Big Foot Illusion

Hi! I’m Luke and i am one of the new co-editors for Mighty Optical Illusions!

And because this is my first post, I’m going to start with a very shocking illusionYes, it is true. Big foot is real and i have conclusive proof in this photo.

No of course not, but it does look so, doesn’t it? How have they managed to recreate such huge footprints in the sand? [no smaller ones anywhere near?!] Is this another photoshop con? This one looks very similar to “Giant Jellyfish“. If there’s anything I’ve noticed, it does seem strange how one foot looks a bigger than the other. Step inside this article and see what others think… – Luke

As stated by him, Luke is our new (4th!) co-editor. You will be seeing his articles, among many new ones by me, and my fellow co-bloggers. All of them proved very enthusiastic, and already written many posts (in my queue for approval). – Vurdlak

Big Foot Optical Illusion
Big Foot Optical Illusion

25 Replies to “Big Foot Illusion”

  1. WOW that is so cool!! I wanna make that next time i go to the beach… but i cant even make a resonable castle so that sucks… CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW POSITION!!

  2. wow!!..its cool man!…im wondering how did he do that..because no other footprint and the sand layer shape seems to be natural blew by wind..
    and is that the guy in that pic who did that?..alot of work duh..

  3. hello fellow co editor :)

    whats weird about this picture is that there arent any human footprints around thses prints that suggest a human made them. weird huh?

  4. sounds simple, but I’m guessing that if he was able to create these footprints in the detail that they are in, he’d probably also be able rake out his own footprints as he walked away.

  5. how many co-editors r there gonna be?! =] but welcome Luke.
    kl illusion, but i dunno how it was made.
    maybe sum person spent ages making it in the actual sand!

  6. its probably a sculpture

    go on the beach and look at your own footprint
    the sand near the toes ahould be deeper but not as i see it in the picture

  7. A-HAH! YES! OH YES! I GOT IT! This photo was definetly phtoshopped. A picture of a real beach with real footprints was taken at ground level, then the guy was photoshopped in. Look at the guy’s feet, that’s the giveaway.

  8. Good looking sand art. Leave it to my 12 y.o. boy to point out that if it were real, the foot prints would be much deeper.

  9. you can tell its not real by looking at the guy’s real footprints – he’s standing in wet sand, leaving clear, defined footprints, not soft sand as the huge ones suggest.

  10. It’s “Photoshoped”. Notice the size of the grain of the sand (I dunno why nobodey noticed it yet). Also compare the way “small” footprints look. There is a mild difference in shadows of the man and inside the “big” footpirnts.

  11. One man (Steven, not me) stated “Leave it to my 12 y.o. boy to point out that if it were real, the foot prints would be much deeper.” This is all too true. However, if you look from another angle, I found they are, or at least look, 3D. It’s a sand sculpture, but it’s shadow throws us off. There is our problem! How could a hollow thing have a shadow? WE ONLY SAY PHOTOSHOP BECAUSE WE FAIL TO SEE WHAT OUR EYES DO. This is your explaination.

  12. Luke, you have made the classic error of seeing a very large footprint and interpreting it as evidence that Bigfoot exists. This footprint is, in fact, the footprint of Hugefoot. Hugefoot is only 4 feet 8 inches tall, but has, as you can see, huge feet. You can see Hugefoot live in Crawford, Texas, I’m told.

  13. could be sand sculpture, could be photoshopped.

    But it seems strange that noone else on the beach wants to get near the big foot prints, and that there are no other foot prints near the area.

  14. that looks really fun to do!! mabey while im in flordia or hawaii in a couple more years me and my freinds will do something like that!!! ill try to remember becouse thats awsome!

  15. photoshop! its not even done very well…

    just look at the guy’s right foot toe area… weak piece on a great website… ;)

    don’t get me wrong, i like the picture, but it weakens other real optical issusions…

  16. So basically,
    I’m not sure if it’s been said or not,
    but it has to be photoshop.
    Check out the shadows. : )

  17. one tip you will notice… the sand gains size……ican do that… coz i do photoshop… for almost 4 years…

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