Emma Hack Brings Body Art To a New Level


Ok, then more Creative Drawings it is! I’ve asked you in my previous post if you liked it enough to post a sequel, and apparently you did. This may as well be the first time in history we have a post that lacks a single negative comment! As I usually tend to listen to my audience, my tomorrow article will give you the rest of Remy’s submission, but as an “interlude” between posts, today I’m giving you more of the Emma Cammack’s bodypaint. Who doesn’t like bodypaint! We’ve seen her body art before, but it’s a mystery to me weather her real name is Emma Hack or Emma Cammack. She obviously goes by the both names, one of them being a pseudonym or artistic name of some sort. Another mystery for us to solve!

In this set, Emma brings body art to a new level. Using the naked bodies as canvases, and incorporating the backgrounds, gives us the illusion of a flat surface in which the bodies are so well camouflaged against wall coverings, it’s hard to even see them. Be sure to notice some of her “Evolution” collection photos contain actually painted animals! God knows what PETA would say about this…

P.S. I hope you’re all serious enough to see this as “Art”. No need for me to digress further.

  • Giancarlo

    really nice pics. 1st comment

  • Heath

    Mmmmm mmmmmM! I love a fine lookin’ woman and some nice lookin’ art! Good post!

  • joeywavesport

    really beautiful!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Some of this pics are a little… X

  • IJsvogel

    This is SO beautifull… I have never seen this painting art. Very artistic!

  • SourKraut

    Excellent Art

  • diane

    nice, very interesting and unique!

  • Anonymous

    Emma Hack: Body painter and artist based out of Adelaide, Australia

    Emma Cammack, aka Emma-Jane Cammack:
    Body painter and artist based out of the UK

    Two different people, with the same vocation, but similar names, on opposite sides of the Earth…

    “Mystery” solved by Google…

  • agapetòs

    I’m curious about how much time does it take for each picture!

  • Dan

    Very cool art. The lizard one is different, don’t think I’ve seen animals done before.

  • Bob.

    I like the 2nd 2 last pic and the last pic

  • scottie2hottie

    Wow… that has got to take a lot of time and effort… not only to paint the model, but to line the camera and background to create the “illusion.”

    Well Done!

  • draakos

    it looks strange somtimes.
    it is beautifull!
    who is the lady on those art??

  • Cat

    Wow, these are beautiful! I especially like the lizard (which could be playing off the false idea that chameleons change colour to match their background – very clever) and the one with the “fans”. These must take a huge amount of effort, so hats off to both the artist and the models.

  • Kyle Metzger

    Again with the obsession with nudity… I realize it’s artistic and amazing but it’s just not appropriate on a non-adult website

  • Anonymous


  • paperclippe

    Oh, wow, this art – and these women – are so beautiful. I especially like the ones where part of the skin is exposed so it looks like the woman is fading into the background.

    Also, as a previous poster said, Hack and Cammack are two different women.

  • Anonymous

    Hey I love it! But some are kind of revealing… You might want to think about your younger viewers when posting… Over all It is a really cool illusion!!!

  • nicole.schmahl

    Excellent Art, wow, very beautiful!!

  • Lynn LaFleur

    Absolutely beautiful. I love pictures like these.

  • Babayage

    Just so beautiful! Very strong and powerfull.
    Must have taken a lot of time and patience…

  • mike

    these are amazing, i love the camo paintings. however the 2nd and 3rd to las pics are a little.. as anonymous #2 (5th post) said X but the others are still amazing, i like the first one the best and i cant even tell which way she is facing.. with the face at least

  • FaQ

    Man those are wicked!!
    Especially the chameleon one and the last one. Amazing.

  • IComeAliveSomehow

    That’s beautyfull.

  • Anonymous

    bob is it cuz of the boobies

  • Anonymous

    I like the last one the best.

  • Debolina Mukherjee

    how come they are all female?

  • Anonymous

    14th comment!

    Really well done.

  • Anonymous

    haha wow
    nip slips

  • Anonymous

    it was a nice post, but the first one was easily the best…btw, can ppl pls stop saying 1st comment?? wats so special anyway?? would u like a medal??

  • Anonymous

    These are some of the nicest and best paintings/photographs I’ve seen

  • Anonymous

    Emma, This is new to me, Just Beautiful! I loved them all.
    denise elizabeth

  • Anonymous

    They are very fine, however I prefer women without painting

  • heather


  • Kenzie

    WOW! That is amazing! They are sooo pretty! I luv them. Do u have any more? If u do, u dhould definatly post them!!!! i know the other bloogers would agree with me

  • Anonymous

    Every time I look at the second to last one, I think it’s a manequin. How else could she have giant chunks missing?

    These are amazing. Definitely my favorite category.

  • Anonymous

    This is so amazing! It reminds me of that illusion with the body art horoscopes.

  • Anonymous

    oh my, this is really nice…love all of the pics…ty`….greetings from germany

  • A.J.

    Gawd…impressed AND horny.
    These are pure genius.

  • Kyle Metzger

    Could you please put some naked men on here? I think that would be cool.

  • Cat

    And once again, people complaining about nudity and saying it’s not appropriate for kids. Guys, nudity is not inherently sexual, and does not makes the site “adult-oriented”. Children are well aware of what their bodies look like, and a well-rounded kid shouldn’t be disturbed by the naked form when it is clearly used for artistic purposes.

    Do you think kids shouldn’t be aloud to see David or the Venus de Milo? Because (oh no!) David has a penis and the Venus’ nipples are showing, but they are obviously pieces of fine art. I’m not saying these types of photos are on the same level, but they share the fact that it is naked forms being used for art.

  • Goose

    Absolutely stunning.

    And as to the question of being appropriate, it was clearly stated in the opening paragraph what was to follow on the images, if you try to avoid this form of art you were forewarned. Whatever you saw was your own doing. Don’t assume we should be embarrassed of our own bodies because you are.

  • Anonymous

    thats awesomeeeee :D

  • madison

    nice pics, but i think the women could atleast be covered in the upper area!!!! why do men always disgrace women?

  • Jawern

    I don’t understand why people get so uptight about the “nudity” in these photos. It’s art and you can find much worse nudity on many other non-adult sites without even trying. This is not so bad!

    I love body-painting. It’s very uncommon, yet the artists are usually extremely talented, creating a beautiful combination between body and soul.

  • Anonymous

    Less Paint Hehe

  • Lily

    Some of you guys are perverts! This is for art not for you to be sick minded. So look at it and don’t comment because you say some bad things.

    And I don’t think it matters if there is nudity on here because most kids don’t find stuff like this on the internet. So there.

  • matt

    its not a chameleon its a monitor i would know i have one

  • Tim

    Those who complain about artistic nudity are unbalanced in their world veiws. The human body is the most beautiful creation and a perfect canvas for some lovely art. Admiration for the talent and patience of model and artist alike. Also i agree some male models would be great too.

  • Mike

    Theyre nude!

    • Hi

      really? i thought they were just wearing clothes that looked like a body….. ahaha jk

  • calvin

    NO REALLY!!!!!

  • runeman153

    hahaha thx for your ‘brilliant’ observation mike.

  • kaila

    so cool lol loved this on the talent and patience to to this amazing lol

  • theunknown

    4 me, the i think the best one is the girl with the cat… i barely noticed her. i can c her boobies and *meow* =D i like it

  • John

    The 9th one was my fave. Very artistic.

  • The Techno Girl

    yuk. but the first one was well camoflaged.

  • The Clover Monster

    wtf theres a lizard

  • musicrox


    • Kevin

      You’re just mad that it wasn’t you who was doing the painting.

  • Simon

    Emma Hack and emma Cammack are not the same person, do some research!

  • Jamshid

    Nice Tits!

    • lovey dovey

      She’s really sexy I want to hump her

  • Jen-A

    oh my gosh very beautiful ^^ i love this type of art, creative and natural! i would love to be painted like this some day. this actually inspired me to buy body paint :D but anyway i really like i 1st 8th and 10th ones! very good illusion

  • MnM s

    wheres the forth one?

  • MnM s

    wheres the forth one?cuz i dont see it

  • omar

    ya me too at first i said where’s the woman in the forth but there is no woman actually it’s the lizard only

  • krista

    on the first 2 i couldnt find the the person just the hand that one was really great and on the 2nd one i didnt notice the aligator these r awesome! but why do they use one women? is t cause the muscle is smooth and they r slimmer? o well

    • KLB

      that and a guy’s penis is harder to hide, also they will probably get boners, probably

  • Someone

    same here
    this kind of art is very new and creative, and i like the patterns — they’re beautiful!
    but i don’t like the nudity
    (yes she is naked, look at the pictures in which only parts of her body is painted. ewww!)

  • tacos

    i have seen a lot of these but these are the best i have seen yet

  • swim

    8&9 are gross

  • 8 and 9 are gross i mean really? its showing their nipples of their boobies! hello!! seriously?!?!?! gosh

  • eeww!!!

  • sick

  • Brian Peralta

    8 & 9 & 10

  • brendan

    i like the lizzard one the most it is hot man i got it as my wallpaper i get horny wen i luk at it

  • brendan

    and 16 is hot man even tho there is no 16 hahahahahahahaha i like to sniff armpitts

  • blah

    keep the blends on

  • the first one blends in realy good

  • jorjeea

    the first one is IMPOSSIBLE O_O

  • Daan

    omfg Tits!! and not even on a porn site w00t
    (just kiddding ;()

  • gggfefqgr


  • Speak Your Mind

    What is so gross about naked body? Seriously, anyone who goes ‘Nude body…ewww..so gross’, these people are the one who’s sick & just dirty-minded in denial (or most probably gay).

    If you can’t stand nude body, how can you take a bath/shower or even change your clothes? Do you close your eyes or blindfold youself? Or take a bath / change your clothes in a dark room?

  • Someone

    I’ve always wanted to be a cammelion <3

    • im cool like that

      lol.random. me too!!!

  • u bum

    cool but they r naked

  • billy bob

    gross they r naked “GROSS”

    • Victoria

      Oh I bet you’re like 5 years old.

    • Akire

      If its gross, then i’d really like to to tell me how they will get painted. The least u could do is respect the artist. It’s not easy doing body art camouflauge

  • u bum

    gross but cool i wonder how they painted thier
    u know whats!!!!!!!!!!!

    still they r GOOD

  • TheImmortalOne

    is it weired to have a boner?

    • Jon

      Not really its normal

  • hailey

    i really liked the 9th and the 8th very artistic!

  • KLB

    very beautiful and also check out Emma Hack’s other work on this site, she’s amazing

  • KLB

    this is one of my favorites of Emma Hack’s paintings so far

  • jwow !

    i saw a nipple

  • Ananamous

    U people are so immature so what there tit who cares grow up and look at a tit for 1 min u baby

  • J. Edgar Hoover

    is it weir that the part that gave her away for me in the first photo were her breasts

  • Yomero

    this is what I call art!

  • Michael Brimmer

    Shes totaly naked

  • Kai

    Come on!!! Get real. Didn’t you see what ananamous said????? Grow up!!! D:<

  • you don’t need to know

    I think that the third one is best and so what if shes naked
    it dosen’t work as well if you are wearing clothes

  • STR e t C H




  • Someone

    Am I the only one who thinks that this is gross?

  • I wonder what their names are. Just curious.

  • Wouldn’t it feel awkward for the model to get painted?

  • yaolorg


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