Escher’s Moebius Ring with Ants

Here’s pretty smart variation of MC Escher’s Moebius Ring coverd with ants. This Moebius Ring is formed out of ants walking forever and covering both sides of the ring. Click on the movie link in the comments section to see the whole video clip! First time I saw this I thought it was impossible, and searched for an answer. Then I realized that any ring you take can be cut, and connected, after you rotated one end of it for 180 degrees. Result will be Moebius Ring that you can follow with your finger, starting on one side, passing other side as you go on, returning you to the starting point – and so on infinately! Hope you understood what I ment ;) Jump inside this article for more pictures! Also be sure to check more Escher Inspired Optical Illusions.

25 Replies to “Escher’s Moebius Ring with Ants”

  1. yo i love moebius rings i think they’re soo cool……and i love the mathematics behind them too! gosh i love this site…kinda pathetic how im usually the first one to post though……i have no life…..

  2. Now if you get really bored… Make a mobius strip… draw a line along the strip (the path that the ants travel) and then cut along that line… Then do it again for the skinnier strip. Cool, no?

  3. This looks (exactly) like the screensaver in Gnome, a desktop manager in Linux, in fact this is the exact screensaver I use besides Galaxy.

  4. this mobius ring is infact-impossible.Ive tested this out,the ring has 2 bends.A mobius ring with 2 bends cant travle around both sides,only with one.I love this site,btw.My favorites are impossible objects and escher style.

  5. #4/Mds – This is a graphic representation of chaos theory. For another example, take the new ‘double twist mobius strip’ in your example and do the same thing, cutting down the centerline. This time the result is even more ‘unexpected”. ;)

  6. there are actualy three types of mobius rings.
    1. a 180 degrese twist
    2. a 360 degrese twist
    3. a 540 degrese twist

    if you cut them down the middle
    2. two interlocking rings
    3.a ring twise the size but in a figer 8(a loop in the middle)

    i love mobius rings

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