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By on November 3, 2014, with 0 Comments

Good morning everyone, and welcome to the first week of November! Halloween was Friday, and over the weekend, you all probably had a great time! Well, the time for play is now over, and time to get back to work this bright and cheery beautiful November morning! Since we are all still feeling the shadow of Halloween, and the Dia De Los Muertos holiday, we have a really cool optical illusion for you all to enjoy.  Take a look at today’s optical illusion, and you will notice that there are three men walking under a brick arch, but they are looking up at some crows that may come down on them any moment! However, if you all look closely, you will notice that the men together form a skull.  If you all are having issues seeing the skull, the archway that the birds are sitting on forms the top of the skull.

Beware the Archway Optical Illusion

Ready for another mind boggling optical illusion? Check out this great optical illusion of a man that is slowly turning into wood? This poor man may be spending way too much time out in the fresh air! What do you all think of this poor unfortunate man?  Anyway, we hope you all enjoy your Monday!