“Blossom And Decay” Optical Illusion

Wouldn’t want to recycle my old posts, but it seems to me we haven’t properly featured this famous #skull illusion dating back to 1860. It’s called “Blossom and Decay” and was painted by an unknown artist. It depicts a young couple in an ambient, altogether forming a silhouette of a human skull.

Take a look at the picture again – it’s a young couple. Now back to the skull. Now back to the couple.

I’ve read somewhere that scientists may have found the part of the brain that switches between two interpretations of an image. Seems that people who switch faster between two options show differences in their superior parietal lobes. It is beleived the “switching” occurs because our brain re-evaluates what we see, to be sure it doesn’t get stuck on a wrong interpretation.

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  1. “Blossom and Decay” shows the symbols of the Masons men’s society as well; I’m wondering what the significance of that may be.

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