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One of the categories that is undeservedly neglected most of the time is our Transportation category. Few of our best illusions (containing transportation vehicles) have been included there. It’s just that I completely forget about this category more often than not. What’s done is done, but this doesn’t prevents us from at least trying to fix this injustice. I’ve dug two interesting photos today, that show some sort of vehicle in role of another. It’s more of an intriguing installation than true optical illusion, but hey – I’m not here to rate stuff, you are!

  • A Snail

    Bottom photo definitally looks fake.

    Top photo Im not sure whats going on and if its real or not. It looks like something the A_Team might have knocked together. Any more information about them?

  • chris

    that is freakin sweet!

  • Rawr

    I like the bus one. It looks so convincing from far away. At first I did a double-take :D

  • Sj x

    wow these are really cool!!! i love the first one because it looks just like a coach but its actually loads of cars on top of each other and i love the second one because it looks soooooooooooo long!!!!!

    love the site 2 :)

  • I dunno, is the first one a bus painted to look like a car transport? It looks it to me, but then again what do I know. The second one is photographic. A camera lens was left open for a short period of time, with a small lens opening, and a slow speed film.

  • Zach Dirk

    The second one looks fake but the first one is cool.

  • Golai

    Hehe, the top picture (bus) was standing just by where I live. From last year in Sweden just north of Stockholm.
    An advertisement about getting from point A (Stockholm central)to point B (Arlanda International Airport).
    The sign said “50 cars or one bus”.. meaning it’s nicer to the environment by taking the bus the 40km it is between Stockholm and Arlanda.
    Though at this angle and close it doesn’t look much.. but at a distance as it was standing next to a freeway, it sure looked like a bus. :)

    Just a reflection from me, great site this anyways.

  • How would you turn a corner in that 2nd one! ;) lol

  • markus

    1st one would be flawless, except for what looks like a photoshopped decal and wheels. Still very cool though :)

  • She

    Very intreeging! So cool!

  • RaMpaNTe

    1st pic seems plausible and real… the 2nd one… boy is either fake or they had to use a god damn large number of trucks to get that effect.

  • from my widget i saw a real bus!AWESOME!

  • Jo Tull

    If tjhe long truck picture was taken in Alstralia it my be a land train and those are REAL!!!!!!!

  • dd2

    second picture can’t be real? photoshop?

  • Jacob

    i don’t think these are really illusions…but that’s just my opinion…but still pretty cool

  • Fred

    The bus made me take a second look. If it’s real, the cars must be scaled down. I still don’t know what to think of the trucks(s?). If it’s real, it’s real bizarre.

  • Well, I believe the first one that is supposed to look like wrecked cars stacked on top of each other is actually a motor-home. The second I believe is a dump truck that may have been pulling a second body and someone photo shopped the extra’s….does anyone know for sure? It would really be amazing if the additional 3-? was for real.

  • Maria

    The yellow trucks look like the Alaska railroad.

  • Allie


  • mac

    For what is worth: the first picture is an installation on the highway between Stockholm and Arlanda (the town where one of Stockholm’s airports is located).

    The bus is made of exactly 50 cars, and was built for the company operating the shuttle bus between Stockholm downtown and the airport. The slogan of the campaign says something like: “Choose the greener alternative: a bus replaces 50 cars on the road” (I go by memory, but the concept is there).

  • kcannarozzi

    WOW! Is that truck really pulling all those trailers or is that just photoshopped? It looks like a giant caterpillar.

  • Jess

    the top one in particular looks fantastic

  • ME

    Is the second picture modified in anyway? Or is it the truck that had the world record for longest train?
    Either way They’re pretty cool

  • Matt Hodgkins

    First one is pretty neat, but the second one looks pretty obviously photo shopped. The first two or three “trailers” may be real with either an extra trailer added to the back or another couple identical trucks, but the ones waaaay in back are definitely not really there.

  • Jacques Kuun

    First one is awesome! The second looks like worm.


  • Spoof

    Hmm. i saw this illusion on my google page and at first i didnt notice that the “bus” was made out of other vehicles, Very nice
    pretty sure nr. 2 is fake though.

    btw i lost the game -_-

  • lurker18

    The second picture is an Australian Road Train. 100% real. The record is 113 trailers, and this one is not even close to that.

  • Care Bear

    That’s sooooooooooooooooooo cool.

  • anonymous

    I don’t think the second isn’t Photoshopped. It looks like a bunch of identical trucks placed close together so that the cabs of all but the first are hidden.

  • anonymous

    That should read “I don’t think the second is Photoshopped.” Sorry.

  • I’m still waiting moderation. Is there a problem??

  • Valerie

    Yeah really like the first one, not so keen on the other one. It looks to be obviously photo shopped. Still good, but not as clever.

  • Ankhdad

    The second one may be true. I watch a TV show about these truck ‘trains’ in Austrailia..they might be trying this for a record or something

  • Based on Lurker18’s comments, I googled Australian road train and it looks like 3 to 4 trailers is more normal. The record appears to be 112 trailers pulled by a Mack for a total distance of 100 metres.

    Here is a video:

    So I’m guessing the second pic is real and probably not photoshopped.

  • Eduardo Fonseca


  • very tall ….. thanx

  • wow Amazing illusion


    TRUCK PICTURE, is real no photoshop im estimating 30-40 trailer which if their empty is only 5000 lbs per trailer, 150,000 pounds well in the the pulling power of any semi out their, some super heavy loads are 1,000,000+ lbs and when they get to certain steep hills they hook up an additional truck to the back of the trailer for pushing power. At “Whites truckstop” in vergina and another one in oklahoma they both have pictures of the truck trains, that was over 7 years ago.

  • amazing and creative illusion.

  • MeEgAn GaLaNtE

    At first I thought it was a bus but it was actually a bunch of cars piled on top of each other.

  • the Long Truck is awesome like Train :P

  • blackrystal

    they are both kwl, i think the 2nd is a bunch of trucks moving in a line and thoto is taken at an angle making it seem like a train

  • Shane

    Photo on the bottom is not an illusion. It is call a road train.

  • Chris

    They are both fake. The top one is a bunch of cars on top of eachother with either paint or a flag on it. The second one is blatantly a truck pulling 50 coaches or trailers

  • Jon

    Th e second one is several trucks puling 2 trailors, including the one attached to the cab. look at the mud flaps. Its just several trucks in a row at the right angle. maybe photo shopped to buff it out.

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