Chechen Soldier Optical Illusion

Here’s a simple illusion for all of you! This time, your task is simple… Try and spot where the illusion is hidden (in the photo below). Do you see why this picture is so strange? You should see it in a few seconds. Also, be aware that I’m on my vacation, so I approve your comments once a day. That is the reason why many comments appear simmilar. Enjoy!

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  1. It’s pretty simple – he’s sitting or balanced on one of his boots, but his foot isn’t actually in it. ^-^

  2. He is washing his unbooted right foot and has placed his unshod boot right where it would naturally be if he had both feet on the ground while hunkered down.

    Looks like he’s got 3 legs (or 4 if you count the “natural” middle one :) ).

  3. It looks like he has three feet. But in reality, the shoe of the naked foot is just sitting next to him, even though it looks like it’s under him.

  4. this one is pretty cool! it took me a while to get it but after a while i did. It’s kinda hard because of the bad quality of the picture. If anyone needs an explanation I can give it to ya.

  5. Wow, none of you can tell that he’s just sitting next to another soldier cleaning his friends foot, whilst taken at a convienent camera angle. probably done as a joke with a camera while really bored on some random misson.

  6. I thought it was his foot his hands and the two boots on the floor. But upon closer inspection it actually looks like there are two feet on the floor (one of which could be an empty boot) the foot in the air is a right foot, meaning that the one foot on the ground is the left foot, with an empty right boot. Ok, but look at his hands closely. the hand that is on the foot has the thumb facing the camera indicating that it is a right hand, but the elbow bends towards the camera inicating a left arm. ???? also the one holding the water is a right hand, so either something screwy is going on here or they’ve been hiding nuclear testing again. Someone please explain.

  7. i wonder if it was done on purpose. I mean it could have just been chance that he sat on his boot. I doubt it though.

  8. for those who can’t make a distinction between a right and a left foot: He’s washing his left foot (look at the ankle, it shows the exterior of an ankle) and sits therefore on the left shoe and kneels with the right leg where a shoe on the foot is.

  9. Come on every body, it is obvious, he is sitting on the boot nearest to the camara and one of his legs are in the boot facing away from the camara and the other leg which makes him look like he has 3 legs is pointing out u is deffinately done on purpose

  10. This is clearly a soldier washing someone elses AMPUTATED LEG.

    This could only be ‘unseen’ by viewers cushioned from the hardships of war by a life revolving around MTV and fast food, otherwise there would not be so many ‘cool’ comments on the pic.

    Now, what is really interesting is this. Whose leg is it?

    – Did the soldier’s friend get blown off by a mine and he is cleaning all that is left so he can take it to his parents.

    – Did the guy chop it of some poor dead civilian as a souvenir the way american soldiers use to do with ears and dicks in Viet Nam?

    – Is he washing the foot in preparation for making gulash for supper (you don’t want stinky feet n your soup do you)?

    – Is this some ‘ethnic cleansing’ ritual of death where you hump your comrades leg while cleaning his feet of the enemies blood?

    Regardless of the motivation for the washing of the severed foot. I personally would prefer if you don’t post war attrocity pictures on the blog so that my optical illusion widget wont pick them up and put them on my desktop. Severed feet don’t match my glossy new Macbook’s other icons.

  11. His left foot is unbooted. his left boot is under his left leg which is being washed. The lefgt leg is partially straightened


  13. I think everyone should take a closer look.
    What foot (left or right) is he actually standing/sitting on,
    what foot is he washing.

    More importantly, look at his hands!
    Where is the thumb on both hands?

  14. you can tell its his left leg, not just the ankle, but look at where his left leg SHOULD be bent for his foot to be in his boot, as for the appearance of two right hands, its just the way his hand is wrapped around his foot that it looks like a thumb there.

  15. For all the idiots saying he has a third leg,he just took one shoe off! He’s washing his damn foot, give the guy a break!

  16. Okay…so for the real truth you’ve all been waiting for…

    This is my third step-cousin twice removed. He was born with three legs. Two of which had left feet. When he was seventeen, his left was ran over repetitively with a steam roller and they had to amputate. He lived in a place where false limbs are hard to come by so they gave him the arm of some other guy who had recently died in that hospital. But that guy only had one arm so they were forced to give him two right hands. This is the story of my very poor, unfortunate third step-cousin twice removed. Thank you!

  17. dudes, there are only two legs none of which are artificial, his boot is sitting next to him and in such a way that from the angle of vision we have it appears that there are three legs present

  18. I do not understand why these people can not figure outl the easiest possible answer.

    The man is normal. The shoe in his left side was just normally kept as he washes his left leg for prayer as we muslim need to do that before prayer.

    The angle of the photo makes it diffucul nothing else.

    1. @Online Tutour (All Free Resources)

      Yes because we all know what your religious practices are, we all know that he has to wash his leg before pray, ignorant POS

    1. This comment and the one below it are the ONLY two that realize what is REALLY in the picture. Some think this guy has two left hands or even two left feet, positively idiotic since a right foot looks like a right foot, a left hand looks like a left hand, how is it possible to screw that up ? There is OBVIOUSLY someone next to him and he is washing the other guys right foot. He is squatting on BOTH of his oun feet, you can see his pants are puffy for ctying out loud. It took me less than ten seconds to see this and I AM LEGALLY BLIND people !!!!!

  19. Simple: there are 2 men. The first one that we can see it doing what he’s doing. We can see the second man’s foot on the photo (the foot behind)

    1. haha have you seen some of the comments? you might have noticed it and may not be dumb but some these other people are

  20. here’s what it is, the guy has one leg up and the other is holding him up and the second shoe is just there with no leg… you get that?

  21. omfg r u ppl stupid? the guys is just washing his feet, beside him is the shoe, it’s just stuck out at an weird angle so it looks like he has a third leg

  22. it looks like he has a third leg but actualy he is siting on the boot from the foot he
    is washing. it is a pretty cool picture though.

  23. It still amazes me that people can kneel down flat-footed like that! My boyfriend can do that–I wonder if we could replicate this illusion. It’s a fairly simple one, but very neat.

  24. has anyone else noticed that he is washing his foot with his left arm but what looks like his thumb on his left hand appears to be on the right

  25. i think he has his right foot in his shoe and has his left hand scrubbing his foot and his right hand is pouring the water on his feet

  26. You guys need to back off a little! They are nice enough to bring you tons of cool pictures for your entertainment … and all you do is b*tch and gripe about how they are not good enough! Knock it off!

  27. Very simple, the right boot is empty as he is washing his right foot. The boot is simply positioned perfectly under his body as to look as if he is squatting. A second person?????? REALLY????? LOL

    1. If “…. His hand is also the wrong side round” whetaver that means, then I wouldn`t be able to see the houtside of his elbow. That IS NOT a thump, it is a splayed open pinky finger.

      You welcome

  28. ok, the man is ‘sitting’ on his right foot and left boot. his hand is just open, giving the pinky and ‘thumb’ look. the boot closest to us is empty. hes just sitting and washing his foot weirdly. jeez people, GET IT RIGHT

  29. That’s a tricky one. It took me awhile. There’s no boy on his lap because if there was he’d be bigger. :0

  30. There is no way a person could actually sit on their boots that way. He would not be able to sit in that way if this hadn’t been photoshopped etc.

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