The Descent Skull Illusion

Brandon Boyd probably triggered with Salvador Dali’s Skull Illusion, emailed me this similar movie poster for upcoming move “The Descent”. He said: “One of my favorite films recently used a throwback of this for the cover, thought you might enjoy.” It’s fun to see that optical illusions exist in move posters, billboard ads, and everywhere around us! You just have to spot them :) Another interesting one I recall, was done for Mira foundation.

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  1. Oh sure, give credit to the guy that emailed in about The Descent and not the guy that posted a link in yesterday’s comments. Sheesh! ;o)

  2. The Descent is such a great film, one of the best horror films made in the last 30 years. The beauty of the film lies in its ambigous nature. It could either be a typical scare your pants off monster flick, or an intense psychological journey. Love this cover.

  3. mighty illusion … there are 6 feet, i mean, 3 pairs of feet that act as teeth … but only 2 bodies to whom these pairs of feet might belong to … scary …

    1. actually, theres 3 pairs of feet, n all of them are accounted for, 2 pairs are the 2 girls with their backs to us with their legs up, the other pair belongs to the girl facing us, whose arms are the eye socket structure, n shes facing us….

  4. But that won’t work..
    The feet[if you look closely] in the middle, are the like.. backwards.
    No offense.. But this is one of the bad illuions you posted on your website. BUT I <3 this website. =D

  5. Hi there I took a good long look at the pick fi you enlarge it you can see this. The middle pair of feet that are to the girl at the top the one screaming in pain. They are indeed switched the left foot is on the right side and the right foot is on the left side. I do believe that is what you are talking about correct. It is pretty easy to tell due to the shape of the boot and you can see in the light that seems to be the skull nose that her legs are not crossed…..

  6. dude. they are just big copiers. thats on the skull butterfly thing from silence of the lambs. except these ppl have clothes on! >:[

  7. Well men… nice illusion, i really liked that… but… did you really believe that the guy that e-mailed you was Brandon Boyd?? Do you know who is brandon boyd?? Brandon Boyd is the Incubus Singer and frontman

  8. To everyone who is trying to figure out what’s going on with their feet… that’s not the point of the illusion. The illusion is that their formation looks like a skull. That middle pair of feet do belong to the girl hanging above them.

    Great site, though. :) It keeps me busy at work, that’s for sure.

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