about this show I wonder about is the physcological factor. Do these women not see them selves as worthy? Do they really believe that they are better with saline in their chests and so fourth and so on? Is this giving the impression to more people that prefection is only one surgery away?

    Yes in all objective critisizm one could say that the after shots look better than the before shots and sometimes there is nothig wrong with changing a little here and there, but when we physically augment our bodies are we loosing somemthing?

  4. It’s a shame. These women have raped by media. :(
    Why isn’t enough to be a human? Why everybody wants to be “perfect”? Why we let to tell us who and what is perfect?

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  6. 2 things… and this is an illusion how?
    they needed help. BAD and the poor things still didnt get it. poor things

  7. I, honestly think it’s sad when you can’t stand your body enough that you have to go get surgery.

    (Fear The Wall Of Text!!! XD)

    I hate the media. It’s all the media’s fault. That’s why hundreds of thousands of Teenage girls are out there starving themselves or throwing up afer every meal. They always want to look like Britney Spears, or Hilary Duff, or even dip to Nicole Richie or Lindsay Lohan. Why not someone like Queen Latifah? She’s much more of a role model than any of the others. There are many other celebrities that are so much more admirable than the skinny, blonde ones.

    That is all, you may sit down now.

    Mat- I agree. XD

    Hai- *Pokes Webbie*

  8. Hey I still think that’s all of us…you guys are not excluded! Sorry! You can put on a large t-shirt or shirt say”Alen Jackson” or Brad Pitt style or Whatever and cover up and grow a beard& moustache..walaaa!
    Anyway, sincerely,
    can any of you give me a photoshop 4 dummies quick lession? I have to make a label…Food product label. Deadline, next Tuesday! July 25th,06.
    Character logo done. Perfect…NOT!!! I need some friendly assistance! I would like to make transparent lables layers, so that when I send it to the Printers they will be able to adjust, since I,m such a novice. Any suggestions,,,greatly appreciated!

  9. OMG I LOVE THAT SHOW they do amazing thing BUT i dont belive you should have ur body surgicaly MODIFYED enless its a medical problem

  10. that is so wrong- God made you perfectly in his image and how he wanted you to look like- he didn’t want you to look like how the media is potraying you to dress/look like!!

  11. 19.– obesity is just as much of a problem as anorexia and bulemia. And many more people are obese than unhealthily thin, so, it’s a -bigger- problem.

    Also, how is plastic surgery an illusion? They are big changes, impressive, yes, but not an optical illusion…

  12. that makes me sad somehow– i wonder how healthy it is to place conceptions of beauty and confidence on mear physical appearance… luckiy there is no body paint to cover up what really makes us pretty or not pretty

  13. Why do/did they do it? You’re kidding, right? Coyote ugly is reason enough. Some of them could have cured their own hiccoughs by taking a quick peek in a mirror. Thank God there are treatments for CBU (congenital butt ugliness)!

  14. I still think most of them look pretty ugly. I wonder how they looked after they went home, washed their faces and washed their hair? You know without the makeup and the blowed hair…

  15. First of all these women are not Ugly I totally agree with sebastian and surf 24/7 However, this is the cold hard reality about society,not just the media. Men like andy and are contributing to this as well. Don’t you think? If there weren’t shallow men in the world like that they would not have to do this. They just want to fit in and be loved,Nothing wrong with that.

  16. this is sick
    think of how many people NEED plastic surgey to save there life
    nd its bein wasted on them
    half of them only needed hair straighteners, good clothes and confidence.

  17. I can’t believe those women felt they needed to go to such extremes to aspire to superficial labels such as ‘pretty’ or ‘beautiful’ (which are subjective ideals anyway). Most of them could have improved their looks with a better understanding of what to wear, and a haircut. But most of all, it was their lack of self esteem that made them ‘unattractive’, and most of all, the unattractiveness in their perception fed into the befief that they were ‘ugly’ by sucking the happiness out of them.

    Plus, psychologically, these women are still scarred by their slavery to the ideals of ‘perfection’, and probably try not to think about how their ‘improvements’ aren’t parts of their actual bodies, thus meaning that the person other people ISN’T REALLY THEM.

    It’s tragic, really.

  18. “I, honestly think it’s sad when you can’t stand your body enough that you have to go get surgery.

    (Fear The Wall Of Text!!! XD)

    I hate the media. It’s all the media’s fault. That’s why hundreds of thousands of Teenage girls are out there starving themselves or throwing up afer every meal. They always want to look like Britney Spears, or Hilary Duff, or even dip to Nicole Richie or Lindsay Lohan. Why not someone like Queen Latifah? She’s much more of a role model than any of the others. There are many other celebrities that are so much more admirable than the skinny, blonde ones.

    That is all, you may sit down now.

    Mat- I agree. XD

    Hai- *Pokes Webbie*”

    I want to grow up to be a plus-size female African-American celebrity!

  19. Some of them are Australian.

    The first is the the daughter of the fourth. They both spent thousands and thousands of dollars on surgery “together” as a “mother daughter” thing…

    The amount of money these women spend is so clearly not worth it… For less than $AU200, you could give them a complete makeover with a new cut, colour, and style, and some well chosen and well applied makeup, and that is already 3/4 of what their “transformations” rely on to “look better”.

    The other five figures or more (of cash) only give 1/4 (max) of their overall aesthetic improvement…

  20. Whoah, a lot of them got some implants up there. And I get that they felt ugly but some times I really don’t get why people just aren’t happy with what they are….. I mean it what’s inside that matters, not your looks.

  21. # six is the best of ’em all shes very pretty… I never knew that!! How she can go from that from… THAT!!!!

  22. perfection is overrated, these women are just as ugly before and after. its a shame that they believe that simply changing their appearance makes them any better of a person.

  23. i have to say good for them! but on the other hand i wonder how many of them left there husbands or wives afterwards because they thought now they could do better!

  24. SAD, SAD PEOPLE… apparently they are ugly inside as well as outside.

    I knew a woman who died of cancer when she was 35. Do you think there would be ANYTHING she wouldnt have given for the opportunity to live long enough to be old and ugly like these women?

    And all they care about is how their precious SELF-CONFIDENCE has been restored!

    Talk about SELFISHNESS!

    Wake up, people, you have it better than you think!

  25. Nobody needs friggin surgery to look beautiful!! All you need to do is be happy with what you got or make it look better without surgery!! It makes me mad how people do this everyday!!

  26. Wow, I like illusions and everything, but I think that’s pretty much the coolest one I’ve ever seen.

    I am, of course, referring to the last one. With all the others, sure, they’ve changed each lady’s appearance drastically. The last one, however … they’ve even managed to make it look like she’s with a bloke!

    I can’t work out how they did it, but they did it goooood. The others should take note, they too could make it look like they are with a man.

    PS people are stupid.

  27. 3 7 and 3 look worse than normal

    and #4 looks about the same

    I agree with the comments 13,and 19 completely


    That money which was spent wasnt worth it

  28. uhhhhhhh? wat? if that was me i'd wanna refund> they look like little plastic barbies. its ok ladies ken still wants you.

  29. i think the best transformation is the sixth picture, and these women have alot i mean ALOT of guts to change themselfs so much.

  30. What the hell is wrong with some of you people?

    The “illusion” here is that these women were given a makeover and were completely re-done.
    There’s nothing wrong with a good makeover to boost someone’s self confidence at all.

    You’d be surprised at what a good foundation powder and a bit of makeup can do to a person. ..Maybe along with a slight tan to get rid of pasty looking skin.

    The most these women have gotten is a hair cut and style, hair coloring, some makeup, a really good push-up bra, and a good photographer.

  31. i honestly don’t get the whole illusion thing. i found at least 3 things that make this not good.
    1. the title kinda gives it away.
    2. the pictures on the right are TOTALLY different people.
    and last but not least………..
    3. on the last one, why put a GUY in the picture. is that the real trick?

  32. honestly. i do agree about the personality, about how much surgery is ridiculous (in certain cases) ok.
    yet, if i looked like the first picture, i would be hell happy being so beautiful after surgery.
    probabbly none of you look as bad as some of these women did, so all you can say is “no no no plasitc surgery is not good bla bla bla” which is pathetic because im sure these women felt so unhappy and insecure because of their looks that it will infact affect their psycology.
    i think that in these cases, not all the women upthere , but most, should get this surgery done. i do not believe in a barbie plastic look, but in this case is necessary for a better living and psycology.

  33. umm…it’s a joke…”real life illusions” means that they aren’t.So if anyone wonders where the illusion is,I think the person who wrote this is just commenting on the dramatic changes of the women, NOT implying there’s an optical illusion.

    The surgery looks ridiculous on nearly all of them- they look fake and plastic. I think people should try and grow old gracefully :D

  34. The beginning of the article states that these women were on a show called “Extreme makeover” ie: holy crap with the amount of things done (nose job, breast implants, face lift, lipo, etc) in one sitting

    Plastic surgery will do that to a person. If you get, say, 6 procedures done in one sitting THEN doing the hair and make up thing, that *will* completely change how you look.

  35. and the worst thing is, they’re all still not pretty. if they would give a little more about hygiene and have better haircuts, they wouldn’t need plastic surgery

  36. I actually think that some of these women may have benefited from surgery, like #2 who had almost no chin and a rather wide nose, which makeup can’t really fix, and she also got lasik eye surgery so she didn’t have to wear glasses anymore. And the same with #6, she needed some help with her nose and eyes. And they were both under 30 years old I think, so it’s not about aging gracefully at all with them. I DO think that that is the case with #3, 4 and 7, they are just getting old and I think they look really plastic and fake after their surgeries. I still think they were doing a lot of unnecessary things to all of them.
    And no…it’s not an optical illusion you stupid people…just a lot of plastic surgery and makeup

  37. Yes, Carooooo better attention to hygiene will certainly change the shape of your face and improve your bone structure. Great thinking there.

  38. those are all the same people, if any of you were smart enough to look at the smaller features like the shape of their eyebrows or noses, or way they smile and how the rest of their face reacts to the smile.
    while these are extreme differences i think it’s great because i bet most of these women didn’t even know they could be pretty.

  39. They are all real people & are all the same people. I watched them on extreme makeover. And extreme makeover does surgical things as well which explains how their breasts get larger & their teeth get straighter. That should answer all the questions.

  40. If they’re illusions then that’s cool, if they’re real makeovers, then so what. If that’s how people feel good about themselves then so be it. They look good and happier and surer.

  41. Regardless of the visual outcome, I hate when women wear pounds of make-up because it’s just a cover-up and NOT REALLY WHO THEY ARE. What do you think they look like in the morning? Even if they don’t wash the make-up off before bed then it’s probably going to smear off onto the pillow. Unless they sleep like mummies or something so that they don’t roll over, LOL.

    I’m not only talking about the women in this article…this goes for ALL women. You can try to bullsh-t yourself into thinking that if you can cover up your pimples or some other imperfection, then that’s who you really are…but it’s all a load of crap and there’s no substitute for actually taking care of your body rather than wasting a damn hour (or more!) every day covering things up with things like chemicals and ‘deceptive’ clothing. Maybe most men aren’t smart enough to see through all that, BUT THE MEN WHO ARE WORTH A SH-T DO SEE IT, and wouldn’t bother looking twice at a painted plastic party girl.

    So in this case, I’m curious to see how the women in the ‘after’ pictures look without their make-up, or if they get caught out in the rain or something. Probably not so good…

    Their makeovers should come with warning labels such as:

    “Keep out of direct sunlight and away from damp locations”


    “Store in an air-tight container away from sources of heat”

  42. Of course it’s an illusion, plastic surgery is fake, you’re seeing something that isn’t reality. Same for the 385640 kilos of make up.

    Morons, just because it’s common doesn’t make it normal or any less of an illusion.

  43. Erm… The last picture is that woman is actually quite beautiful, she didn’t need anything done to her! D: Now she looks like an old woman trying to be in her 20’s in the after picture… -SIGH-

  44. You’re all complaining about how fake they look and how ugly they are. Yes I agree that you don’t neccessarily need plastic surgery to look beautiful and just be your natural self. But wearing makeup is generally the same thing. It’s to give confidence. Plus I highly doubt any of you walk down the sidewalk and see someone attractive and say “I bet she has a great personality!” really. Rarely any does that. If you walked down the street and see one of these ladies, some of you people calling them ugly in the after photo wouldn’t. What you’re actually calling ugly is the fact they underwent so much surgery
    which wasn’t needed. A little makeup wouldve help fairly well.

  45. I’m sorry,but I think we have one “tiny” problem here.. WHO,ON EARTH,DO YOU THINK YOU ARE,TO GIVE YOURSELF THE RIGHT JUDGING THOSE PEOPLE??? these ladies,lived their whole life being judged and rejected by the society BECAUSE of their looks.. these are REAL women with a lack of confidence who just wanted to feel better ’bout themselves. and no make up,no hair-do would make their teeth healthy and strong ( btw, bad teeth are ONE of the main reasons health problems can occur), or remove those ” imperfections” in bone structure they are so unhappy with! so they went to a surgery!! what’s so freaking wrong with that?? all they wanted is to look good and most IMPORTANT of all,FEEL MENTALLY GOOD!

    some you EVEN know,(and those with more luck don’t know) ,how it feels like when you couldn’t find a date for prom or you weren’t invited to some party couse you just “don’t look so good”..(or any other example)!! you think that doesn’t hurt?? you think, you would in that position say : oh,nevermind,at least I’m NATURAL?? BULLS***!!!!!

    either way just put yourself in their position,and imagine how would you feel if you couldn’t get a better job,and your colleague did,only because she looks better than you.. this is not an example of righteousness in our world, but unfortunately,these things happen,whether you liked it or not!
    and all they did with their plastic surgery,they said NO MORE!! NO MORE to judgment, to pain in the heart caused with ugly words, to days filled with sorrow! and they are all HAPPY now!! HAPPY AND SATISFIED!!


    and if they need a surgery for that, THEY SHOULD DO IT! and no one,no one should judge that!

    so PLEASE STOP posting this moronic post filled with NO UNDERSTANDING because you make me feel down. because of you who think that way,world has become a sad and condemning place to live in.

  46. I agree that some of the results are less than spectacular but I respect these women for trying to be their very best. Far too many women let themselves go after the first kid. It is nice to see that some have enough self-respect to be all they can be, even if that is not enough for some of the people who commented.

  47. All such a bunch of hypocrites. Most of you would rip the sh*t out of women who look like the befores and tell them to ‘go get plastic surgery’, yet when they actually do improve their appearance you still criticise. Pathetic.

    They all look amazing after. But ultimately it’s how the person’s self confidence is improved.

  48. Don Richardson, these results are exceptional considering their starting points. You are being way to critical in that regard.

    Also these women were all given FREE cosmetic surgery due to appearing on national tv. The vast majority of women who look like the befores do not have the option to get 50k of cosmetic procedures.

  49. Some are good and some are just too fake to be beautiful. I always wondered what the pitch was to these women to be on the show.

    Producer: Excuse me sir…err maam, you are completely rancid but I think we can do something with you.
    Woman: Really, you can make me less homely? Sign me up, I have no self-esteem, no boobs, bad teeth, a hairy back, and my husband will only make love to me with the lights off.
    Producer: Awesome! Can you repeat all that in front of a camera? Maybe add some tears?
    Woman: Sure, but only if beautiful people mock me and you get lots of interviews with my friends and family calling me fugly and telling everybody in America that my childhood name was Chunky Monkey?
    Producer: Consider it done!

    BTW, I like pasty women, tan skin is only attractive if you are born that way.

  50. The first girl ended up looking somewhat like Milla Jovowitch (hahaha, spelling…?)

    But uh. I cannot honestly say there was anything wrong with them before the change o.O besides. Lol. What if a guy goes get a kid with them, and the kid turns out real ugly? It’s like fooling people XD

  51. I’m not going to say the before pictures were beautiful because they aren’t, but most of them look like they dug around for the worst picture of these women that they could find. I have photos of myself where I look awful, and I have photos of myself that a little make-up, and good camera angles and lighting make me look like a million bucks! What most of these women appear to have done just to look “better” is excessive and frivolous. I’m sure with a little clean up they all looked fine before.

  52. To be fair, a lot of the problem before was that the women simply did not understand what beauty tips and tricks to apply to create the look they wanted. Now they do. Hopefully the only “surprise” kids they produce came from the ones who got drastic plastic surgery.

  53. i completely agree with Debra.
    The first and the fourth women from the top already look fine. Just some makeup and hairdo and they would look great.

  54. People forget that most of the beauty in society today is completely fake. Being yourself isn’t enough anymore and it’s made people forget what real people look like.

  55. These women look BETTER on the right hand side, but not actually “good”

    Some people are pretty some ARE NOT!!

  56. These people were born loosers. Why cant we let people be what they are? We live in such a messed up society.

  57. That show should be called “Who wants to become a whore on tv?” These women went from looking like average, every day people to looking like they just came from a whorehouse. Good job America!

  58. The pictures on the right show these women before marriage. The pictures on the left show these women after marriage, when the guy is locked down with mortage and kids.

  59. Wow! Would be nice to think that they could be comfortable as they were, but I think those kind of stories only happen in films. Hard to believe that they are not photoshopped.

    Loving Joe Normals comment though…. “The pictures on the right show these women before marriage. The pictures on the left show these women after marriage, when the guy is locked down with mortage and kids”!!

  60. People fair to mention that this transformation destroyed their relationships at home. Almost all the woman that were married filed for divorce and went on to become slam pigs to fill that void in their lives. True story.

  61. Thats just sad, personally they would have all looked better if they just cleaned them selves up. They all look like trannies after. On the before picture they looked like they had some personality. Now they just like every other women with fake tan and heavy make-up ect

  62. That first girl, especially, was WAY cuter before they told her she didn’t look enough like the tee-vee models for someone else’s taste. I kind of have a crush on her ‘before’ picture.

  63. Damn, why is everyone hating on a few homely girls who just want to look a little better? What’s so wrong with wanting to be blond and tan? It doesn’t make you stupid, watching shows like this and not caring about the world around you do that. And i know plenty of nerdy brunettes who are neither pretty nor intelligent… and that ain’t a sexy combo. These women look 10000 times better! Botox for everyone!

  64. i mean especially the one with the falling off the bosom blue dress?! Honey went from a crack whore to (a slightly more manish) Susan Sarandon!

  65. What these women show in before pics is that they were once frumpy, ignorant to beauty secrets, didn’t know how to wear or apply make up to bring out their features, knew nothing about doing the hair be it a hair style that works for their face shape, hair products to tame frizzy hair or accentuate their curls or hair volume or highlights, etc. ANY woman of any weight, size or race can look like a slob or a nerd if they have no clue how to beautify themselves.

    And to Rose who posted above, they don’t look like trannies, they look like women who now know how to play up their feminine beauty…instead of looking like plain janes…let’s remember that trannie are the ones that took these things that are exclusive to women (hair, make up, fashion) and used it to make themselves appear as women. Do not marginalize women in their choices to look beautiful, and label it like that. Any woman that looks sharp and feminine knows how to dress to the nines and apply make up and style their hair. It’s not their fault that you are plain.

  66. By gum! People take a breath! We’re all made in different shapes and sizes, each appealing to someone, somewhere. What naffs me off is the idea that we all have to be skinny, flawless, flumptuous haired and have the ability to save the world in our spare time, having created a new drug to cure the common cold.

    As a tall person with standard Celtic traits, I can’t tan, my conker coloured hair will never be flumptuous, my green eyes will never be blue (natch), my freckles will always get worse in summer and I will spend most of my life photographing wildlife. I’ll never cure anything, but I’ll document the creatures that might.

    Let’s not fall prey to the advertisements and their idea of ‘beauty’. I spent a small amount of time trying to get a curl into my hair only to be told by my daughter (21) that my impossibly straight hair looked ‘fabulous’. See?

    I’m off to pick the slugs off my lettuces.

    Enjoy life.


  67. there is a saying, there is no ugly women, only lazy women. that is if they go and touch up themselves and make themselves beautiful.

  68. Some of those are incredible! But some just really needed a new set of clothes and they would’ve been just fine without going to the extreme of surgeries and such.

  69. For the record, being not fake a) Prevents getting laid b) won’t make you famous c) keeps you from being taken seriously. About six months ago, I started going to the gym, never told girls I met about my writing, and never showed them my drawings or paintings. Now the girls want to sleep over, go for rides in the mustang, and invite me to their parties. I hate it, but hey, all the guido’s and fratbags out there are getting the hot girls, why not me? I love them all, no matter how deep or shallow they are, and I respect their bedroom privacy, so I figure I’m a step up from the usual springbreak cro-magnon! Woohoo for not being real!

  70. the pictures are real, i remember seeing one of those women in an ad for the show. those women were pretty ugly before but if they just got haircuts that actually suited them and clothes that weren’t so daggy they would have looked waaaay better… the surgeries are absurd

  71. I think its awesome !

    They can choose after a while whether they maintain the fake tan or not, they just got it so the end result looked even better.

    They all look very happy, and I think it helps
    them to feel better about themselves.
    Why not work on your inside as well as your outside ?

  72. I’m sure they were happier after the surgeries, and you know what? Good for them. That being said, the fact that they had to physically change themselves to feel good about themselves, it says something about the way our society is prioritizing physical perfection.

    Looking decent is one thing, and yes, it should be a priority sometimes. Most of the those ladies would have looked wonderful had they just been taught to clean themselves up. Instead they felt like they had to look PERFECT- and that’s incredibly sad. I don’t think plastic surgery is a magic cure for not being proud of yourself. These things are rooted deeper than looks.

  73. I go to school with the first girl. Bad news…she still looks like the “before” picture. The 5th woman is fake though; the “after” picture is a celebrity.

  74. most of the before women look like regular, everyday women! and the last one, the only thing wrong with her was her greys coming in!

  75. Unfortunately this seems to be a rule here, people feel better than any other just because they fakened their look with tan, big muscles and anything’s just an illusion. What poachers!
    [So to look “good” you have to acquire a fake tan and become blond and lose your glasses?? What an illusion, indeed.]

  76. PFFH! All they had to do was exercise, practice good hygiene, and use a better camera. Voila! No surgery required. I hate these kinds of things. Surgery was made to heal people and solve REAL problems. Not whether or not your boobs are big enough. Some women are so selfish.

  77. Funny that I happened upon this site, b/c I was just talking to someone this weekend about the beauty ideal. And truth is EVERYBODY IS BEAUTIFUL–it’s simply a matter of perspective. All the differing viewpoints here in the these comments prove my point. Every person on the planet is thought beautiful by at LEAST one other person on the planet, therefore, NO ONE IS UGLY. If just ONE person thinks another person beautiful, that person is NOT ugly. If even one person thinks a person is beautiful, that person doesn’t become UNbeautiful if someone else doesn’t see the beauty. Just like if you steal something for the first time, you become a thief. If you never steal again, you’re still a thief; you can’t UNbecome a thief just b/c you no longer steal. One person may not see another’s beauty, but that still doesn’t make a person ugly, b/c, again, someone else sees something different. Remember those digital pictures in the early 90s that if you stared at for a few minutes, you could see a completely different image. There were people who no matter how long and hard they stared, they just couldn’t see it. BUT that didn’t mean the image wasn’t there. They just couldn’t see it. But once they relaxed and accepted that the image was in fact there, they could then see it. Same thing with beauty. If you look at a person with a view toward seeing the beauty, accepting that it is there, you’ll “get the picture.” EVERYBODY’S BEAUTIFUL. Have a nice day! :-D

  78. I was a career police officer and I have seen it all. But this beats it. If a makeover was needed to make them feel beautiful or worthy of something then why judge them? You need to know that you have never walked in their shoes so you don’t know what their lives have been.

    All of you need to find a life and something to do besides judge others. Whats wrong are you jealous that you weren’t picked? Better yet were some of you turned down by one or more of them?

    Everyone judging others is what is wrong with this world now. We all need to learn to accept each other and keep our opinions to ourselves. The only one who is supposed to judge is the guy that will be back at the end of this earth and world.

  79. btw Lura, I so love you, you made my day. even if I myself feel like a fat pig with a pointed nose and pointed chin. my daughter told me I smile like that grinch once, I dont smile much anymore and even though she was kidding it sort of still sticks with you. who wants to look like the grinch? really?

    people who will tell you your beautful and only want to go to bed with you and then theres those who tell you and you never believe them for fear that all they want to do is go to bed with you. I have this happen all the time. This world has become to shallow, you have to look one way to even get a second glance. if your not super skinny, have boobs that stand out like rockets, silky hair, blue eyes, big lips and look like a cartoon character, your not even getting the time of day from guys. It’s the honest truth cause I see it every day. I’ve been single for over 7 years now, who wants to date the wicked witch of the west that smiles like the grinch? The only thing I have going for me is my boobs that I HATE!!!!! but attract all sorts of attention, (hence the your beautiful, now lets go to bed part) Shallow world….and it sucks for us normal people.

    if I could get my nose, my chin, my neck and my boobs done (meaning taken down in size), I would be a happy camper, maybe then I would feel better about myself and boost the ole self esteme. But until I win the lottery that’s never gunna happen.

    1. I didn’t read your whole comment,but the part where you said guys say you look beautiful so they can sleep with you,is stereotypical at best. There are genuine guys out there of whom that does NOT apply. I’m one of them. So with that,there is only one thing left to do.I think you are beautiful.I really do.Watch out though,someone somewhere may just surprise you! xo

    2. “blah blah blah, men are opportunistic liars, everyone is shallow, everything sucks. p.s. I’ve been single for over 7 years now because I’m so gross.”

      Well you sound like a super-fun, positive, happy person, so it must be your looks keeping you single. There’s just no other possible explanation. :/

  80. Anyone can be “beautiful” with the help of cosmetic surgery, but it doesn’t fix anything. Because the standard to beautiful is ever constantly changing (with time and different cultures). And everyone has a different idea of what beautiful is. There is someone for everyone, as I always say. So I do not believe in plastic surgery. Don’t get mad at me either, just voicing my opinion… As I rarely do…

    Hell, I know men who PREFER women will small breasts, and I know others who LOVE a chubby woman. It all depends really. If you smile a lot and are warm hearted, you will light up the room!

  81. I would love plastic surgery for my crooked chin and lop-sided cheek bones, my crooked smile and disgusting teeth and broken nose. I hate looking in the mirror!

  82. Tiara, I pity you. Stop caring so much about how you look and what other people think about how you look, and enjoy life. You’re not around forever.

  83. Taria,
    don’t be so negative, dear. I have little boobs, brown eyes and extremely large hips (11 inches larger than my waist), and fried hair that takes a lot of work to make look shiny and cute and not so frizzy and guys still dig me. It’s the confidence. I also have muscular dystrophy and have a little limp and a huuuge scar up my back from a spinal fusion and dudes still dig me. It’s the females that are shallow. When I go out, women watch the way I walk and guys look at my face etc. and smile. They don’t care. More men care about personality and confidence than you would think. Just be happy with who you are and you’ll find someone that’s equally as happy with who you are, the way you are without all that fake bs.

  84. So, what if those women happened to be your wives?

    Would you think “OH FUCK YEAH SHE’S HOT NOW” or think “oh man this woman is totally different it’s awkward :( :(“

  85. I would love to have a rhinoplasty and make my eyes look bigger. My eyes are too deep set it looks like I wanna kill someoone…permanently.
    Because of my eyes children and boys are afraid to approach me…because of my nose people call me names and all.

    I like every other part of my body they are perfect just my eyes and nose…one is too small and another is too big.

    I hate looking at models…plastic bitches.

  86. oh wow they’re beautiful after surgery and all! too bad it won’t change the way your babies come out. what a surprise that will be to your future husbands.

  87. This page demonstrates why all women should be required to carry a picture of what they look like without makeup.

    1. What difference does it make/ Beauty radiates from within and any “man, male, hetrosexual,homosexual,a-sexual who doesn’t know this should very well learn! Reason being we either grow together or we grow apart…If we grow apart we were never meant to see the true beauty of the other individual.Rest assured as the old cleche’ goes ” One mans junk is another mans tresure” So kick it to the curb brother..someone will find that treasure and Dragons gaurd treasures…

    1. Therefore if makeup makes you feel better about “you” wear it! Do you actually give a donk-a-ba-donk-butt’s ass what anyone else thinks/ rotflm donk-a-ba-donk-ass off…hahaha

  88. The funny thing is, as much as the show talked about plastic surgery and LASIK and teeth whitening, most of the change you see in these pictures is hair, clothing, makeup, good lighting, and a smile. It’s just a matter of spending a little time on yourself. And I know society likes to make you feel guilty for that, but I subscribe to the ‘oxygen mask’ philosophy; if you don’t take care of yourself, eventually you’ll be too worn down to take care of anybody else. And don’t bother with plastic surgery; to paraphrase coach Irv Blitzer in “Cool Runnings,” if you’re not enough without it, you’ll never be enough with it.

  89. just scroll down the page and only look at the pictures on the right side. sure those ladies are pretty but they all look the same. good bye, individuality…

    1. @A: Actually, they look a lot more alike in their “before” pictures than they do in their “after” pics. There’s absolutely no individuality lost by any of these, and I see very little if any plastic surgery that’s been done here.

  90. wow look how they went from frumpy nerds to totally hot! i would love plastic surgery for my big nose, flat forehead, crooked jaw.

    1. They didn’t go from “one thing to another’ they enhanced their feelings and expressed them..DUH..<——cave people<——Not I and I wear make-up from time to time again. I call it " War Paint"<—–Blackfoot/German and really non-judgemental… By the way friend I love your illusional site.

  91. all these women in the after pics look too overdone. plastic surgery should only be limited to one procedure not many. otherwise u look silly and sad.

  92. Before it was looks that mattered so much it was feelings, before feelings it was needs… we’re gonna be ignorant, ok, just remember why you feel that way and have a nice time in this life.

  93. they really do look very different, and I think that many people just will say that they don’t look that different, unless you see all the detailed work that goes into getting dressed up and putting on make up..

  94. dear taria,
    i don’t like blue eyes, i like brown like mine, and brown hair like mine but i dont have that much now.
    our kids can say some mean sounding stuff, but they don’t necessarily want to hurt you or even joke. i try to take it as constructive criticism even though sometimes the truth does hurt. you can always change, even little by little, just stay on track and keep going the right direction~! have a great day…

    1. first one is fake definitly (from brown eyes to blue with the help of surgery????)

      they can improve your eyesight but not your DNA implented eye colour

      or is she wearing special lenses there??

  95. The show makes a big deal out of the cosmetic surgery and the big-name beauty consultants, but 80% of this is just hair, makeup, and professional photography.

  96. Quite frankly, and let’s be honest, the women pictured all look 1,000 times better in the after pictures. Everyone can criticize plastic surgery and the various procedures, but the fact is, looking good on the outside will boost your confidence and make you feel good on the inside. I compliment them all on their new great look!

  97. They almost all look better in their after pictures, except the last woman. She was stunning to begin with and was obviously aging very gracefully. She looked like a really nice person you’d want to get to know. She looks so plastic now.

  98. In the absence of gross deformity, most of those women could have looked just as beautiful with a little care and attention. Take care of yourself, eat right, exercise, take vitamins, get your hair done occasionally, update your wardrobe once in a while. The same advice goes for men. Good partners aren’t fixated on what you look like on the surface, but rather what it reveals about you.

  99. How is it an optical illusion if they actually changed their face?
    About the beauty stuff, it depends on peoples’ perception of beauty, some might think it’s ‘flawless’ skin (sometimes having the flaw of looking like plastic), some might think it’s about their ‘assets'(body), some might think it’s all in the eyes (which I wouldn’t consider love based on looks because the eyes are the window to the soul and can tell you about a person), some might think it’s in the character (personality), others would think it’s a great combination of those characteristics.
    P.S. Religious men (not just by name) tend to be more honest in their choices.

  100. … I skipped most of the comments after it became apparent that so many of them were people missing the point and/or wishing they could be anybody but themselves.
    Sure they look prettier after a ton of work was done. Any clunker can look fantastic with enough body work and a new paint job. Doesn’t mean the engine will run any better or even that the alignment’s sound.

    Look… The outside is pointless if the Inside isn’t sound. If the person Under all that Bondo isn’t running on all eight, no amount of decals and racing stripes are going to do a damn thing to fix it.

    Long and short of it is this…
    “To thine own self be true. And it shall follow as night doth day, thou canst not then be false to any man.” -Hamlet Act1, scene3
    Be yourself. Even if that Isn’t the next Bunny of the month Or the next cover of Cosmo. Do that and you’ll find the rest of the world Worth having will fall into step.
    Trust me.

  101. Hello my name is Johanna and I want to know the name or email from the woman from picture number 2, because she is exactly to my cousin Anne, please send me the her name I want to contact to her. Thanks in advance.

  102. I tell you what difference it would make!!
    “If i was dating and finally married the girl on the right and Wake Up next to the girl on the left ~ I would be seeking an anulment!!!

  103. Some of these look REALLLY fake. If they want a makeover they don’t have to make their chests look unrealisticly huge. On the second to last it actually looks good. But all the rest of them are kind of over the top in my opinion. Some of them are unrealisticly tam.some caked with makeup. Some ….weird hair :p don’t hate me but that’s just my opinion

  104. every celeb does plastic surgery,yes right,everybody does that,boob job,nose job,face lifting,you name it,they want to look perfect even though for us they are already too perfect with those under the knife work,hilariously most of them refuse to admit it.So women who don’t appear like what those celebs, will consider their self unattractive,which is pity.it’s like you walk on this earth fake n nothing seems to be genuine. ironically,men except those plastics blindly n women never stop having the urge to please men’s needs by looking really really fake

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