Experience Real Hallucination

Ever wondered how it feels like to hallucinate? Me too! It’s just that I never wanted to use any illegal substances, and nor should you. Meanwhile, I found this wonderful video clip, that let’s you experience real-life hallucination, without even moving away from your PC! This is what you have to do: Stare at the center of the video clip. After you jumped to it, keep your eyes still, and then look away when instructed. Simple as that! Previously I posted similar Pinwheel Illusion, so you might want to check it out if you like this kind of illusions. If you have another spare minute, be sure to check dozen of more interesting video optical illusions inside the “Videos Category“. Enjoy!

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  1. Omni magazine printed a copy of this in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s. It had a hole in the center to put on a record turntable. As I recall, the illusion was very effective.

  2. hey – i didnt realize you could download these movies…. im downloading it now – ill make a gif of it later… this one is alot more effective then the “pinwheel” one.

    amazing…. by the way.

  3. you can see a different version of this illusion, that runs more smoothly, here. wait for it to load all the way before watching, and play it fullscreen.

  4. Thanks Bravery Onions, that version was much better. The effect only lasted a few seconds but it was wierd, is it supposed to last longer?

  5. Same Colored Checkers Illusion: You don’t need to check it in photo shop, simply cut two holes in a piece of paper and place it over the picture. Of course the holes have to be small and cut to fit the checkers so you can only see the central part of each. It’s now very clear that it IS the same color…

  6. Okay Now my eyes are watery, and all i saw was a green and red flowwer thing….U know what? I dont know what i saw it only lasted 3 seconds!

  7. How it works is easy!
    You look into the middle and then when it tells you to look away, look at the wall or the floor and you will see it moving up and down!
    Its sick, I seen this b4.

  8. I’ve done drugs before, and I’ve had hallucinations, and although this effect is cool, that’s not what drug-induced hallucinations look like.

  9. When we look at a moving object for about 30 seconds our eyes tell our brain about the moving object. when we look away our brain is still thinking that this object is still there using the same principle as making yourself dizzy. the same illusion happens when you stare at a waterfall then look beside it and fell high and relax.

  10. holy … son of God

    i look at it for 1:30, someone time me, but no look away instruction so i look away everything fuzy. it awesome,

    i tried it many times but it didn’t work, then i had a friend time me then try to stop moving my eyes, which is hard cuz i had coffee

  11. ok so i was looking at this and then looking away and nothing was happening. Then i decided that i was bored of it and i clicked on the next illusion. Then i noticed the screen moving…

  12. its cool but it got me nervous i felt like i was being sucked in (im still shaking) but it also it gave me a headache! WEIRD

  13. To claim that this tacky illusion is in any way comparable to hallucinations caused by psychedelics is ridiculous and completely absurd. Try the real thing kids.

  14. Look, clown, you may think that this is comparable to “hallucinating,” but it’s not. you’re just an idiot, giving idiotic advice. don’t tell other people what they should and shouldn’t do with their own bodies. This makes your vision wavy. sweet. You’re a pussy. That’s not hallucinating. If someone wants to try something that actually alters their perception, that’s their business. If you want to continue fellating elephants, that’s yours.

  15. If you’re talking about the afterimage, that’s not a hallucination — not misfiring in the brain; more related to how nerves work. They register if they’re overstimulated, *and* if they’re understimulated, sort of like how your head feels weird after you take a hat off you’ve worn for a while.

  16. It’s a Gif image. I put a sheet of paper to cover everything but a small corner and i can literally see the very tip f the corner turning black..then white..then black..then white

    1. No shit, it’s a GIF. The illusion is what it does to your vision after you stare at it for a while.

  17. Too bad you aren’t willing to use any “illegal substances”, or you could see much crazier shit than this AND experience the overwhelming peace and inter-connectedness of the universe.

    Oh well

  18. Inner peace? Interestingly enough, that’s not the impression I get when I see a speed freak or a cokehead xD

  19. It’s funny, I have experienced far more exhilarating things while on the toilet than the effects of this stupif .gif.

  20. If you pro/b/ably knew, you’d know that a hallucinogen doesn’t even create half those things most people say like LULZISAWAPINKUNICORN. Also, illegal substances such as psilocybin mushrooms are being studied at reputable universities such as Johns Hopkins University because said universal interconnectedness has been shown to relieve depression.

  21. Steven, that isn’t the point. We know it’s animated. The point is, when you look away from the screen, your view of objects is warped. Things may appear to be growing or shrinking.

  22. guys, and girls :)
    do this:
    cover one eye while staring at that white dot. everything just turns gray for a split second. but once u move ur eye its gone.

  23. This was one of the best Illusions.
    I have done Acid many times but never found any peace from it.
    The Poster is right Don’t do Drugs, you gain nothing but can lose every thing.
    I know the truth. users are losers.

  24. hah thats awesome but for the ppl who dont realise what it is it targets your eye sight itself so u see things when u look away or it distorts ur sight a bit so u see shapes

  25. look at it for 1:30 or 2 mins then close your eyes for 5 seconds then open them and look at somthing at an intermidate size

  26. Not trying to dog you or anything but this will never compare to actually tripping I actually was able to sync in with any animals I came in contact with not to mention a lot of other bad ass things that cannot really be explained, this is cool and all but it can’t compare.

  27. You have to focus on the center. Looking at it intensely should make the other moving parts kind of shimmer and melt. Look away at something just at the moment you feel like your going to loose that shimmer. And behold the magic of hallucinations

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