Emma Hack’s Camouflage Art


Emma (Jane) Hack is an artist whose biography we mentioned more than few times on this site (check Emma-related posts here). Her main interests include: bodypaint and camouflage. If you are new to this site you may find this extremely original, but if you’ve been following us for some time – you’ll find this approach familiar, yet these photos were never before posted on this site. Which of the following photos is your favorite one? This time I haven’t included gallery approach, so let’s see if you like this better. Another “good news” is that tomorrow I’m back to Zagreb, thus you may expect new illusions appear more often…

  • Jesse

    the b/w with the bird is my fave

  • Alyssa

    Pretty cool! Must be hard to paint someone = )

  • pat

    8th one nice tits

  • Spider

    GOD, I so LOVE her work! Really, I love each and every one of them that I can’t tell which one is my favorite. Beautiful, artistic, sensuous AND totally camouflaging! Liu Bolin is good, but Emma’s the BEST!

    Oh and I’m glad you’re back, Vurdlak! Hope you got boozed, got laid and got home safely and totally recharged! =D All the best to you, dude!

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    • Oh, help, society is nuts

      Go back to school, grow up, and get a life. I am not sure but it appears that the women displayed are wearing a suit. Again, I am not sure, but I think the artist painted the suit.

  • Tristan

    Awesome… All of them are so well done.

  • Spider

    This is probably my last effort.

    For morons who say first, read my comment on the Jesus illusion right here: http://www.moillusions.com/2009/08/jesus-returns.html#comments for details to why you shouldn’t.


  • WOW, I can’t pick a favorite. I like them all, although the floral ones are really beautiful.

  • DigitalMe

    My favorit one is the 6th. It has so much structure in it. Also the artist didn’t try to hide the woman as much as in the other pictures.

    I wonder If the graphics are really bodypainted. Lines are so clear. Maybe she uses some other technique.

  • Emma is great!

    The previous creations were very good, but the new ones are even better, I like these ones much more! She is constantly improving!

  • Steve Young

    I love these type of illusion.

  • IOoooOI


  • Kevin

    I like this better than the gallery

  • Abrc08


  • Evi

    awesome and beautiful art work! GORGEOUS!

  • Heather

    OMG! I love all of them! I can’t decide which ones my favorite! AMAZING illusions!!!

  • Dennis

    Just one comment…….. wauw!

  • popesantaxiv

    Yes, I like this non-gallery approach MUCH better. Hope you continue like this from now on.

    My fav was the one with the red bird and red lips. They’re all stunning works though. The black and white one was awesome.

  • Elehas

    that’s intense!
    btw, what’s goin on with the guy’s junk? Doesn’t look like underwear :S

  • AK

    the black and white one, the last one and the first one.

  • Brian

    I’ve seen these before, and I have to call fake until I see a video of the models walking around.

  • Ashley

    wow! Those are freaking awesome!! I love ’em! Kudos to the artist!!

  • Amazing how well she can disappear! I particularly like #6 – the red horses and the second last one with the red bird and lips.

    I prefer this approach to multi impages – for me it is faster to load and easier to move back and forth than the gallery.

  • vfagrfhgj

    another great illusion by this web…keep up the good work!!

  • ebbhyen

    Amazingly awesome ! ! !

  • Emma

    Beautiful. She’s so good at this.

  • Anusha

    These are all so brilliant!
    I love this kind of art!

  • http://news.ninemsn.com.au/glance/840836/invisible-man-wows-with-amazing-art

    Some good, some not so.

    Co-incididence ? Posted Today

  • IOoooOI

    my fav is the one with the pink horses ^^

  • Mastmark1

    I like the 3rd last one with the black and white, but naked women? Bit inapropriate, ppl try to stick away from language here this is kinda worse

  • ashley

    they are all really good :D

  • kia

    Wow this is so terrific, I’ve seen stuff like this before but never done so well, not only is it camouflage but it’s beautiful as well!

  • aaron

    the best camaflage is the horses one

  • kaila

    loved this on kinda reminds me of the art festival pagent of the masters. you can hardly see the guy with the horses

  • Michael Miehlstein


  • Cool!!!!

  • mike

    i like the 3 from last, the black and white one the best, oh and nice rant spider lol

  • Spider

    Thanks, mike! Were you one of them who say first? LOL!! For the records, although I hate morons, I’m not against moronic behavior. People want to be moronic from time to time. Not often, but I do that from time to time.

    But the least you guys can do is be moronic appropriately. Think first before you act moronically.

    Thanks again, Mike. And like I said, this was my last effort. After this, I give up. =D

    Peace to you all!

  • vicky miller

    wooooowww im at school and i wanted to loook at some illusions and to be honest this is pretty gay. these arent illusions!

  • dfgf

    8 one nasty

  • shark3901

    i is weird

  • sizwe

    is she naked or what, this is disturbing….

  • FZM

    It is so nice to see.


    I have to say this is
    utter wastage, and wastage of time and energy

  • this is so easy

  • guijgf

    it took me some time to see her o the first, fifth and seventh photo

  • CatGirl

    7th one is my fav

  • Your mother!

    Lol, 8th one, (peacock)

  • Gar

    I would love to see the models out of position on a single color background. Just to see the pattern broken up by the changed position.

  • Brian Peralta

    @ & 2

  • Brian Peralta

    I mean 2 & 8

  • kimpoii

    whoooah~ :) they’re easy to spot, but still it’s amazing x)

  • nonya

    The 10th one is stoopid

    • nonya

      omg that me!!! i forgot all about this. I was about to comment the same thing again! cool!

    • josh/leo

      “stoopid”? “stoopid”? 13 paint jobs and you find 1 out of 13 that is “stoopid”? What about the other 12 “miss optimistic about our future”…and then you want to comment on your own message…c’mon, really, who is “stoopid”?

  • Charlie

    Very Cool !!!!!!!!!!!


    it is amazing how they can paint these amazing patterns on people!!!

  • MasterMind

    nonya how is #10 stupid?

  • Apryl

    Mastermind: the term was “stoopid”, which is really good! Odd, but good.

    Unlike “stupid” which is not a good thing.

    Just like there is “fat” and “phat”.

    • nonya

      thanks. My grandma actualy came up with it.

  • Sheila

    Hmm perhaps people should just not speak in ebonic slang :)

  • pokemon boy1

    in the 8th u can see her ****

    • maycie

      but pokemonboy1 is right…. sadly

  • boo

    in all of them u can see them :)

  • uraib

    thts nasty pokemon boy1

  • Maycie

    AAAWWWWHHHH to tight to tight


    the 9th one is stupid cuz of the distortion around the squares.

  • the smarted person on earth (or not) :)

    i think it is art not some naked tatoo lady. you hear me “^_^ yeah that my name!”S Bro”?

  • Jordanx1135

    Omgg they are soo good
    It’s unbelievable if I’m honest!
    I work in the art industry but I’ve never seen some thing like this in my life!

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