Crossing Circles Illusion

Is it only me, or do these circles composed of black and white squares, seem to cross-over? You be the judge! It worked for me… Amazing. Similar one here. I’m still not sure how these illusions work, and boy, we had many of them here in the past. Another version would be the one, where the concentric circles seem to make a spiral. Be sure to check more of these in seemingly bent category. Mind can be though to deceive, but that isn’t the case with this website. Enjoy and don’t go delusional!

Crossing Circles Optical Illusion
Crossing Circles Optical Illusion

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  1. Very cool illusion! Even after you look at it for a while, the illusion is still there. And yes, scrolling adds its own illusion.

  2. the angle of the squares makes it appere that the circles cross over each other vary tripy. I’ve seen something similar but can’t remember where

  3. i had to trace the circle with my fingers to check they were circles. i guess it’s all about the shape & position of the squares.

  4. There seems to me another illusion:
    If you scroll up the circles, they rotate to the right. If you scroll down the circles, they rotate to the left. Weird, isn’t it?
    Wonder why no other discoverd this illusion before.

  5. Very confusing and awesome, but I debunked it:

    You see how the outer layer of circles has the squares facing a certain way? well the next layer has the squares going in an opposite direction. If all of the squares were facing the same direction (and they were the same color), it wouldn’t look as if they cross.

  6. This images really works – looking like a spiral.

    BUT half close your eyes and immediately the spiral effect disappears and you have a tidy set of circles.

  7. it happens due to the angle the squares r at. and notice if u try to look at the “crossing” circles they return to normal

  8. Very WICKED Illusion!!!! My Brain Goes CRAZY When I Look At This Optical Illusion!!!!!! I Can’t Stand To Look At It Long Enough To Figure Out What Is Going On In This Optical Illusion!!!!! LOL!

    The Most CRAZY Optical Illusion I Have Ever Seen!!!

    GREAT JOB!!!

    Keep Them Coming!

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