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  1. There is one like this for the introduction of Nintendo’s Gamecube in Brazil… I’ll have to look through my links to find the page. They did three modles with different subjects.

  2. hi!

    just looove your site, you can check out my body painting blog:

    /* Link removed because leading to unformed & empty website*/

    greets and keep on the good work!

  3. dude this i snot right its wrong in a very sick and perverted way. i like all the other stuff though , keep up the good work. jesus loves you.

  4. looks really good, but the boobs give it away. the bottom one looks like it actually is clothes because its so dark

  5. Fabulous jobs on the painting. MAC Cosmetics used to carry a pack of playing cards with nothing but model painted to look different ways. Some included illusions of clothing or other abstract art. I have a pack, it’s wonderful. OH, and to CHRISTIAN 101: You weren’t born with clothes on (gasp!). You clicked on EROTIC BODY PAINT, what did you think would be here?

  6. christian 101:
    like ceecee said, we were born naked. reality check: adam and eve were naked all throughout their existance. and yet i doubt you bug out everytime you see a painting of them.

    also: those leaves on their privates in the pictures? sorry sweetie, those were just there so painters wouldnt be confused with porn artists.

  7. Superman looks photoshopped. Look closely at his right shoulder where the “paint” stops.

    I have a collection of these somewhere, too. Need to revive them online…

  8. i wonder why they didnt show the front of the man…?
    and i like the girls. their cute!!!

    and yeah im a gurl. and im cuter than any 1 so shove it in u r face farted.

  9. I totally agree with christian 101, way to go man! It’s true we were all born naked but modesty is an esential part of the christian life. “modest is hottest”

  10. Um, Ok the blondie, its so obious cuz her boobs are just sagging there,
    The superman dude you can tell cuz it looks a little to lightly painted
    The girl with blak hair from that veiw , if i dont stare at it for 5 min i actally would think she wearing something.

  11. ishbu: Adam and Eve were not naked their whole entire life. They were naked only a short portion of their life!! They ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The were ashamed to be naked and God gave them clothes of leaves to cloth themselves. Jesus loves you.

  12. omg u guys are turning a simple body art “gallery”, regardless of that it’s only 3 pics, into a bible debate! Can’t you just appreciate what was psted, and leave it at that?

  13. I think this is fun stuff… they sell liquid latex now for recreational purposes. And to Christian 101 and John 3:16, you should be ashamed of yourselves. If you’re such good Christians with such high morals, why did you come to the erotic body painting portion of this site?

  14. o just hush the reason they came here is beacause they probally thought “body paint” was hands feet or legs + faces like i did!
    so let us christians follow our owne stinkin’ religion while u guys look at pretty women and men showing of private parts and u enjoy…not! u guys need help.just stop till at least your married! you’re husband/wife will not like this if u keep doing it! your parents should be very very very vey ashamed! goodness!!!! can’t u guys see it is just rong! if u were showing your body if u were a girl and letting men + women see you is RONG!!

  15. Some of you serisously need to grow up. I think body painting is a fine art and it takes a skilled hand and a alot of attention to detail to do this!

  16. wait but adam and eve werent supose to eat fromt he tree of knoledge that was a bad thing and that tree made them want to put on there clothies so by this logic clothes are a bad thing so matt your whole point makes no sense….

  17. Those are cool, can’t say I’d be brave enough to walk round in public like that though.. as for the whole Christian debate thing, I am a Christian but its art, its not like their posting porn, I mean what is the difference between thin layer of paint and tight clothes?

  18. I think the original pic of Superman was genuine; it’s the one of him standing in front of a dumbell in a gym; there is no paint line on his right sholder in the original; please see copy attached (sorry, it won’t paste). I think the one on this site has been “doctored”. Does anynoe know where we can see more of this Superman? James

  19. I really don’t understand you people. I mean…they are NUDE. And they are FEMALES. U No its kinda against the law a teensy bit, and it IS disgusting. Now, I expect a ton of angry people cussing at me or something. Who cares. I just like the art.

  20. thank you to all those Christians out there for actually capitalizing God, Jesus, etc. I went to the Jesus illusions in the celebrity category, and NO ONE had capitalized anything Christian.

  21. QUOTE “If you’re such good Christians with such high morals, why did you come to the erotic body painting portion of this site?”

    QUOTE “o just hush the reason they came here is beacause they probally thought “body paint” was hands feet or legs + faces like i did!”

    Ummm, so what part of “erotic” didn’t you understand?

    QUOTE “so let us christians follow our owne stinkin’ religion”

    Hey, I’m all for religous freedom, but it works both ways, don’t come in here imposing your ridiculous ‘moral standards’ on the rest of us. This is an art site, and to the artist they are nothing more than a challenging canvas. There is NOTHING inherently obscene about nudity. And you didn’t have to stay once you realized they were (gasp) naked.

    If you find it dirty, it is your mind that makes it so. As was pointed out above, the sin was in actually noticing that they were unclothed and feeling shame. Not being naked in the first place. After all, God made us that way.

  22. The one on the top has big boob but the other one…

    shhit I can’t believe I can’t see those jugs

    Got any illusions with visible boobs

  23. Lewdness is in the eye of the beholder. Perhaps if it weren’t for all the “Yay Boobs” comments tainting the page, the Christians visiting wouldn’t be be as offended by the human body. The brunett’s paint job and the shorts on the blond look awsome! Maybe if the blond was more small brested the shirt illusion would be better.

  24. you know #18 britany-birthdaygurl-9yrs!! You aren’t the cutest person in the world and that’s just bragging. Everyone is cute in their own way. But whoever painted these ppl must have worked really hard. Put a sock in it britany-birthdaygurl-9yrs!! and I’m 16 who cares if your nin and ur the b-day girl. At least rite now…

  25. These are cool… and I am Christian. They are painted in a way as to appear clothed. The only way these are sinful is if you look at these and feel tempted. If you look and see God’s beauty, the Devil doesn’t get his pleasure.

  26. Sorry, on behalf of Jesus. Some Christian’s give him a bad name. There is nothing wrong with this artform.

    Society has made it standard that beauty and sex go together. Some people can’t separate the beauty from the sex so it becomes lust.

    If this beauty results in lust in you, then you need to do something about it.

  27. Makes you wonder- maybe this is why superheroes wear their undies on the outside?

    Because actually they are naked (except for undies) and their skin-tight suits are just body paint?

    eh? EH?

  28. Its art people! lets move on! Am i wrong to assume that all the painted naked bodies make baby Jesus cry are from ‘innocent’ read naive, teenagers? I cannot see how a couple of pictures like this, which you came too under your own free will can be offensive. or even think that you have the right to put everyone down for looking at this. Do you honestly believe everything that you are fed in church? seriously!? Do you think that all people who are not Christians are going to burn in hell forever? What about the millions of Hindus, Buddists, and every other religion there is! are they going to burn for their sins? Are you all so damn narrow minded. Religion is a tool of the ruling class to suppress the people and keep them in line..and i think..tick we have that here!
    you don’t need evolution to think religion is a farce, you need some common sense about the way civilization has evolved over time. Three major religions coming out of the same area, within miles of each other. All thinking they are right and everyone else is wrong! How self righteous are you!

    Anyway, its art, and its nice art, it can be used in a sexy way, but sex makes money. and it is a good illusion also, cause it gives the appearance of clothing – the illusion. Deal with it or leave. Wake up people!

  29. LMSO at the comments. What is ths, a Christian lecture thing?

    Yes, I’m all for Christianity and not sinning and whatnot, but come one! It’s only paint! ^.^

    Why should humans feel ashamed for showing their bodies? At the end of the day, it’s what God gave us! If they were nude, and they were posing in a dodgey way then yes, that’s wrong. But this is art. It’s funky. Ha ha.

  30. the one girl in the red, yeah her boobs look like they sag, but is this pain on a board? and they hae holes 4 their heads?

  31. Okay, all you people getting up in arms about how bad this is, I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but it’s not like you can actually see anything… Everything’s painted up to hide those certain bits. It’s not like “OMG, look at the nudity! *sinful*” it’s just art!
    I’m a Christian myself, and I’m not offended. There’s nothing provocative and sinful about showcasing a creative form of art. And that’s all this is. It’s not porno or anything.

  32. The superman one is only photoshopped into the white background, is was just a poor job so some parts of the body were cut off.

  33. ‘Shrub’ that wasn’t a “christian lecture.” what that comment was doing was that half the people posting on these body art illusions are complete perverts. Duh.

  34. Body painting movement stared in 60’s and now it is considered as da most antique form of art. Unlike tattoos, body painting is temporary, painted on the skin it lasts only a few hours or at most a few days.it’s temporary and mainly done on female bodies because its not a macho thing. this post is very nice.I wish i cud visit that festival to have closer look of such a beautiful artistic expression.

  35. hey guest…. if this is so pervertive than why are you comenting.that means you had to hav been
    lking at it so that means you are a pervert.

  36. i have 4 things to say
    1.These are the messiest body paintings ive seen.
    2.Why would someone wanna paint somones but? U can even tell they painted alittle inside!
    3.you can tell this is paint cuz the ladies chest looks so out like there not even wearing a bra-no homo-!
    4.You can tell its paint cuz on the first lady..you can tell its paint cuz who can u see her belly button! and also its really bad paints cuz look at her shorts! very messy!

  37. Is the second girl posing as a flamenco dancer? I do flamenco so I am naturally interested but it’s kinda hard to tell if she is supposed to be one.

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