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    1. its not photoshopped. its real clouds, but the clouds don’t come from the can. the can is just being held up in the right position to make it look like that’s the cause of the cumulus clouds’ formation.

  1. Every thing fun and dandy but this is not how one would use caned air, look where is the trigger and where is the trigger finger.

  2. i know sometimes it is difficult when a blog has many entries, but when posting, try to read the other entries before posting

  3. Photoshopped or not its the idea of the image.Yes its ovbuoise she is not holding the can correctly but, if you can do better than do so

  4. Its funny how people can see something very cool-looking, and simply say “its Photoshop”. It doesn’t matter if its Photoshop or not, its the image. Even in photoshop it’d take a little bit of concentration to do this. Seriously, don’t dissect something that doesn’t need to be dissected.

  5. ugh, why does everybody care if it’s photoshopped or not! It’s called an optical illusion, and an ilusion is like a trick! IT DOESN’T MATTER IF IT’S PHOTOSHOPPED OR NOT! Repeat after me. “IT DOES NOT MATTER IF IT’S PHOTOSHOPPED OR NOT” Now practice it every day for a week. I think it’s just a particularilly pointy cloud with a can held up by it. It really doesn’t matter though, it’s not like ur being scammed or anything.

  6. Whether it’s photoshopped or not doesn’t make a blind bit of difference. The point is, it’s a nice little illusion and even if this one is photoshopped, it would be perfectly possible to create without it.

  7. I dont know whats more amusing,the debating whether it’s photoshopped or not, or theillusion itself.I agree wiyh the others who really cares, it’s still a really cool effect.

  8. BTW, a cumulus cloud is a cloud that exists above 20,000 feet above the ground. Those are not cumulus clouds, and are most likely cumulonimbus clouds. Don’t ask.

  9. Hey, Rich! How do you know its a lady? It could be a man with really pretty hands! =P
    Also, photoshop is still an art, so relax, shut up and gee orh arguing, will you? If you think it’s cheating, or wrong or something, don’t you think this is still kinda clever?
    I like it.
    So ha.

  10. i think its stupid that people say “oh its deffo photoshopped” beacause it might not be. all this “the colour of the sky is different around the can” is bull. to put it nicely. but a nice humourous picture

  11. @Anonymous who said: "a cumulus cloud is a cloud that exists above 20,000 feet above the ground".

    That's not true. Cumulus clouds can even form at <1000ft above the ground.

  12. The different shade of blue around the can is obviously where they tried to cover up part of the cloud so it looked as if it was coming out the can.

  13. You can tell it’s shopped by the strangely shaped patch of lighter sky to the right of the hand. Also a cloud has been obviously push brushed other than the one coming from the nozzle.

  14. Wow. All of you idiots screaming “photoshop” seriously need to get out of the basement! Not everything is a “scam” waiting for you armchair defectives – er deTectives – to “expose” it. If you are so desperate to prove yourselves the best “debunker” in the world, maybe you should mosey on over to the conspiracy sites (there are tons of them on the net) and let us enjoy the illusions here without your constant nattering. ANYWAY – I agree that the illusion would have been better if the person’s finger had been on the trigger, but it is still clever and funny and made me smile. Isn’t that the point of this kind of illusion?

  15. For you people who think this is photoshopped, YOU DONT HAVE IMAGINATION!!!!!!!! When was the last time you looked at the sky and saw something other than millions of airborne water droplets?

    1. you people need to get a life and a job, you obviously have way too much time on your hands!!!!

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