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Just stumbled upon this in my mailbox! Emma-Jane is a freelance body painter and artist based in the UK. Her body art has been seen around the world in adverts, billboards, tv, magazines, calendars, on packaging and in all kinds of other media. Emma has worked on projects with Sting, Elton John, Claudia Black, and many celebrities and sports stars. She works hard to find new avenues for body art to help it become a recognized and accepted art form. She is also on the board of directors of the World Face and Body Art Alliance, also is working with other British body painters to form the British body painting association. This is the statement that can be found on her website: “As a bodypainter I am interested in celebrating the body and exploring how creative I can be using this exciting alternative canvas. I don’t think bodypainting needs to be about sex, for me a body is simply another canvas but one which can move and has its own attitude.” Now, if all these photos weren’t enough for you, I recommend visiting the appropriate category, and checking all the links I have created in this text – you will see many examples of the divine body paint techniques!

  • ???

    kinda cool

  • Anonymous

    Interesting. the human body is art, but i am quite glad that these gentelman have the taste to keep things appropriate for the family by covering up their parts

    • PurpleButtons

      I agree

  • Jhon

    Awesome!! :P

  • Anonymous

    this is soo cool:P

  • jinky 1967


  • WHOA!(me)

    hey vurdlak its amy
    so i hope you dont mind me linking to this site from my blog (http://crazysemz.blogspot.com) if you do then i’ll take it off but i wanted to share this site w/ my readers cuz it is so awesome and a site i am on daily.
    but anyways i really like pictures like these, they look so sweet.
    -amy L

  • Anonymous

    those are sooo cool!!! they all look like they’re part of the picture!! I LOVE YOUR SITE!!! KEEP THOSE ILLUSIONS COMING!!

  • Anonymous

    wtf these arent optical illusions!!

    :S what r u all talking about?

  • Parisa

    the first one is definitely awsome, my fave. the second one looks cool, but I have a hard time believing that it’s actually a person standing, the head is very confusing. But the rest are so cool! Once again, I am also glad the men are modest enough :)

    your site is amazing! I hope we’ve all made that clear enough. :P thanks for uploading new illusions more regularly. they make my day(s)!


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    So you’re saying that only certain parts of the human body are art? that makes no sense. How long can we hide the fact that EVERYONE has genitals? EVEN YOU!

  • Michael

    There is lots of distortion here. Not the best body paint we have seen.

  • Chris

    Wow, afraid of a bit of nudity hey people? Do you close your eyes and go to a ‘happy place’ in your mind when you’re going to the bathroom?

    Anyways, the second one is awesome… Makes up for some of the inconsistencies of the others.

    And yes, there IS a guy standing there… Look closer…

  • Cutie


  • the technogirl

    the puffin and zebra one is cute!

  • Hanna

    really cool, how do they do that? love to be able to do something like that… I love body art, or whaddoyoucallit?

  • Anonymous

    haha funny and werid lol


  • Anonymous

    these are all really cool…on the first one his head his really cool, but they should have painted his feet.

  • Anonymous

    I meant the second one!

  • Wow!How the heck did no.2 work?

  • i just luv da 4th 1. so good!

  • Anonymous

    Emma Hack and Emma-Jane Cammack are NOT the same person! How do you even get them confused? Sure, they have the same first name and their last name rhymes, but they are still different names.

  • KLB


  • scarlett

    I love this one. So artistic!

  • Great art! Especially the sportswear series.

  • Someone

    Da first one freaked me out. LOL. great job.

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