Car Built With Painted Human Bodies

Just like Trina and Ryan, who body-painted those hot motorcycles last week, Emma Hack came up with something even more peculiar! She imagined a car that had been involved in a small crash, then built it┬áby painting and positioning 17 naked men and women down to the smallest detail. Recreating a “perfect car” perhaps wash’t doable after all, so she had to compromise imagining an after-crash vehicle, but never the less end-results are still amazing! BTW, did you know that Emma was responsible for most of the body-art featured in Gotye’s popular video “Somebody That I Used To Know”?

Body Paint Car by Emma Hack

Artist Emma Hack created a car that had been involved in a small crash from 17 naked models

18 Replies to “Car Built With Painted Human Bodies”

    1. Both robyn and Holly are very sick people, with a very unhealthy attitude toward the human body. Using skintight suits would serve no purpose other than to prevent these two sickos from being exposed to icky “nasty” skin.

  1. I’d love to be there 1 minute AFTER this picture was taken…. To see it fall apart, into weirdly painted people walking around….. One guy, in the middle of the “pose”, probaly said in a low voice “Damn-it,… WHO FARTED?” Heck, THATS probaly why it turned out to b a “wrecked car”, it was probaly a perfect car before he said that.

  2. But, this is really awesome… just like “sidewalkchaulk art”, but harder cause they were dealing with actual people, not a “still” sidewalk. ..Love it tho.!

  3. She’s a planning genius and an awesome artist. I couldn’t believe these were actually living people until I read it. At first I thought it was just a painting made with vaguely human-like shapes.

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