Dave Barlow’s World of Impossible

I really much hate it when I’m in a hurry, but need to post an update. “Creative writing” is something that should never be done under pressure. I can’t understand how some writers manage to stay concentrated, while being on a tight schedule from their publishers. Hope I’ll never have to learn this on my own skin. Today I will show you something I should have posted long time ago. Abaroth created these 3d models of impossible structures and explained them like this: “Hi Vurdlak, It’s been a while since I sent Ascending & Descending and the other 2 illusions to you. Here’s the model page from my website – there’s a model of Escher’s Belvedere, and a couple of other new ones, an impossible arch, and a Necker cube. Feel free to use anything you feel is appropriate. All the best. Dave Barlow aka. Abaroth.

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  1. Wickedly awesome! I like the 1st one the most though…When I looked at it in the igoogle gadget, I couldn’t spot anything significantly odd about the picture. But when I opened it…wheee, an amazing, puzzling structure!

  2. I think I know how the first illusion works! It seems there are poles justting out, but their not connected to anything, and the same with the, uh, arches. Because of the angle it appears as they’re connected. See how the top of the poles seem to be a little bit off? Especially the second to left one. If someone already posted this idea or whatever, sorry but right now there don’t appear to be any comments…uhhh

  3. i love these escher style illusions, they're so cool, btw love the show/hide button idea (yeah i know it was the sandwich thing & the dog thing first but who cares)

  4. That is pretty amazing stuff, even if you concentrate, it’s difficult to get your head around it. But none the less, very enjoyable!

  5. im sorry i’ve seen this “illusion” too many times.
    i normally enjoy the site but this gets annoying.

  6. These are really good ones… my favourite is the Kicker Cube. I cannot figure out how that one is done. Love your work… keep up the great job! Cheers!

  7. These are pretty cool. I think that the first one is the best. It just popped off the page for me. I saw how the top floor pillars don’t match up correctly, immediately.

  8. These really make a person take another look at reality. But if you think nothing is impossible, try dribbling a football.

  9. This is pretty cool! I kinda already guessed the cube thing though and how it was structured. But cool anyway.

  10. The Escher Belvedere model is really great!. Having built some Penrose figures my self, I think the upper arch structure “piviots” on the third column on the back rail and the other “column’s” just line up because of the visual angle but are not really attached. I would be nice to have a picture that is a “reveal” from a different angle.
    nice model

    Brooks M.

  11. That is some awesome modelling and some very precise photography too! I can see how he constructed each one except I’m stuped by the steps in #2. Great illusions!

  12. love the third one . :)

    very creative .
    i love these . :)

    not that you people are going to care but… I LOVE DANIEL TOO . :)

    heehee , just thought i’d put that out there. :)

    so many smileys !

  13. that was a awsome illusion
    how did you do it???
    Plz make more illusions.
    After you make more illusions put it on my gaget.
    P.S your a great illusion maker.

  14. They are really cool, but Vurdlak, it may have been because you were in a rush, but you didn’t pay any tribute to M.C. Escher in your introduction.
    Obviously these are all interpretations of original drawings from the master of optical illusions himself :)

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