Chain Wine Bottle Holder Illusion

Here and there, a piece of furniture or something useful takes a shape of optical illusion. We had an interesting idea for a lamp recently, and this time I bring you something completely original. Wine lovers will simply adore this. This bottle holder is made from chain that gives an impression it’s hanging from a flying bottle. Laws of physics are intuitive for us, and we know this can’t be true, but still it makes us think. Where is the solution? Its easy, and I bet all of you instinctively understand this. Still, awesome effect, don’t you think?

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  1. I think the chain is rigid and has an uneven balance without the bottle, so it would topple over to one side. When the bottle is placed inside the rigid hole, it balances the holder and stays up straight. I’ve seen many versions of this, but this is definetely the coolest.

  2. hey i love it xD
    the chain is not like an ordinary chain obviously, and it it heavy enough to sostain the bottle. actually every link is welded to the next one, meaning the links dont have movement, and the structure of the chain is rigid.

  3. I haw wisited this site dayly, butt never wroted (bekouse bad eng). Butt now i haw to wrote to you that thank you for this pic, its soo nice. And i think i haw to joint my self that kind of bottle holder on work.

    Keep upp the nice work of this site !!!

    Mr O.

  4. this is just freaky

    i think that it’s a glass (or any other completely transparent material) bottle holder
    either that or they’ve got someone holding the bottle up and they used photoshop to remove the hand

    clever yey first post

  5. The bottle is floating in a clear liquid, possibly water, with the chain hanging off it. Neat idea, it did take me a while to click.

  6. I have seen things like this before, they are quite cool, you take the links of the chain and weld them together and it actually becomes pretty sturdy

  7. This is not an optical illusion. It is a chain welded to rigidly hold its shape. An interesting gadget, but not an illusion.

  8. is this anything like that tap illusion?
    i think that the bottle IS being held up by the chain and that from this angle tou cant see the chain on the other side.

  9. The chain is solid, and the loop at the bottom is to balance the whole thing. (AKA I’ts not a real chain, and it cannot bend)


  10. Yea, chain is rigid and holds up the bottle. Nice effect though and nice design! I would definitely buy this if I had some wine that needs holding :D

  11. The trick is simple. The chain is one solid unit and unmoveable while the wine bottle’s weight is keeping the center of gravity is placed so the “chain” supports the bottle.

  12. If that is a really heavy piece of metal shaped like a chain holding up a bottle of wine, I really like it.

    If its photoshop or gimp, I’m not so thrilled, hehe.

    Eh, I can’t tell what it is to be completely honest, haha. Nice.

  13. thats interesting. although its obvious how it works.

    I love those wine “balancing” things and that is definitely my favorite one.

  14. my guess would be that the chain is actually quite solid, and the connections are strong. its able to hold up that way by keeping its center of gravity somewhere above the base of support. cool idea.

  15. Spoiler Alert: This one is simple. The chain links are welded together and the center of gravity of the bottle is over the links underneath, which provides a sturdy base to the bottle holder.

  16. Ha ha. Excellent!
    It’s amazing how the welding in the chain can be so invisible and strong.
    (For those who still don’t get it – the chain is totally stiff.)

    It reminds me of the floating water tap that actually has water coming out of it! (It’s a mini fountain). Any pictures of that?

  17. i am the first to comment. and i have seen a lot of things like that, like the fountain where water comes out of a hovering spout into a pot.

  18. i love how like a thousand people left the yay i got first comment and then the who one who actually got it first did say anything about it…. but anyway amazing picture

  19. I am really tired of people whos standard answer to everything is “Photoshopped?”.
    Really. Don’t you get it?
    If it was a photoshop picture it wouldnt really be an illusion, would it?
    Photoshopped pictures are totally uninterresting on a site like this.
    Photoshop makes illustrations and art, not illusions.
    With Photoshop, you can do ANYTHING!
    Almost never is Photoshop the correct solution to these pictures on this site. There is no point in showing photoshop pictures.
    You have to leave your screen sometimes and go out into the real world and discover the phenomenons of physics and optics, which is what this site is about.
    So stop nagging about photoshop, please!

  20. you can buy it online. just google “chain wine bottle holder”… it is $27 and available for purchase online.
    Pretty cool though.

  21. If this is based on balance, what happens if you only drink half the bottle? But then, who only drinks half a bottle of wine??

  22. i have seen one in real life and the chain is loose but when the wine is put at the right spot the chains cant go slack but push against eachother holding the wine up. but the bit wrapped around the bottle is solid

  23. i bet the chain wouldnt stand up with out tipping over if there was no bottle for the counter weight. and i wonder if i could use this for my bottle of rum

  24. The chain wine bottle holder let your wine bottles hang down from the ceiling, hence its important to have one if the wine is has that much quality.

  25. Last year one of my friend had given me gift of wine bottle holder, it looks very same as shown in above figure. It looks wonderful and it has save my wine bottle from ceiling more that ten time.

  26. This is by far one of the more stylish wine racks around. It would look fine on the end of a bench or perhaps on a low table in a living room. Very stylish. What’s even better is that these kinds of racks are coming down in price all the time!

  27. I know someone who has one of these, but they make one slight design error in my opinion in that they make the entire chain rigid.

    Had the designer left the last three links that hang from the neck loose, it would have been a far more effective illusion.

    Hi Emmanuelle and Liam if you are reading this. :)

  28. I almost bought one of those in a french decoration shop yesterday !
    I was quite surprised and I must say this is even more surprising in life size in front of you !
    About the “how” questionning, The chain is just “glued” in this position. The weight of the bottle makes it stand still
    Without any bottle, the chain falls since the gravity center isn’t right

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