Door Hang Ambigram

Funny thing happened today! I had a meeting regarding a company I’m registering. Me and my friend had an appointment with some well known lawyer, and all of the sudden – my friend farted! At least I thought he did… Boy was I embarrassed. You know the situation when something happens to someone other (even on TV) and you feel embarrassed for him? Well eventually he forgot to turn of his cellphone, that had that silly fart ring tone. You can get it for free (sorry, only works for US visitors), but I wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t want this to happen to you :) Also, go and check our previous optical illusion, Mosquito ring tone – parent’s cant hear it!

Concerning today’s magic trick, here is a door hang also known as Magic Card Trick (am not sure why), but can be bought in a regular magic shop right next to shelf where magic wands stand :) Jose Maliel came across this come in – go away ambigram, just like the one I posted earlier. You can print it out, cut it, and then hang on your doors. Like you did with Necromancer or that iPhone cut-out. Funny thing, do you agree? Notice how the meaning changes if you flip the card for 180 degrees…

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  1. I wonder why they put a dot on the “i”, which also yields a dot below the “o”. I feel that “Come in” would look fine without the dot, while the “Go away” looks much better that way!

    But well,

  2. well is not perfect …but i like the idea to print it.. i havent seen it before so… it is a good illusion for me…

  3. theres a dot there because when you turn it upside down the dot becomes part of an i

    “go away” turned becomes
    “come in”

  4. First of all, hey comment one, i have the same name. Second is that i found a website full of ambigrams, i asked the guys if i could borrow some and im waiting for a response. But they are cool too. By guys.

  5. Thats pretty cool, for some amazing ambigrams check out Angels & Demons by Dan Brown, not only is a great book but the ambigrams in there will blow your mind…. Love the site!

  6. hey so why don’t you share the website with us and tell us the link? :-)
    i love ambigrams and like to see more of them :-D

  7. They put the dot above the o because if you flup the door hanger upside down, then it says come in, that’s why its an “optical iluision”

  8. I know rosina said this but that is just like the doormat illusion just that one goes ON ur door and that one doesnt rotate. :)

  9. > They put the dot above the o because
    > if you flup the door hanger upside down,
    > then it says come in

    Come one, we’re not stupid! Of course we understand that one can flip the picture. Just look at the doormat illusion posted here some time ago, which even flipped automatically.

    However, we’re just saying that without the dot the “Come in” would still look fine, while the “Go away” would then look much better. That is: in my opinion it would. Also, in my opinion, the “Go away” with the dot is very hard to read!


  10. Simple solution to the dot over the i thing…When you go to print it…Just edit out the dot…Now you guys can stop complaining ^_~

    Loving the site…New visitor here and I’ve already spent a handful of hours going through it…

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