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    1. no glue used, the raised block isnt even a raised block, it’s only a 6 sided thing in the board. the fallen chess piece is only lying down, the hexagon gives it the illusion of a block with 2 pieces connected to it.

  1. there is no raised block. the board is painted (similar to those awesome perspective chalk drawings.) the king is merely laying on its side.

  2. no glue, no magnets, the king is laying on it’s side and the queen is in square F3 they changed the squares to get the 3D effect

  3. The squares are painted. The pieces are real. The illusion is that the piece lying on it’s side appears to be attached to a “vertical” white plane that appears to have a real shadow. However, the vertical plane is just painted. That’s why the shadows of the pieces looks so real. Because they are real.

  4. I totally agree with adrian. it’s painted on, because i’ve seen this trick before in a similar setting. it’s still cool, though.

  5. How ’bout, the whole thing is painted…including the King…we’ve already seen that people can do that haven’t we???with the other illusions???

  6. The Queen is obviously on the F3 square as you can see some of its shadow on the pawn nearby.

    Although it looks like the king is magnetically attached, look again – the base of the king is not flush against the side of the “cube”

  7. Its doesnt have to be painted on…

    All you do is this, put a square white block on square G2, then place a queen on top, lay a king side ways and connect the bottom to the right side of the block. Take a picture from tilted view.

    Whats so wierd about it? Its simple 3D understanding.

  8. you guys are missing the illusion here. it is not an illusion if someone just put down a block. think about it…the board is obviously painted on: half of f2 has been painted white, half of g3 has been painted grey (to look like a shadow), half of g2 is grey, and half remains white. If you look closely you can actually see the vague line where the real edge of f2 was. it also looks as though f3 has been darkened slightly to add to the 3d effect. the king is simply placed on its side (no glue people!) and the picture is taken from the appropriate angle. If you try and scetch this with pensil it really isn’t that hard to do. Good illusion. Fooled alot of people.

  9. I agree w/ Bobby on this 1, because the queen’s shadow is straight not moved, which would be if it was standing on a block. Also if u look closely u can still c that half of F-2 is really black.

  10. obviously,the block is painted.they made it black and white with a different angle so it can look real.even my little brother know that.

  11. how can you think there is a block!
    how would putting a block on chess board be a good optical illusion!

    it is painted on because of the black bit you can see from the real square underneath. I’ve seen someone do this at a street show once, its not a new thing.

  12. Okay… so the board is just painted and the thing is laying on its side. If it’s really raised then it has been glued?!

  13. I agree with anonymous. And the picture was taken from an angle. Unless you have no brain, I expect you to get this.

  14. lol, the “block” is just a pattern on the board, and the king is just laying on its side. Perspective, people!

  15. it cant be painted
    you can barely see a shadow of the king on the side of the raised block

    now im not saying it is a raised block, but its not painted

  16. if you look at the shadow of the piece on the “raised” block, you see there is no distortion you normally get when you the the same shadow portraid in different elevated surfaces. 1-0 to me

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