Einstein – Monroe Hybrid Image

Albert Einstein was a big fan of Marylin Monroe, a very famous American actress and idol. Their connection was probably stronger than we assumed. I have an evidence photo to show you! They used Einstein’s genius combined with Monroe’s beauty to create a unique optical illusion. They couldn’t be seen together in one place (probably because of Albert’s wife, Elsa), but still eagerly wanted a photo of themselves. So Albert used 0.1% of his brain capacity, and thought of a solution. He created a hybrid image of himself and Marylin, where you can see both of them in it, but only one at the time. As you see, if you position yourself close to the screen you will see Einstein’s happy face. Now move away few meters, and you’ll see Marylin! Surprise, yes Albert vanished, but only for so long until you come near the photo again. I hope you are aware that the story I wrote few lines above, is just fiction, and only crazy idea I got in my head. However, the illusion is 100% real. By the way, I just watched Leonida’s 300 in theater with my gf. You really should go and see it, it was amazing!

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  1. wow man.. if you lean back in your chair and see marilyn then lean forward and see einstein it gets pretty trippy. just go back and forth.

  2. i do hope whoever sent you that gave a source as this illusion was created especially for this weeks edition of NewScientist magazine. there is a whole article about how our brains work these illusions out and make sense of them…

  3. That picture was in newscientist magazine about 2 days ago… either a weird coincidence or you got it from there :)

  4. Neat. My guess is that the image is tailored so that different aspects of the grey shows up at different focal lengths – the greys used for Einstein’s image are most bright at close focal lenths, whereas Marilyn’s greys are more visible at medium-distance focal lengths.

    You can make out Marilyn’s smudges close up, but they are unclear until you get further away.

    So, tailor the colours, overlay the photos carefully, and you’ve got this nice illusion.

  5. you kinda have to squint ur eyes to see the girl
    so ya its pretty sweet man
    i like it that was good
    great job

    yo juder dice, USA!!!!!

  6. now that is funny,,,, when I look at the picture, I see Albert Einstein,,, and when I take of my glasses, I see marilyn Monroe…

  7. I had to go about 15 feet away from my computer to even kind of see Monroe. Albert is as clear as day, with some funny blurry smudges around him.

  8. > — 5/28/2008
    > >
    > >
    > > “That iconic writing/composing duo we all know and love as Allyn
    > > Monstein and Maribert Einroe announced today the premiere of their
    > > newest collaboration, “Gentlemen Prefer Relativity”, a tragicomedy
    > > delineating the heretofore unpublicized love-triangle involving the aged
    > > Max Planck, his disciple Albert Einstein, and the freshly emergent
    > > Marilyn Monroe. Set alternatingly in the still-uncleared academic rubble
    > > of Planck’s post-W.W. II Goettingen and Einstein’s sparsely furnished
    > > office in the recently-completed Fuld Hall in Princeton, this triumph of
    > > the musical stage stars Matthew Broderick as Max, Nathan Lane as Al,
    > > Bernadette Peters as Marilyn, and features a cameo by Britney Spears as
    > > Schroedinger’s cat, simultaneously alive and dead.
    > > Despite her brief appearance, she steals the show with her
    > > heart-wrenching rendition of the sure-to-become-classic “Many Worlds”,
    > > wherein she convincingly reassures herself, and the audience, that there
    > > are an infinite number of universes and that everything that could
    > > possibly happen in our universe (but doesn’t) does happen in another.”
    > >
    > > D.
    > >
    > >
    > > P.S.
    > > My thanks to Wikipedia.
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > ———————–

  9. yeah, you can kinda see it
    even though the mustache stays on the chick :P
    it’s called waxing haha
    but aha great story, love it

  10. Yah for this very cool type of illusion, just squint instead of moving back and forth cuz’ it makes you look like a real doofus when you are in a common/public area like a computer lab.

  11. wow this is really cool, any idea’s where I can get a large version of this photo to print out? I would love to keep it in my study.

  12. i can respect that picture so much and fully get how the different shades of black white and gray were used so that one color showed up more at a distance a little tilted and one very close

  13. It was once said that at a meeting between the two MM said to AE
    “Professor imagine our children if the had my beauty and your brains”
    Einstein sadly replied,
    “Ah yes, but what if they had your brains and MY beauty”

  14. It was once said that at a meeting between the two, MM said to AE
    “Professor imagine our children if they had my beauty and your brains”
    Einstein sadly replied,
    “Ah yes, but what if they had your brains and MY beauty”

  15. Just hold Ctrl and press – a couple times and you’ll see it without needing to walk away from the screen like a dumba$$..which I did like a dumba#$ and didn’t see anything lol

  16. if you hold your phone up to the screen as if you were taking a picture it would show the other lay threw your camera

  17. What i did was copy and paste onto microsoft then I just made really small until i could see the picture of marilyn monroe. I t works for others too!

  18. Just watched an episode of AntFarm*(Disney show for tweens) and the young girl-genious Olive Doyle, did a one-person play where on one side of her body she was dressed as Albert Einstein, and on the other side she was dressed as Marilyn Monroe, very good acting! But when i was watching that before, I had no idea what Einstein had to do with Monroe, but now I do!

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