“Black Or White” Portrait

jackson1Today’s optical illusion was created and submitted by Terence Rosoman, who pointed out that things aren’t always as clear as black and white. At first, we only see bunch of different-sized black dots positioned on a white surface. But Terence gave us a big hint!  In order to properly see the hidden picture, we should squint our eyes. We can also look at a picture from greater distance. This should help us seeing the hidden celebrity. Can you guess who it is? If you manage to see a figure, but don’t recognize the person, I advise you to read this post for a hint.

Even though I’m not the greats fan of this persona, I deeply appreciate his artistic contributions. If you like this kind of hidden images, you’ll gonna love Type Addicted book cover. Apart from Marylin Monroe and Santa Claus (?), there are many more similar illusions in our archives.


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  1. squinting didn’t do much for me, but crossing my eyes made it pretty easy to figure out. I agree with you on the personal preference/appreciation bit..

  2. Saw it the moment I squinted my eyes. I won’t say who I think it is, as I don’t want to influence other people, but I am interested to see if anyone else gets the same result.

  3. You know, titling the post the way you did gives it away. I knew it was MJ before I even clicked on the iGoogle thing because of knowing the song title. If you want to make it a secret/surprise/puzzle, don’t title your posts with the answer in them!

  4. I thought Jackie Kennedy too when I first saw it. But when I backed up and looked at it, I saw the piece of hair on the forehead. You never would have seen that on a portrait of Jackie Kennedy. So yeah, it’s Michael Jackson.

  5. Stand way back and you cant help but see it. Although I guessed who it was before the image loaded. Had something to do with the file name!!

  6. When I took my glasses off I could see MJ perfectly!!! When I squint my eyes I only see a face but I couldn’t recognize it, for people who has glasses take them off adn you’ll see!

  7. wolfman good you may like wolves there my fav animal but micheal jackson is such a dumbass.
    so r u. and also people like and dislike and he is one of my dislikes. simple.

  8. It Micheal Jackson.. It also makes sense because it is called ” Black or White ” which is the same name as his Hit

  9. O…M…G…THATS MICHAEL JACSON!. first you cannot see him but then if you read the responces and your brain gets the idea you can find it.

  10. It is micheal jackson but actually i think you should earase that squinting part from your post i had to actually walk away from the computer to actually see it very clearly!

  11. Oh my gosh can this guy just die already?

    Haha I’m just kidding. That was mean :P I was never a fan of him but that’s all I think when I see his stuff everywhere.

    First glance at this illusion though, I thought it was Wynona Rider haha.

  12. Oh I see the dots are changed in size to trick the eye. Neat! I always try all these things like with Fredo’s 3d. I experimented with dots, its really amazing how it works but real tedious to do.

  13. I took my glasses off and viewed it from a distance. I find this works with a lot of optical illusions, including the minimum information pixellated portraits of well-known folk where the face just seems to appear from nowhere, despite a distinct and obvious lack of visual information. How the brain produces this from a handful of squares is beyond me. Certainly seems to interpolate, creating a recognisable and viewable face from almost nothing! Weird and fascinating.

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