Body Painted Shoes Illusion

Now this is something you don’t see every day! Body painting with soul… err, I meant sole! Temptu, a company which concentrates on airbrush makeup and cosmetic innovations, painted some smelly feet for the NY Magazine. When New York Magazine needed to recreate the appearance of shoes on actual feet, using just makeup, they contacted Temptu. Body paint artists, John Maurad and Jenai Chin created the results you see below for the article titled “You Walk Wrong”. Their work includes a traditional wing tip for men, a pair of Christian Louboutin heels, and an old-school Adidas Gazelle shoe. Adidas one is so incredibly rendered on the bare foot, it’s hard to believe it’s not even real! The only problem with these, is that I can’t decide whether to choose the slip one, or Adidas one as my favorite. So I think I’ll go with both (but they still aren’t even close to the sexy shoe we covered last month)!

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  1. omg i was like “why is there a pic of a shoe on illusion of the day?” then i looked at the toes and i was like “omg those are painted on!” ;)

  2. the last one is the coolest! until i read the description i totally thought that some 1 made these shoes and tat they werent painted on! THERE AWSM!!

  3. omg i love these!!! especially the heel!!!

    i agree: too bad people have toes! and foot hair. on the 1st one, u could see how he has hair on it. weird.

    but i love these!! awesome….

  4. if you look close, you can see hair on the wingtip foot. lol I’d like to see the last one from the side, It looks like a real heel but a painted ‘shoe’

  5. ok 1 one:You can guess it is painted becase of the dirty,gross,yucky foot hair. But still every body does have foot hair,right.OK i know you guys and girls can not stand it sometimes,but at least it is not scary or something like that right.2,ok it is really cool for some people who love painted things, and for some people who like soccer.but what if you where that painter.Would you like it then.feel how good it must be to have that money,but still.what if you messed would not be happy . people like not messed-up things. ok 3 ,really really REALLY cool i must admit.but still,why do you want you foot would mess up your clothes shoes socks, etc. and who knows how long it would take to wash off. nobody knows . but i still admit,3 is he coolest!

  6. An optical illusion (also called a visual illusion) is characterized by visually perceived images that differ from objective reality. The information gathered by the eye is processed in the brain to give a percept that does not tally with a physical measurement of the stimulus source.

  7. very creative, and artistic
    I dont know why people have so much trouble understanding that it is the artists’ expression …the hair is not important, the toes are there because it’s a painted foot…use some common sense if u’r gonna criticize someones’ work…u only make your selves look ignorant..


    you should listen to ur name cause what u said didn’t really make sense

  9. OMG once I saw pics of painted-on clothes! I was like WTF that doesn’t look painted on!!! Lol, but it’s easier to fake clothes than to fake shoes… On shoes, the toes kinda stand out if they’re just painted… XD But not if you’re doing sandals! They could pull it off then…how come there’re no pics of that??

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