Can You Find All of the Hidden Animals Here?

There are a couple of types of hidden animal illusions—those that are easy to spot and jump right off the page, and those that are more difficult and make you work for it. I think today’s illusion is a nice little combination of both. Some of the hidden animals in this illusion are pretty obvious and will just jump right out at you. Others, not so much…


I’ll bet you couldn’t miss the giant human face island in this image. (After all, humans are animals.) But, did the giant head in the water distract you from the other hidden animals in this image?

Did you see the:

  • baboon face in the tall mountain in the background?
  • profile of the monkey face on the left side?
  • cat in the clouds?
  • fish in the clouds?
  • lion (?) in the mountain range?
  • profile of a bird in the rock jutting into the water at the bottom?

There are probably a ton more hidden animals in this illusion too. The quality of the image is a bit poor, though, making them a bit hard to see. I can see glimpses of other animals here, but I can’t really make them out.

What other hidden animals can you see here?

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