It’s Not Every Day You See an Underwater Waterfall

Some days you see something that just makes you go “huuuh…?” And today might just be one of those days.

Have you ever heard of an underwater waterfall? I hadn’t either, until I saw this image…


How’s that for freaky? When you look at this area of the ocean from above, this underwater waterfall is pretty obvious. The white raging water flows across the ocean floor and over the steep underwater cliff. Makes sense, because that’s just what waterfalls do.

When you think about it a little, though, an underwater waterfall is…well, pretty much impossible! An underwater waterfall, like all other waterfalls would need a free and unobstructed path over the cliff. If it’s underwater, the surrounding water would inhibit the waterfall’s flow.

So, it’s an underground waterfall illusion, but what’s causing it?

The particular bit of land and ocean shown above is Le Morne Brabant, the south western tip of Mauritis Island in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa. The underwater waterfall illusion is caused by a massive runoff of sand and silt on the ocean floor.

Viewing this area on Google Maps in satellite view is pretty impressive too… 2015-06-10 07-01-41

This underwater waterfall is definitely cool, and it’s on my travel the world bucket list!

What did you think of today’s underwater waterfall illusion? If you liked this illusion, make sure you check out this moon and star island!

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