Caffe Wall Illusion

Now you can see original Caffe Wall in color! Remember our previous posts, Original Caffe Wall and Russian Caffe? Well these photos were taken at different location, and still show you the original “Bent Lines Illusion”. What’s the illusion here, you might ask? As you see the lines appear bent, while in fact they are perfectly straight. The illusion is made by black and white blocks that make the illusion perfect! Jump inside for more pics. More can be found inside “Seemingly Bent” category.

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  1. I used to live close to that cafe in Bristol, uk. When it was open it was an OK place to have a kebab and a late coke but the greek place just up the hill was better.

    Maybe they should have done something other than kebabs.

  2. I’m not seing it either. Perhaps the affect is more obvious in real life, but they don’t look bent to me. It’s just a repeating pattern like the person above me thought.

  3. lol potato. that’s so hilarious. you kids are sooo random…

    The second picture doesn’t work for me, but the others do. :’D

  4. Someone has already pointed this out, at least I hope they have, it’s cafĂ©. No, I don’t know what a is, caffe is, but it says to me that you do not have spell check enabled.

    Look: the blocks or tiles are perfectly aligned on a grid of straight columns and rows. There are three sets of equal size blocks. Solid blacks, solid whites, and half black and whites. They were placed using a pattern (like Chick said). Alternating the position of the solids with the orientation of the half b/w’s it forms solid rectangles (same size of the blocks) that ACTUALLY are not aligned with the blocks. This creates the bent or slanted effect, the same way that happens with some floor tiles.

  6. wow this is like soooo lame u other people r freaks it is lame lame lame lame lame its just lines!!!!!! i mean really lines?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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