Body Art by Emma Hack

As requested, here’s more of the Emma Hack’s body art. Body paint posts lately tend to relate strongly with body camouflage. Is it a new trend? You tell me! Probably it’s because not much interesting can be done on this field, except camouflaging naked bodies or painting clothes on them – Expecting flames from body paint lovers community :) As seen, Emma’s canvas of choice is the human body. This time she was using wallpaper designed by Florence Broadhurst, and then hack painted models to match their background. Emma managed to make them literally disappear into the wall, creating an effect that even the best photoshop jockey would be hard pressed to replicate. What I realized right now (when look previous posts) is that Emma had different surname before, is it because she got married? Or did I connect this post with completely different artist? Let’s investigate!

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  1. Wow! What a neat art form. Very elegant. :) One of the best one’s I’ve seen! BTW : Love the site, keep up the good work!

  2. AMAZING! i love the last one… the one on the left. you could barely even see her. this must take alot of patience and even more skill and talent. i never get tired of these.

  3. Wow, really nice. Especially love the first and second one. Also, I think they would work fairly well as desktop wallpapers (few colors, low contrast), are they available in higher resolutions, and free to use?

  4. those are by far the best body paintings that have been posted on this site you can hardly tell where the person ends and the wall begins

  5. They ARE almost invisible. It is so awesome!
    But one thing I really don’t like about it is that nobody wears anything, and sometimes there are perverts on this site and they say, “Oh! Sexy!”

  6. This art form is astounding….words evade me at the moment, but i do know that just because someone is NAKED does not mean its porn. That kind of thinking puts one into the same class as other bigots of other things. Art is just that…ART. one person may not like it, but to another it is a beautiful thing to behold and remember. As it sits, in my opinion only mind you, the human body is a work of art in itself, and to be able to do what these ARTISTS do, is sheer talent, and brilliance. Therefore, i will be happily anticipating the next works of art that you put in here.

  7. haha, can you imagine trying to body paint a man, expecially a hairy one, I doubt they would appreciate the waxing process!

  8. The reason you don’t see it is that the beauty is in the full body bodypaint(and photos of THAT are quote objectionable unquote to use Blogger terminology). However, look and ye will find (including men with body paint).

    Gorgeous work from Emma. Am going to look for more [grin].

  9. just as a point of interest (and in case anyone else didn’t highlight it…) these women aren’t naked – they are wearing bodysuits (like a pale swimsuit) that have also been painted to match the background…

  10. Hi

    nice blog! Just to let you know you must have me confused with another artist as I have always been Emma Hack, no name change here!

    Feel free to email me to be added to my update list for future exhibitions.
    [email protected]


    1. Totally agree, dude. But then again, so is posting on a website, sorta XD. I personally think it’s horrible :O

  11. Anonymous If it’s “awesome!!!!!!!! But if u think about it, it’s inappropriate to us kids :P”

    If you know that, what the hell are you doing looking at it in the first place.
    If You “know” it’s “inappropirate” for you to be looking at it,
    DON’T !!!
    And just a point of fact, it is “awesome” and done by some very talented artists.

    1. Dude, chill. He probably saw it from looking at this site and clicking “RANDOM ILLUSIONS”. It doesn’t actually let you choose which illusion you’ll see because it’s RANDOM.

  12. These are by far the best body art pictures I’ve ever seen!! Absolutely astounding! I wish there were larger versions, I wouldn’t mind one of them as a wallpaper.

  13. Wow! This looks so cool! Plus, the models look so calm. I think I would be really embarassed doing this, bodysuit or no bodysuit! And BTW Anonymous, I really don’t think it’s inaproproiate at all. I’m 11, and I just think this is a really amazing way of making art.

  14. Well, not all boys look at this for the nude. I am a fan of this website and this is one of by far the best body art i have ever seen. And, she is in the nude. But still, pretty amazing to do that all for a camera. Good Job!

  15. you can clearly see the women in every photo except the last. got freaked out when i saw thecat on its own. however give them some freaking clothes you weirdos! you are the yukest ppl ever! the last is a full body photo! this is disgusting! paint a bra and undies and stick them on the women! good lord! well done i think your sister is on to something. definitely a type of porn, definitely.

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