Electric-city is Your Friend


If you ever watched that hilarious cartoon “2 Stupid Dogs”, title may already have sounded familiar. If not, it was a short sketch – One of the dogs wrongly pronounced a museum sign, reading it “Electric city is your friend”, and then said “Hi Electric City !!” to a lightbulb immediately next to the sign. It doesn’t make much sense explaining the joke if you haven’t seen a video, yet I have trouble finding it on YouTube to share a link with you… Feel free to post a video link in comments if you had more luck. Anyway, below funny photo is the closest you get to being friends with Electricty, or mr. Electric City if you will!

  • z2d4th

    just like a comedian clown

  • CorralesID

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsuSNDJQFMk is the video but its in spanish, hopefully you may know spanish:D, by the way, i know its not the way to ask but, were ca i follow the page, since i follow it from Igoogle but far as i know it will be suspended in november, so..any help?

    • Withoutwax

      Nov of next year so you have a little bit of time. :)

    • Chantelle

      I’m in the same boat – I access this through iGoogle too and looking for alternatives now!

    • RollRoundInTheToilet

      @CorralesID You can follow it on Twitter https://twitter.com/MOIllusions

    • Diane

      I also folow this site from my igoogle but I think it ends November 2013 maybe somthing els will come up before then ♥

    • CorrlesID

      Theres also facebook alternative were i suscribe guys you should try to!!

  • Stawolf1001


  • Johnny

    Bet the engineers had fun designing that one…

    For the video try this one: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xq7x3l_inside-out-2-stupid-dogs_shortfilms (start at 3:15).

  • Dan

    You’re kidding right? This looks like something that should be on Sesame Street.

  • ABsolutelyCrazy

    How is this an illusion? Sure, the metal joins together to make a clown, but it’s just cute.

    • Jeannie

      I have to agree. I don’t see how this is an illusion.

    • suor de sapo

      Illusion is subjective, a matter of imagination. Where Don Quixote see Monsters, Sancho Pança only see Windmills.

  • Goofy, and a little creepy too….

  • Care Bear

    Surely you jest(er).

  • Watcher

    If this is a real photo, where is the location of the towers. I suspect it may be Photoshop, UK. The tower below the clown would not hold the weight of the cabling in strong winds.

  • Mkay

    There was an article posted not too long ago about the power poles in Iceland. Here’s the site: http://www.choishine.com/port_projects/landsnet/landsnet.html Gives you pause to think about what our future “Stonehenge” will be.

  • Dave Swan

    Yeah. I follow on iGoogle too. What happens after November?

  • Michael

    Nowhere, I could find, around Újhartyán, Hungary, are any electric pylons like this. Google Maps is your friend. Someone had her/his fun!

  • illusionist

    finally! someone else who remembers that tv show

  • The Pick Man

    I think you will find that iGoogle continues until Nov 2013

  • Randeyeman

    Is this for real…..?

  • Ralph Lauren UK outlet online

    it’s a freaking clown…

  • Pineapplesquash

    You can like it on facebook and follow it there if thats any help

  • Clown Power lines are a Design in Hungary, That was i’m right! :D

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