Best Optical Illusion EVER!

Reading the title, and understanding it came directly from me, I suppose adds some weight to the actual Leopard Illusion you see below. It’s hard for me to explain how this illusion came to be, without revealing the actual solution, thus ruining the surprise-effect for you. There is much relevant info and background for it, but for now I’ll retain myself just on revealing the author behind it – the magnificent Craig Tracy. First thing you’ll notice is that it’s not some photo of an actual animal, rather a realistically painted picture. But you’re still far from seeing the illusion. Only tip I can give you, is that leopard’s eyes were painted on a concrete floor. I suggest you examine the picture more closely before seeing this final hint. I’ll monitor the forthcoming ratings, and am eager to see if you agree with me that this must be one of the best optical illusions ever created!

Leopard Optical Illusion

  • someone

    all i see is that the nose kinda looks like a butterfly. is that the illusion?

  • Liz

    Body paint…not that great – seen it before.

  • Chris

    So… you say there is a final solution… and then we click and nothing… nice. Nothing we click on gives the final solution… and no… I don’t think the nose is the illusion.

  • Wui

    is it a body painted guy/girl on the floor?

  • Gus

    The nose portion of the leopard is painted on the body of a naked model. Very clever!

  • mdrew

    If the hint is that it’s categorized with other “hidden people” pictures…
    I’m going to guess that the bridge of the nose/nose are painted on someone’s back and butt.

  • This one is really really amazing.. and incredibly hard to spot. Without the hint it’d be next to impossible.

    I mean you see there’s something odd about it.. but without any hint into the right direction I suppose you’d never find out..

    Props for this one!

  • Guillaume

    Awesome illusion !
    Can i reveal the illusion ?
    Great job from the painter !

  • OP

    Awesome. Truly Awesome.

  • hello123

    i don’t know where its legs have gone

  • Great!

    Look just above the right eye for a little extra hint, besides the ones that Gary Crandell gave :)

  • wcg105

    WOW. It took me a while to see how it “popped” out at me in the “end”.

  • t1k1

    Very shapely indeed! The shadows are not part of the painting (or is it . . .) . . .

  • My guess is body paint on the back of a very shapely woman. But the location of the legs is curious.

  • Frederike

    Wow!! this one is great!! did not expected what i saw. Thank you Gary Crandall for that final hint.

  • private

    confused anyone help me?

  • ricky d

    kinda looks like an owl if u only look at the top half lol is that it

  • N

    @Chris, there is a hint on the final solution. Look at the category it is filed under….

  • MG-Speed

    Only with two word’s i can see “it”…. very awensome

  • Most impressive! The legs in question are hard to, shall we say, spot, but they are there. I’d say more, butt…

  • BraDRoBBo

    OMFG i spotted this STRAIGHT AWAY from my iGoogle – i just googled something then quickly hit my ‘back'(hint hint!) button to check it out as i realised “OH SHI-, WOW! That is AMAZING!!!!”

    It is, of course, a womans back/the back of a woman, and her bottom, awesome stuff!!!!! I love it!!!

  • LM

    What silliness. So someone tries to sloppily draw some pheasants within the frame of a jaguar and it becomes one of the greatest illusions ever?! Come on folks.

  • nonebutme

    is the illusion another kind of animal?

  • Shtnly

    Wow searched the artist on Google images, and saw the different canvases he has used in some of his other paintings and it occured to me. This blows my mind.

    Where did the legs go?

  • Matt Meetsma

    can some one help i don’t see it

  • Mr Average

    Yes, spectacular illusion! It took me a long time to see it, i was staring to closely, I finally saw it when I backed off and viewed if from a distance.

  • Kirstejn

    Ok, I have never, ever posted a comment here before, even though I have been with the site for several years, but this is truly too amazing for me not to comment. I would love to see a photo of this from another angle. Truly incredible!

  • pj

    i still dont get it…can someone pls help?

  • Mike

    My my my.
    I found it easier to see if I covered the eyes !

  • Mariyah

    Can’t spot it =[…

  • Chris

    After I saw it… I google image searched it and… WOW!! This guy is something else!

  • Matt Meetsma

    the nose is a person

  • Dr. Chos

    Awesome! Congratulations.

  • I couldn’t see the illusion in the gadget, but as soon as i opened it and saw the full size image, I saw the illusion for what it was. I guess that says something about me.. lol

    For those that can’t get the “Final hint” to work (doesn’t work for me either).., just mouse over the link and see what the URL is. That is hint enough.

  • Mike


    I have found a photo of the illusion being made if you’re interested, and I agree with Chris, this guy is something else

  • linz

    This is awsome! Took me a few minutes to find the legs

  • chico D.

    Staring at the center and ignoring the eyes
    will make it more evident. Very nice indeed.

  • linz

    which was probably becuase I’ve now realized they are not legs. lol

  • Jason

    Ahh yes i got it. thats pretty hard to spot,
    Im not sure id call it the best ever, but its an impressive peice of art.

    If anyone is still having trouble, I suggest the google craig tracy and look at his site, that will give you the biggest clue ever as to what to look for. (lol, I had to)

  • Tbo

    OMG i found it! lol….kinda like the Do you have a dirty mind? Lamp thing

  • This is absolutely beautiful but…im real sad that i just cannot see what i’m supposed to be seeing… :(

  • EchoGnome

    Wow! absolutely Effing awesome!
    As a long time follower of this site, an artist and a lover of illusions in general I can definitely appreciate this one – in a class all of its own, this guy is up there with Julian Beaver and Istan Orovitz (spelling?)as a true genius and amazing talent.

  • david

    somekind of bird?

  • carlos

    Well, it’s a very nice illusion, but it was not so hard to see, in fact I got it after 3 seconds, even before opening the full size image.

  • Makayla

    Omg I had to google it to see it…

    For those saying “it’s hard to see the legs” the image i saw that explained it to me showed that there are no legs…

    Amazing illusion, not gonna lie though it’s almost creepy haha.

    I think it’s almost easier to figure it out by looking at the mouth… I almost got it from that but not quite…

  • Steve

    Here is the answer for the one’s who need a little help.

  • ballsack

    Meh. I don’t find this to be all that great.

    Main problem I have with it is that only part of the painting is the actual illusion. I saw the buttocks, but then i kept looking at the cheecks and eyes to see what was happening there, and it turns out they’re just painted.

    Camouflaging a body is nothing groundbreaking.


    Found it, but I would not call it an optical illusion. I call it a very cool piece of art. Love it! The “illusion”, I think , is just figuring out how and what it was painted on.

  • Mike
  • The category of the final hint gave it to me, but even knowing that, it was impossible to actually detect. Meaning: I knew exactly what I was looking at, but it was so well done, that my mind wouldn’t let me see what I knew was there.

    You need to visit the artist’s web site. He has a series of photos that show how this was created and reveals the secret. Even having seen that, I’d still say that it’s terribly well done.

    What makes this different from other similar items is that only a piece of the (ahem) object is shown. Had the top and bottom of the object been included, it might have been a bit easier.

  • ryan

    she needs a shave.

  • Dave

    WOW, very good! Took me a while and I had to look at the responses to get a clue. I did think the nose was more rounded than the cat would normally be. Now I know why.

  • Hazel

    omg i still can’t see it what is it how does it work how do u lot see a person out of it cos to me it jsut looks liek a tiger
    how retarded is this thing

  • Hazel

    it’s annoying me now i’ts confusing

  • Alphablue

    Now i get it!
    ignore the eye , concentrate on the center

  • Hazel

    ahh rite i get it now jsut above the eyes is the arm and the main bit of the nose is the back and the nose i suppose is the bum correct me if i’m wrong

  • srl

    It took me a while to get this one, that’s for sure! Wow, artists can be so creative! Ok, and the hint link is actually not linked back to the same article, you have to look under the subheading in which the article is, and then you will get what the illusion is. Hope that helps.

  • Anon1

    For those of you who can’t get the link to work, it links to the body art section. and that is the hint! got it as soon as i saw that hint.

  • Canyongal

    I searched and found this which explains it all.

  • mitch

    weellll what the hell
    i gogled it and saw the picture from the side and i dont even think its that good i saw that the hole fricken time
    i dint even think it was the illussion

  • Jupiter

    This one is great. I didn’t quite believe I saw what I was seeing so I had to take a look at the hint and sure enough I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. Still don’t see her legs though. Can only guess she is kneeling on them??

  • alias

    The “solution” could be found at this link:

  • Jade

    i didnt get it at all until i searched for the artist in google images, i cant believe people can spot it with out the help

  • Someone

    It ruins it that she has no legs – it would have been much cooler, if it was the whole body instead.

  • Bejita

    If you can’t see it , let’s go for the solution here

  • Xerilon

    Yep, this is really good :)

  • Facebook User

    Njah… I noticed it, but I didn’t think that that was it, so I kept searching for the illusion. after 15 minutes I gave up and searched google with artists name and saw how that was done – and it was exactly what I thought it was in first place. What a disappointment. (I thought it would be something awesome after your hype)

  • JJ

    Very well done. Her legs are through the canvas.

  • Facebook User

    Wow. Unbelievable.

  • Chris

    The eyes are not painted on the floor, but on a wall hanging. Go here to see it from another angle.

  • César Vicente

    It´s not just she´s kneeling, but also de butterfly and the place it is located. Beautiful

  • Martin

    Great illusion. If you want to see the making of goto

  • dsfg

    this was a horrible waste of time….. i seen the illusion.. i spent about an hour finnding it

  • Age A

    All I see is a Leopard…I have stared, moved away and closed one eye…all I see is the painting.

  • fatima

    And the answer is right here. =)

    P.S. Did you see the butterfly?

  • fatima

    Or moth. Not butterfly.

  • Monxy

    All i see is a cow -_-

  • Introspect

    If your having trouble spotting it as i did, copy and paste the above link and you’ll get the answer

  • Alfie

    Even with the hint, all I see is that the nose is a butterfly. Lol.

  • Stiggy

    I had to the artist as well, and I have to say you’re not going to get it unless you do. Fantastic illusion, great artist. Love it.

  • Alfie

    WHOA! AMAZING! Just found it! lol.

  • Paula

    She’s putting her leggs true the ‘animal’.
    You need to surge Craig Tracy on google pictures and then you see it from the side,

  • Vic

    This one is awesome. Took me only a few minutes to figure it out. I even had to print a copy of the picture for my own personal stash. If you look real carefully I think you can see her legs coming up on the side of the nose, at least the right leg.

  • Pierre

    This is the answer hard to know

  • This was pretty cool.

    *Spoiler* *Spoiler* *Spoiler* *Spoiler* *Spoiler* *Spoiler* *Spoiler* *Spoiler*

  • Nicknamehunter

    haha first I thought: ” Why is this snout looking so hot?” I recognized the truth subconsciously immediately :D…

  • dario

    i did it!! a body painting!!!

  • Laini
    If you look here you will see how it works…very cool!

  • Θάνος

    i believe i have seen what you mean.. but i would like to point out something else though not the most amazing part of it… the nose of the leopard is a butterfly.

    :D really really great illusion! the more i think of it the more i love it!

  • Jeff

    Nice cheeks! hehe

  • No one,

    omg that is the best illusion ever! I looked up to author on google, and I saw the picture of how he made it, I still can’t believe that, it’s insane!

  • vintagegirl

    thats a truly amazing optical illusion. great job for the artist who made this piece of art.

  • Kevin


    that just about sums it up!

  • Oto

    After 15 minutes I give up and searched in google… wow

  • Mya Lterego

    I pray the leopard dosen’t sneeze!

  • Paul

    Give me more like that

  • Marty

    all i can say is that that is a nice looking butt

  • Nizati

    You shoulda added a hint to either a: google it. or b: put a link in the bottom to how this art was done. This dude is indeed a brilliant artist, but the best part of the illusion, is how it was made. For those who can’t figure the “illusion” out… look up craig tracy.

  • Anika

    it took me a while and i had to google mr.tracy
    untill i finnally saw. I agree, amazing.

  • Paco

    For those that could not see the illusion…

  • Gary Crandall

    Excellent! Took a while to get this illusion “off my back”, some people might think it’s a “bum” rap…..

  • scott

    I pray the leopard dosen’t sneeze!

    Best comment EVER

  • Tammy

    Don’t want to ruin the illusion, ‘butt’ the leapord’s ‘nose’ is the hint….

    Yes that is an awsome illusion!

  • Sarah Smith

    Oh my word! I just saw it!
    This is definitely one of my favorite optical illusions yet. It was one of the hardest to spot, and I had to call my sister over before we saw it.

  • this is by far the best body paint ever and ive seen them all (on this cite anyway)

  • Pete

    Perfect in more than one way

  • Ranthowis

    That’s one hairy a**.

  • hanna

    oh my god!!! i see it. i had to google the author’s name, then once i knew what kind of art it was, i got it!!!! this is awesome!

  • Jim

    Defenetly a female cat. Wow what a nose. Sneezing would be a mess hard or soft???

  • Fred Schlonz

    The shape of the nose gave something away. The hint about the eyes helped a lot seeing what really can be seen. Great !

  • Mark

    Well what can i say, first thing i saw on my home page i thought, HMM, buttocks, lol so i wasn’t surprised to find that that is what it was, nicely painted though great artist.

  • GM

    THAT’S IT??

    Yes, excellent work of art. But from all the comments, I was expecting a hidden image of something entirely different. I saw the bottom half and the outline the whole time. Nothing really “jumps out” at you folks.

  • David

    At Google images it looks like she’s hanging on the wall.


  • meh

    her butt… ahem… the nose
    looks a lot like two swans

  • wtf

    Pease dont tell me that is what i think it is im only 11

  • Victor Fan

    Finally spotted the illusion!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!! After you get the “final hint” that’s when you spot the solution!

  • sskeels15

    I don’t believe anyone that says they got this right away. Some people find the most petty ways to fuel their egos.

    Awesome illusion! Thanks for the post!

    Ps: I can’t imagine the amount of time it took for the artist to create this, so to call it “dumb” or “disappointing” is extremely insulting. I doubt the same people saying this are illusionists themselves, otherwise they would have a little more respect for the artist.

  • Sway

    If this is printed on concrete, then my eyes aren’t deceiving me. That is painted on a female’s back. On her lower back is a butterfly. One of the most kickin’ illusions I’ve ever seen. Beautiful.

  • Rich

    Yeah, pretty lame.

  • Gnats bug me

    Whoa, I had to search google before I found it…Best Illusion Ever!

  • moe

    oh my gosh!! wow!

  • Tyler

    not quite concrete, but you get the idea:

  • james


  • Haniff Din

    best excuse ever to become a body painter.

    The solution is given actually in the tags of the image!

    Anyway click here for the complete solution:

  • ProtoMorphos

    I saw a Woman!

  • aaron

    Awesome!! It just makes me want to
    kiss that leopard on the mouth.

  • Conni

    at first I couldn’t see – but whit a little help; bodypaint- it became clear to me… lovely lady – from behind – nice bag :)

  • jeremy runz xbl

    lol i figured it out and wow really “arron says:Awesome!! It just makes me want to
    kiss that leopard on the mouth.”

    i agree with him though it wasnt as great as i thaught it was going to be but i liked how he yoused the body it really worked out Craig Tracy.ftw thanks people=]

  • Mark Maranta

    Very good.

  • Isaiah Alvarez

    OH MY GOD BEST ILLUSION EVER!!! i didnt see that person until a second time.. i was like wait thats a person in the middle and it looks like there kneeling down!!! amazing!!!

  • Anon

    You have great illusions. I enjoy your site. I just wish that when there is a link for a hint the hint is apparent and I dont have to search for it. I had to google the artist’s name to find out more about this illusion….thus moved very quickly away from your site and onto something else. There should be a solution of hint section that is more obvious! Thank you for reading my comment/suggestion.

  • James Cummins

    @ Jupiter

    It looks like her legs are crossed. Look at the right hand side of the pic, just underneath the eye of the cat.

  • Samuel Norbury

    I can only imagine this took HOURS and HOURS, sooooooo long to make, and so much patience from [i] Both [/i] people. That’s all the hints I’m gonna give :)

  • Peppa

    that is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chayil

    I had to cover up the eyes, before I saw it.

  • Eltazar

    Its a girl. You can see her back, ass, arms over the eyes (the floor) and even her hair, (the spots between the eyes). Plus there is a butterfly in the nose xD

  • zumbi

    I knew that nose looked like a bum

  • zumbi

    The eyes are of different sizes, thoguh

  • JayZ

    I can’t spot any, someone help! I can’t see a woman I’ve tried its really hard! thankyou, xxjayzxx

  • JayZ

    cute cheetah though!

  • Diesel

    Wow, Great illusion!!! i didn’t get it at first and was looking up “Leopard illusion” on google and came up with nothing. but if u actually Look up “Craig Tracy” on google than click Images at the top you will find How this illusion is Great. it is the 12th one in line on Google images

  • Rhieganpalo

    Aaron you are sick realy realy sick.

  • Falon

    Holy crap! That’s just cool!

    And I did find it before reading any comments or Google-ing. I traced the lines that are the model’s arms and found the whole illusion. Awesome!

  • Ashe

    where are her legs?

  • BraDRoBBo

    Awesome :) Why isn’t my comment up yet?

  • Alexendria

    Well. After searching, I can see that the upper lip is a lady’s bottom. Pretty cool, but not astounding.

  • duncan

    i actually saw this without any help
    i jst suddenly realised what the nose was and saw the whole thing :)

  • skibly

    Great painting… however, I’d be more impressed if the leopard opened it’s mouth.

  • me

    cool!! Wow!! my first post (and the cheetah is good to)

  • a person lying spread out over something??? (floor, i think you said?)since you can;t see any legs, the person is prob kneeling or something…

  • This really is a great piece of work, but you guys that can see legs are deluding yourself, as there are no legs to be seen and as for the eyes being painted on a concrete floor, they are not, it is canvas.
    If you really can’t see the illusion just google the artist and you’ll see the artwork from a different angle and all will be revealed.
    Can see legs, sheesh, you guys kill me. :P

  • rachit

    all you stuken guys , i really know after reading this u would thank me,

    the nose of the tiger is a butterfly,don’t forget to see the antena’s of it.

  • Sarah

    I don’t think people would have noticed if they didn’t google the photo. It’s not as if you can really clearly make out a woman, just an outline of her figure from the shoulders down.

  • Ishimaru

    WOW!!! very good :D Honestly I didn’t see that coming :P

  • Doctor G

    that’s hot.

  • Jenni

    amazing idea!

  • Dalila

    all i saw was a butterfly on the nose but protoMorphos says he saw a woman where is the woman?????

  • jony

    shes got a nice ass

  • the joker

    did you ever think that this is not really a body painting illusion, and it was just someone on illicit drugs that started the rumour?

  • the joker

    like aaron says, for instance
    ha ha ha

  • anonymous

    wow…didnt get it until i found out what craig tracy does. but then i got it right away. Really amazing.

  • Lino

    realy unbelivable, after i’ve discovered the illusion on the artist’s web site I still diden’t see it!

  • Aidan

    Did you see how that was made?? It was crazy. He painted A woman’s back and put her legs through the painting. He didn’t paint a picture of a woman. He painted a woman. :-P

  • gg

    she’s beautiful
    …I’m jealous
    took me awhile… i looked at form all different angles, crossed my eyes, looked at it from a distance, saw the tags and still didn’t get it

  • Mahfoudoo

    Absolutely great! i found it in 5 sec, the hint makes it really easy! Yes it’s one of the greatest illusion i saw on this blog!

  • chris

    don’t believe the hype.not that great.

  • Emma

    Woman’s body painted to fit in with the concrete painted eyes. It’s beautiful but hardly the best illusion ever.

  • Badslats

    Lol I never saw it at all, until i started reading the comments. For all the others who cannot see it, here is the sollution:

    Maybe something to add in the sollutiosn, Vurdlak?

  • LOL, That is amazing great painting.
    I did’nt ntice till I checked up the authors name on google!!! =)

  • Detective Kitty

    ok wow that was such a good illusion…it took me two days to figure it out…I didn’t realize the whole thing was an illusion I thougt that it was only part of it…anyway to anyone who doesn’t see it
    skip this if you don’t want to know the answer. The nose is a lady’s behind and the snout/nose going up is her back. Above the leopard’s eyes is the line that is the beginning of her arms…everything else is actually painted on the wall.

  • jess

    i still cant see it!!!all i see is a leapard someone help me please…?

  • Sunshine

    See its hard to explain it,
    not counting the bottom mouth look at the top of his lip, the nose(its not a butterfly), its a ladys behind, and then if you look closly there is her back.
    so he just tryed to confuse you by saying something about the EYE. it has nothing to do with the eye.
    Go to google images and type in Craig Tracey

  • Sunshine

    Craige Tracy does body art work!!!!!

  • yes the nostrils seems the bottock of a lady with body painting, the nose bone is the spine of lady and the eyebrows are right below her armpits… worng? alexa from portugal

  • Alexandra

    I knew it was a person and its not on a concrete floor its someone hanging in front of a canvas with their legs in it

  • David

    I live in New Orleans and I have been to the gallery that this artist works at. It is 100% real everything in this guys exhibit is incredibly stunning

  • anonymice

    If you still don’t understand the illusion I suggest looking at this link. WARNING: It is not for anyone under the age of 15. It’s very suggestive.

  • Rodrigo

    Is it the back of a woman?
    I just can see it.

  • dingdong

    it looked like a penis

  • simona

    woooow tht is v v v v v v v v v g

  • Shoshona King


  • Lucas Delfin

    Humm… I wouldn’t say that this is one of the best optical illusion ever…

  • Jeroen

    O wow.. I see it, and it’s not a leopard!! Look to the nose ;-)


    I think it is a great illusion. Is it painted on something flat, or would you consider it body art?


    Now that I looked at the Craig Tracy website, I can agree that this is the best illusion ever. (Or at least the best body art illusion ever)

  • hugo

    This illusion really sucks, i saw the woman and the butterfly right away, so, after reading the comments i was expecting something else, i’ve seen really better illusions in this webiste, come on

  • Kayla Morgan Prete

    cray good…a bit perverted, but still sweet!

  • Doctor G

    You can see the depth better when the picture is scaled down.

  • Cookie

    Gorgeous! And there does seem some plausible illusions within the illusion.

  • 120mmMainGun

    I have been following this site for about two months now and this is my first post! I love this site Vurdlak and this illusion is awesome! What a creative idea, it took me sometime to figure it out but her nice @$$ is what finally gave it away! Keep up the great work and I look forward to more amazing illusions!

  • libb

    I was confusednuntil i saw it at a different angle, it’s a women painted to fit into the picture.. amazing!


  • tomasio

    Thats cool, took a minute though. Is it just me, or is thier a skull in the lower right?

  • Lasa

    Its really good!!

  • Dick

    Nice Butt-erfly.

  • goots

    Nice ass, and on the link to the answer
    nice tits ;)

  • Greeng11

    cool but gross at the same time. funny but not nearly the best.

  • Carolini

    It took a long time to see it!! awesome!!!! the tigers’s forehead is the woman’s hair.

  • Jim

    That’s one hairy pussy.

  • Cute kitten

    ok….this i smy first post..but it reall is nt that good..yet hard to 2 see!!

  • well i see the lady.. but something else i can see it’s that the nose look like an elephant foot and the bottom of the nose it’s a butterfly and the right eye look to me like a bird’s head…

  • Pepper

    I wouldn’t call it the best Illusion ever. I think seeing a naked woman’s ass painted like a tiger is disgusting. Thank you for almost making me lose my dinner.

  • NoOdLeS

    I wouldn’t say the best optical illusion ever — but definitely some amazing painting.

  • Jenna

    Agreed, best opt illusion ever!

  • vp

    I saw this picture long time ago. It seems that is pretty old idea. Nevertheless it hasn’t lost its appeal.

  • Sandra

    Not at all impressed.

  • Ian

    It had me fooled untill I looked at the artist’s web site. I am more than impressed – wow!

  • manuel

    i see just a tiger.

  • Jonathan

    Nah, it’s good, but when you’re tempted towards “best evah” hyperbole, just resist the urge and it will pass.

  • Facebook User

    LAME. To understand how it’s done, check this

    It might come as a surprise for you, but some of us are actally women and don’t find those pueril stuff remotedly entertaining.

  • swaix

    as I saw the image I said: “it looks like a nake woman, but it couldn’t be so easy if it the /best ever/”

    it’s nice but not the best one :)

  • Vicki

    no, its good for its catagory i suppose, but i agree, i’d rather not see painted naked asses and the like. Definately not the best out of this websites collection.

  • Katarina

    is it a butterfly on the nose?

  • Alice

    google craig tracy and go on to page three of the images to understand this, it’s amazing but if you dont look at it from another angle i agree it’s rubish.

  • Nyx

    It’s an interesting concept, however the woman used is so skinny, that the idea of finding a naked girl in the painting is sort of lost from the fact you can’t really find her in the finished work.

    Without seeing the photo where the woman is, I could have never figured it out. There should be some hint of breast in the torso or something, the figure of the woman is really straight other than the bottom.

    Overall, it’s a good painting, amusing way of doing a piece, but it’s hard to figure out, near impossible if you don’t have someone tell you or see a photo of it. I guess it is like those abstract paintings that you see and try to get a sense of what the artist meant to do, then someone tells you it was painting by a monkey or elephant. It is like the novelty now is bigger than what the artist made. Same with this one.

  • Matt

    Wait people are disgusted by a human body? Really? This isn’t erotic photography, you can’t even really see much of anything. And it’s a butt which everyone has.

    With that said, it’s pretty cool that they used her body so deceptively. It’s very well painted, and it’s hard to tell the exact illusion. It does just look like some normal tiger painting.

  • Alan

    Wow…some of you are trying to tell us that the human body makes you sick? how do you bathe? with a swimsuit on? the human body is just like everything else on the planet. NORMAL. If i was finding the human body disgusting or feel that it should be covered at all times…well….i would suggest seeing a psychiatrist.

  • Robert Jones

    Too big of a bush. I like him shaved

  • duncan

    I’m gona say what I see before I confirm that I’m right.

    First off I saw the butterfly. But that wouldn’t make it the best illusion ever. Then I saw a lady’s back and bum. Now let’s see if I was right.

  • but definitely some amazing painting.

  • Jimbeau

    I like womens buttocks.

  • Anonymous

    Ha ha I can see why some females amongst us are “not very impressed” but along with the link Facebook User has posted I say this deceptive and well drawn piece deserves credit.

  • Facebook User

    Funny that thoses who are surprised by our disgust are men. How would you react if you were asked to stare vividly at a manly bottom ?I would like to point out that a hairy backside would suits more a tiger face. I personnaly think this is just an unecessary use of sexuals bits.

  • CEN

    ok, i saw the woman right away but… i thought there was something else to it…it’s good, i mean i like the image and all but i dont think it’s the best ever…. thks for posting thou:)

  • inspector Fu

    How is this ‘Puerile’. Because it used a naked woman? Yeah because art that has naked women or naked people is puerile. By the way, you can tell Michelangelo to piss off while you’re at it.

  • Sid

    oh shit…. I see how it’s done, but that is pretty cool bit of body painting…

  • this isn’t even an optical illusion, much less the “best ever.”

  • shuebby

    the nose of the drawing i thimk is a butterfly!
    others:NO IDEA!!!(lolz)

  • M

    “Only tip I can give you, is that leopard’s eyes were painted on a concrete floor.”
    That really throws a person off. Where are the person’s legs if the leopard’s eyes are on the floor? And what’s so “best ever” about this illusion?

  • Unbeliveable. Took me a while to see it. Fantastic illusion. Love it.

  • Lynn

    Awesome! I am a woman (hetero) and I do not find this the least bit offensive. Some of you just need to grow up.

  • imri

    this is actually pretty cool :) haha but i cheated (i used that guys web site

  • Aliyns

    I saw the illusion pretty quickly.

    But I kept searching for more to try see something that would give a reaction like you’re describing.

    I’m a 20 year old hetro male, I appreciate the art. But I don’t think it’s the best optical illusion EVER.

  • random

    I see a horse and a butterfly possibly a owl or a bird type thing too.

  • Alicia

    I’m a woman, and I don’t really find this offensive, nor is it ‘lunch losing’ worthy. It’s beautifully done art, and so what if you had to stare at a woman’s bottom for awhile to figure out what it was? It’s tastefully done and a nice illusion. Sheesh.

  • Samantha S

    Yes, very good painting! BUT, I had to do research to even get the illusion part of it. This pic alone explains nothing. It looks like a tiger with veluptuous lips! (sorry but IT IS her ass as his mouth!) I’m more interested in illusions that you can see rather than have to investigate!

  • Hugh Mann

    @Pepper, perhaps you should look up the meaning of the word “naked”. Also, how can you stand to look at yourself in the mirror if you find the female form so repulsive?

  • sdfg

    great illusion: but the eyes are actually on a wall, found this website as teh source:

  • dan

    Optical illusion? It’s a stupid painting, there is no illusion. As a matter of fact this web site has very few real optical illusions.

  • Tracy

    Actually it is an optical illusion. The only problem is, it would have been more effective in a different medium, since it has no 3D effects. Meaning the person posing in front of the wall painting and used with a camera it still looks flat. Thus removing the overall illusion. Now if it were a sculpture, and looking at it from other angles would have made more sense for a true optical illusion. It is however a very nice painting of a leopard whether its on skin or canvas.

    For those offended by it, have no real sense of what art is. There is a huge difference between a nude and naked. This is a nude. Its done tastefully. There are plenty of nudes in art, look at the sculptures from Greece. Nearly all nude males for that time period. Another considered masterpiece, Michaelangelo’s David, also nude. It is not supposed to be degrading, or even demeaning to the subject. It’s art for art’s sake, and the artist interpretation of said subject.

  • Ena

    The bushy tuft of hair hanging out of her ass is kind of off-putting.

  • Kory

    Wow, the work involved to create this image must have been extensive. I think some people in this forum have lost the point of this art. Especially the facebook user who made a comment about being a woman and therefore she wouldn’t enjoy this art. That is pretty narrow of you to say that. There are a lot of women who would share an appreciation for this. You need to understand that this sort of thing is not sexual in any way. Get your head out that feminist cloud and consider protesting ideas that are, in fact, pueril and sexist.

  • chevymonster

    that’s just camo – not an illusion

  • Alisha and Via

    To be honest we cheated. we went to the artist website and saw it. very cool btw NOT ON A CONCRETE FLOOR. NOT ON A FLOOR AT ALL. and for those of you who were discuted GROW UP and thats coming from 12 year olds!

  • Anon

    All of you that can’t see art and just see “some slut’s painted ass” are people that can’t see art. The only people that hate nudity in art (and this doesn’t even show naughty bits!) are ignorant!

  • lisaegray

    Even after reading all the above posts, I couldn’t see it. I don’t feel like researching the website to find it, either. Nice painting, though, as I love big cats.

  • debolina

    well the original version is kind of vulgar but the one posted here is undoubtedly the best illusion I’ve come across ever

  • George N

    Is everyone here a 13-year-old republican? What a bunch of prudes for chrissake.

  • Joe

    lol i was wondering why i got a boner…

  • MJ

    Listen this is a really great illusion. I am an 11 year old and I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all looking at this once I knew it was a lady’s butt. We all have one, we were born with it, why be ahsamed of it (lol)? Very nice artwork.

  • OMG Most beautiful illusion ever!

  • billyo

    awesome totally awesome !!!!!!
    best ive ever seen . great artistic talent and great photography puts this illusion at the top of its class!!!!

  • nobody

    this…illusion…is….AWESOME!!!!!!!! oh my god i love it

  • EvanderT

    I dont think its a woman…i think u people want it to be one….

  • Elwea

    @ EvanderT

    I DO think it’s a woman, just look at the curves of the body, you can see it has a very feminine shape..

    <3 the illusion!

  • Nielesonimusso

    if it IS a woman’s body, where are the legs?

  • Anna

    WHAT?I cant see a pic in the illusion:(

  • ThatsALotOfNuts

    Yeah, it’s a woman probably.. But I didn’t like it..

  • eli

    holy crap… is that a PERSON??!!

  • graffkkatt

    This is absolutely beautiful! I am an artist myself and could not see it for several minutes. AMAZING!!!

  • Anonymousperson

    wth!! Is the back on the bridge of its nose?

  • PJ

    Hi!… I don’t think this is a woman that some are seeing. I think its a composition of several animals. If you chop the image in half the top looks like an owl, the bottom as a baboon and together as a leoperd.

  • Zack

    I see the body of a female, but does anyone else notice what is strange about the nose? Did anyone notice the butterfly? if you look closely you can see antennae. maybe i’m just seeing things. Amazing work to say the least!

  • Johnny

    I see the body of a female as well. He said that the eyes were painted on a concrete floor, so she is just on her knees on top of it (to the person asking where her legs are.)

    Not to mention this picture is part of a set called body painting.

  • Brittany

    I totally see the person, and yes, i see the butterfly too

  • Michael

    Spoiler Alert!!!

    to anyone who is absolutely puzzled… it IS a woman. I googled this picture and saw it on a different angle its a woman sitting on an elevated chair(kinda like a swing seat, she’s holding onto the chains) infront of a poster on which the leopard was painted her bum beautifully hides the seat :P. the reason you don’t see her legs is that they are behind the poster which had leg holes…

  • Sheri

    It’s NOT on a concrete floor- it killed me that I couldn’t see the feet or thigs, so I looked it up. Here it is:

  • Dennis

    Yea its cool, but if its so difficult to figure out what the illusion is then its worthless to call it an “Optical Illusion”.. Just my two pennies..

  • lynne

    the nose is a butterfly…

  • @eskimo_pye

    Best illusion ever or nice example of camouflage?

  • fuzzy


  • djphonzo

    i saw it this way too i just didnt beleive it cause they said it was draawn in concrete

  • Marc

    don’t believe it’s a woman? do like me type in craig tracy on google images and it’l show you how he did it :D

  • Shannon R

    go here it will explain everything about this painting in one picture that is not an illusion

  • Dxman

    I SEE IT

  • Abrc08

    wow it really IS a woman. shes sitting on a small piece of wood.

  • San Jose domestic violence lawyer

    Definitely took me a minute to figure that out. Love the illusion.

  • Armin

    i dont see it. can some1 explain how there is a girl there

  • Paulo

    yeah.. weelll.. it is pretty good, ok, but the best? most beautiful? faaaaaar from it….

  • sam

    i see a woman body and a butterfly. That’s it. What’s so special about it?

  • katie

    am i the only one that noticed the nose is a butterfly?? that’s all i see right now but its pretty awesome! still looking for other parts

  • HEY!

    ****It’s a women sitting down. the tiger’s mouth is her butt, and the nose is her back, and the part over his eyebrows is the women’s extended arms.****

  • Yeah, I can see it… that was some work of art! Superb!

  • Jazzy

    Wow that’s some pant moustache she has :O

  • Roy

    Not strictly speaking an optical illusion, just a cleverly painted floor and body paint.

  • Shaiye

    I think you should let the readers know that it’s a photo of a woman sitting in front of a painting. It definitely wouldn’t give too much away and it would be a little more fun to figure it out from there IMO.

  • Derrick

    Thats A Chick,riding a dick,cant you see the man hands/fingers wrapped around her ass?

  • Derrick

    its a chic

  • mike p

    I used to work with Craig. Go to to see more of his work or if ya in New Orleans go to his gallery on Royal St.

  • has anybody noticed the butterfly on it’s nose and has anybody tried to cover half of the painting and see the amazing owl eyes ?..and yea the woman is the last thing I saw :D

  • look at the catagory…

    it’s in the body painting category, its a person….

  • Vicky

    i was like wat?!?! then i see its a women ahahhaha

  • Ray

    @ Derrick are you seriously that peverted and immature…

  • I cant see anything….oh…I see it now lol.

  • Tanner Spears

    LOL, my friends and I were looking at this for MANY minutes. Then, I finally find the girl’s back. Man, that is a heck of an illusion you have there. Nice work (^^).

  • Tanner Spears

    An no, I am NOT related to Brittany Spears, if any are wondering…

  • Tanya

    this is a naked body painted woman sitting in a painted board. she is his nose. i live in new orleans and this guy has a studio in the french quarter on royal street and has the actual cats face that the woman posed in in the studio, and a video showing it being done. this is only one of lots of cool images by him!

  • Tanner Spears

    Sheesh. Don’t give the WHOLE illusion away for everyone :P.

  • UniqueMe

    i didn’t really see the ”women” every one is seeing all i saw was a butterfly for the nose =] but this is really neat and pretty.

  • audrey

    iiii see a butterfly as the nose…juuust saying. :D

  • OHEMGEE! I SEE A HUMAN!!! the back of a human!!!!! You can see two hands above the eyes and the man’s ass is the nose! OMG! I feel so dumb for not finding it for like 10 minutes!!

  • xKal

    the whole thing is a butterfly, like the side of the face, including the eye is the wing. xD

  • Windrasto

    I know! it’s body painting art, look closely at the nose, it’s women’s back! and the eyebrows is her hand!

  • cmiper

    Ahh that is very good, it took me longer than I had hoped, but it was well worth it. ;-)

  • ToonMan

    If I’m not mistaken, the snout, nose and upper mouth was painted on someone’s back; probably a woman.

  • margo


  • melissa

    I can see the illusion, it is amazing!

  • Lodennnn

    This was painted on a lady.
    That’s amazing.

  • ringtailroxy

    i think the muzzle, whisker pads, bridge of the nose & eyebrows are from a nude human being whom is crouched on their knees…

  • tin

    i think its a womens body! the nose is actualy womens behind! its bodypainting!

  • ru serial

    nice piece of art work but hardly best ever … In my humble opinion what makes this type of art great is when the front side is used… the back is a flat canvas… much easier to manipulate.

  • Michael

    i kinda see it but its a bit rubbish…

  • 123Ekaterina

    really, when i looked first at this picture i was freaked out! i didn’t like it. it’s scary. i just don’t know why… i couldn’t look at it. the eyes i could look at, but the nose no… it was just too creepy, because there was something wrong with it. I guess now, i know what… The nose was a human body… i don’t know why i had this wierd reaction. any suggestions?

  • Rick

    just but ur vingers in front of the eyes

  • cipper

    I wish to feed that leopard 8-P

  • sugardust

    go to this website and scroll down to get the real answer. yes it is a naked chick

  • the face is a great piece but if you look hard enough you notice the butterfly on the nose.

  • Teck

    I saw two owls near a tree

  • Emma

    i see it!!!! her hair is the spots, the upper mouth is her butt, and the nose and up is her back!!! thats soooo cool!

  • lolipop101

    yeah i see her butt and all but i cant tell where the arms are what the eyes are! any help?

  • lolipop101

    kk i see it now i went 2 that site thx sugar dust

  • Dissapointed

    A little disappointed really… not all the image is the object… a little misleading to say only the eyes are painted on the floor.. when its the entire sides also.
    In answer to your question.. .NO its not the best illusion I have ever seen.
    Great art work however.

  • egdirbr

    I never understood what the illusion was in this one, until I saw the other picture. Wow, nice job.

  • junior
  • !!me!!

    i saw this illusion before so i know why =)

  • You know what I see? Pay attention to the bridge of the tigers face between the eyes and the mouth. It’s a cock, and it’s a big one too…

  • Sam

    Wow, the whole middle of the face is a nude woman. The nose is her butt. She has a nice ass.

  • tristin

    it is like a lady stretching arms in air, and butt showing

  • tablekid

    Both leopard’s eyes were seems to be painted on the floor while the back of a female model from top view had completed the 3D look of the animal’s face. The nose and the upper lip of the leopard is the buttocks of the model. Notice the non-continuous hair on the upper lip. All the heavy strokes are more dominant from the lower part.

  • Aengla

    This shouldn’t even be considered an illusion, half of the picture is on a painting and the other half is painted on a human body which is as “serial ru” said – pretty much a flat canvas
    (the assnose was pretty creative though so I understand why it was posted but whats with the fucking “Best optical illusion ever” entitlement?)

  • CascadeFreak

    i see the woman :)

    spotted her after the tip was given

  • hannah

    that is like so cool!! i can see the illusion its a nude lady but does anyone see the nose it looks like a butterflyits right above her butt!!!

  • JB4375

    What the hell is up with all the text within the article e.g. actual solution, author behind it, and final hint being connected to completely unrelated links?

    I mean other than creating a lot of internal links in an attempt to improve the site’s SEO. It’s confusing to say the least.

    Thanks SugarDust and Junior for posting the actual link to the solution.

  • belal

    yeah it is a woman! very clever haha. if you look can see that the nostrils/tip of the nose are two birds looking opposite ways.

  • nithin

    this is the worst thing i have ever seen in my life

  • Damien

    Yea i see the woman and a butterfly dats so cool

  • idontgeteyes

    i see the body but what about the eyes?????

  • AID’s

    WHOA! OMG weird! @_@

  • lheanne

    oh yeah.. ’tis is cool!! i love the trick! hmm it took me a bit a long, but the effort is worthy!!

  • ian

    the eyes are from an owl…

  • Jairon

    tought it was a owl but its a lady =o

  • Sm

    The tag pretty much reveals it :P Apart from that breathtaking artwork.

  • Anonym

    I see tree xDD

  • Jason

    It’s not painted no the floor, it’s a photoprint on a posterboard, and the naked woman has a seat through the photo — the link to Chive shows the set up. (she’s the nose part, up to the top, her body being the bridge).

  • She needs to shave

  • nathink hapening, crap

  • That’s nasty :(

  • I would like to see the tongue and lips of that snow tiger. That would be really amazing.

  • Alina

    I am pretty sure its done with coloured chalk……..have seen stuff like that before

  • jo han

    i see the snought as arms and the nose as two hands put to gether.

  • squishy

    dude i so see it das awesome right der if u see the nose an up da paint looks different :)

  • pbean

    I am not seeing it at all.

  • Leonte Alexandru

    instead a nose is a butterfly

  • Eric

    i didnt see it either…

  • Senzei

    I see a butterfly on the nose

  • Maria

    It’s a person lying on the concrete floor. The nose bridge is the person’s back and the nose is the person’s butt. :D It’s fantastic! If you look above the brows of the leopard, you’ll see the arms of the person too.

  • Name

    ok because its difficult for most people to get I will explain.


    The snout is a woman, every thing elese is on a floor, the nose area is her butt while as you go up her back you can see a slightly harder set of lines right above the eyes, that marks her arms spreading out.

  • makaku

    it is a back of a lady ;)
    altough i don’t get what kind of seat is she seating on,…
    i will stare some more.

  • zac

    dude, it’s a painted woman. are you serious you can’t see that… deush

  • penis

    I am looking at a gray picture of a cat.
    I DO NOT GET IT!!!!!!

  • Tony

    There is a back of a woman raising her arms as a forehead. Nice ass.. :D

  • nano

    no clue, although the eyes look like speakers

  • Blizzard4800

    Thank you 4 the people who explained it i did’nt get it at first either

  • yourface

    thats the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen….how is that an illusion…dumb

  • Venus

    OMG I so totally see it!!! Very Sexy!!!

  • nastan the black

    yeahh great, that is sooo cool.

  • Shepherd

    this is the best illusion i have ever seen. it looks VERY realistic

  • Nik

    now that’s a nice nose! …if yaknow what i mean ;)

  • wisp

    I can’t believe some of you don’t see it…

    I clicked this link because i saw the girl in the THUMBNAIL!

  • Taurus

    No there is no concrete …
    Here’s how it was …

  • Ryan

    Yeah, This is stupid. I can see the woman and everything but I still think this sucks. Far from the best illusion.

    I think the butterfly as the nose as Senzei said would have been better if that was intended.

  • lil

    As well as the other forementioned picture is a lady, I think the bits around the eyes are her legs, the only bit painted on concrete is the eyes. thats what I see anyway

  • Richard

    This is not an optical illusion at all. It’s just very clever body painting. At best you could say its the best camouflage in the world.

  • tomoya yamamoto


  • John

    Ahhh I see it that’s crazy awesome!

  • Jumboo

    The snout is the back, the upper lips the buttocks, the eyebrows thr arms. The pattern between the eyes are the hair.
    That is what I see

  • I have the signed artist’s proof of this photograph. I bought it from the artist at his studio in New Orleans a few years ago.The name of this piece is “Butterfly”. The woman is sitting up on a stool with her back to the camera. She has her arms stretched out to her sides and over the top of a painted board with her shape cut out of the board. All of Craig Tracy’s work (Painted Alive) is amazing…..

  • nemesissisemen

    failed ‘illusion’… i see both the leopard and the lady and it’s kinda like those Jesus faces you see on burnt toast and stuff.. best illusion my ass..

  • crisis


  • some dude and his buddy

    its a persons backside, yea i know kinda strange but funny once we figured out what it accualy was

  • Akira17

    How can you call this an optical illusion? The painting behind her back and butt is realistic, but blending it on an image of a real leopard is no an optical illusion. This is misleading.

  • i guess i’m blind?

    i don’t see it at all

  • ganool

    this is just cool body painting,,

  • Ludvig

    wouldn’t really call this an illusion, just a painting on a three dimensional canvas…

  • Johnny Burgun

    I can see the curves of the womans body sitting on the ground, with her legs in front of her and arms as well as her bottom starts at the bottom of the page and the nose curves
    up to were it stops around the eyes.

  • It’s a woman, kneeling, bent forward with her arms outstretched. The nose is her hips and ass. The “eyebrows” are her arms outstretched.

  • roelin

    think for a minate that that was never MEANT to be a woman……DUU

  • roelin

    think for a minate that that was never MEANT to be a woman……DUU

    anyway i know your all guys

  • definitely not the best optical illusion

    what the god damn piss

  • D

    I hope she does not sneeze.

  • opahk

    the way i see it is someones back with its arms wide open to go over the eyes and the rest down to the nose is the lower body to sum it up the nose is a really nice hum botox…

  • hi wecome

  • RoaringCow

    This was the EASIEST illusion I’ve ever seen.

  • Montecristo

    !!! It’s a woman! the ‘neck of the nose’ is the back of the woman… and the nose is her lower back…
    the ‘forehead’ of the tiger is the hear of the woman, the rest is painted on the floor!!

  • Julia

    It is not a painting of a woman – it IS a woman – with her back painted.

  • purple trace

    that is awsome!!!! i love it…!

  • Quentin

    This is really stupid…nowhere near the best!
    Or may be i cant see the beauty of this awesome painting….either way i dont get it!

  • Cecilia

    … I saw it right away? As I scrolled down. It just jumped out. I don’t know.

  • iamino617

    at first i couldnt tell, but i saw the snout was very curvy, then i realized its a womens body. Beautiful painting job

  • nise426

    huh, that’s the longest time i’ve stared at a womans ass without knowing I was. lol.

  • Wow!! That explains why I enjoyed looking it at for so long. hypnotic.

  • Lola

    That’s all? The nose is a woman’s behind?

    What do I know? It beats the hell out of the Muller-Lyer illusion.

  • Khaos4ng31

    A leopard, a woman’s behind, and also two penguins. In the middle of the leopard’s nose split, go up, and there are two symmetric penguins Curling and looking down.

  • Poppy

    It’s a butterfly.

  • Paddy

    Two Camels In a tiny car RWJ sent me…

  • Shon

    Don’t look like she’s standing, look at it as if she’s doggystyle with her arms stretched out upward.

  • hello

    okay leopard face with woman’s body, wtf? okay? but i also see a butterfly right where the nose is
    i dont even think this should make it to the top 100,000 best illusions. i dont know, i almost feel ripped off for some reason lol

  • Bennett

    What straight man would feel cheated by this illusion? I can’t understand the criticism.

  • Justin


    “Only tip I can give you, is that leopard’s eyes were painted on a concrete floor.”

    Hmmmm…Does the chandelier complete the eye? :D

  • I guess you’d only feel cheated if you didn’t appreciate how much planning and sheer talent went into creating this. Anybody who has ever tried to paint on a canvas knows THAT can be difficult, much less on a human body–and getting it to match so seamlessly and perfectly with what’s already painted on the floor is insane. For anybody who feels that this isn’t an adequate illusion, try to create a better one!

    This painting is near perfect. The only real seam line I see is where her arms are spread out, near the arm pit and shoulder (moreso on the right). It’s fascinating to see how the shape in a cat’s nose mimics this particular stance and shape of the human body. It takes a really gifted eye to envision such a thing. Does anybody know the model’s name? :P

  • I think its a fantastic illusion!!! kept my eyes glued.

  • Curio

    Um… A woman’s behind was the first thing I saw, and I’m a girl. The “penguins” thing is a bit of a stretch, though.

  • jestoni


  • Sara

    that’s not an optical illusion..

  • alex

    there isnt any penguins its a butterfly.. and it is a womens ass what?

  • k I’m looking hard and I’m thinking well this is lame…..BUT THEN A WOMAN’S BODY APPEARS RIGHT BEFORE ME AND I FALL…..well i didnt actualy fall but you get the idea

  • Anna

    Hardly the best optical illusion ever created. I don’t even think it’s an optical illusion. It’s well done, but hardly brilliant.

  • I saw the actual painting in a gallery in the miracle mile shop’s in Las Vegas, the guy who painted this has a bunch of really cool painting of painted people

  • ivan


  • Robert Celious

    wow so she was really lying there naked while the eyes where painted on concrete

  • Chris Q


    Misleading to call it an optical illusion; it’s a well-executed – but not very imaginative – trompe l’oeil painting.

    Whether it justified the effort is another question, however.

  • steg

    i think some of you are missing the point here. the image isn’t hiding a women’s body drawn into the floor… it’s painted ONTO a woman’s body. She is on top of a painting on the ground, and they used body paint to paint her into the picture, practically flawlessly… it’s not just a hidden drawing.

  • thtonedood

    i dont seee it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bobbi

    pretty darn good when you consider the the lady is actually a real person painted along with the floor.

  • MichaelL

    Biggest load of crap I’ve ever seen

  • s


  • Cody

    shopped and completely NOT an optical illusion. shouldnt be on this site… this is lame.

  • It took me a while to find out about the other stuff other than the woman body!

  • shannon

    if you look on the sides at the eyes its an owl on each sidefacing each other

  • Alain Maltais

    I used to draw the same thing at 6 years old…but then the woman body was the face of a cow…no punt intended…this concept is very old but the artistry is great!!!…

  • Rick

    Didn’t take long. It’s a woman from behind. kneeling on the floor.
    Good body-painting.

  • Richard

    Actually, this is retarded and should not be credited for a top optical illusion. It does not make sense. I can accept the fact that the artist is good and it takes alot of skill to make this, but that does not delete the fact that this is one of the CRAPPIEST optical illusion ive EVER seen.

  • Tabitha

    I saw the backside but I was thinking there was some great illusion. I hate it when something is built up to be nothing. Nice drawing but not really anything great.

  • fg

    whoah is that a butterfky on its nose?!

  • Hoodus

    I’ve looked and looked for the illusion. I just can’t see it……HELP it’s driving me nuts.

  • Labneni

    Well, honestly I can see the woman, she’s sitting and the Y going from its mouth up to its nose looks like her panties. and a bit further up where it starts to give patterns again is her hair, her arms are stretched out, and if you focus you can see, next to the nose, her legs sticking out a bit, going away from us^^

  • StfMG
  • soccer023maniac

    thanks StfMG, i never would have figured this shit out!

  • notillusion

    i don’t think this can be considered an optical illusion. the guy used a woman’s back as his canvas, thus totally transforming it!

  • pirate-vampire

    Thanks for the link, StfMG! I knew it was a lady’s ass, but I didn’t know HOW!

  • good pic free art

  • It’s an owl that i see beyond the leopard.=D
    Such beautiful eyes.

  • renz hije

    that’s looks great!!!!!!

  • Read the whole tread before posting, please…
    There are no Owls, penguins or damn bustterflies.
    Solution is here (and of course it’s an optical illusion, morons. WTF else??):

  • Tossinnbissaladin

    Morons? Inevitable label of the few who see the simple vocabulary error and make the unremarkable observation without arrogance or exaggeration. This is an example of “camouflage”, not “optical illusion”. True to form, the ignorant majority will not be victimized with the truth when they can impose falsehood requires no thought, doubt, verification, or learning. That is the script of human society and it is repeated millions of times each day. Don’t worry though, you aren’t morons; just average ignorant humans.

  • naomi

    I love how everybody who considers themselves an art connoisseur feels like they have to talk shit to those who dont like it by employing their dictionary and making statements to make themselves look more inelegant by using bigger words..

    who cares about the effort, who cares what it is, if it speaks to you great, if not…move on..its all about how one interprets the piece.

    personally i think it sucks…but im looking at it online. Had I seen this at a show, it might appeal to me differently.

    but one thing to remember is that art is art and is different to everybody. And nobody can judge anybody for liking it/disliking it. Its all in how one perceives it.

  • MherMg

    Wow amazing piece of work.. It’s really pretty hard to figure out the illusion.

  • Ellie
  • kayla

    lol @ cody saying it’s shopped.
    the artist who did this is absolutely amazing. he has many other pieces as well.

  • jordan

    its a womens butt as the nose and where the nose splits its two swans looking like there cleaning their wings

  • frooly

    if he can do another one but this time the model is facing forward, that would be something to see.

    any suggestion what animal will suite the project?

  • Sir John

    It may be a composite photo/picture, but optical illusion I don’t get.
    Lurn two speel.

  • raphael

    at the nose you can see a butterfly

  • Jitzy

    Yes the nose is a woman’s butt because part of the leopard is painted on a woman

  • PhoenixOnly

    Not really an illusion, just camoflauge

  • Nikola

    On the left side and right of the nose ( where the eyes are ) you can see 2 howls :)

  • Meatloaf

    haha you guys are hilarious. You cover half the face with your hand and close one eye. and that top part is an owl. Cover just where the nose narrows with your hand.

  • I’m guessing body paint, since the post is tagged “Body Paint”. I see the woman’s back and butt.

  • nvm

    i see a leopard.

  • Bob

    Its not an illusion, just painted over the top of something…

  • brandon

    Its really beautiful, but not an illusion. Ive seen some that are done with wallpaper patterns and animal prints and things like that which are so exact that the woman ALMOST disappears,but you just have to look for the curves and outline of the woman. because you are putting a 3 dimensional being in front of a two dimensional image, you will be able to distinguish the difference.

  • David

    Awesome Illusion, I would like to see the Leopard lick his lips. :-P

  • I don’t think the painter had the idea to create the illusion I thought he just painted the Tiger

  • Tony

    I get it!

    It’s a woman sitting on the ground, the nose was painted on her, you can see the outline of her body. The eyes and the rest of the facial features are painted on the concrete floor he referenced in the hint, “The eyes are painted on a concrete floor.” So if you can see, it’s a woman sitting on a floor. And the illusion is the woman and the concrete floor forming the illusion of creating a leopard. You’re welcome ;).

  • being a degreed artist with a love of painting, i’m here to tell y’e all that , “that is one fine ass”

  • Sarah

    It’s a naked chick and the curve of her ass

  • 2secondsofthought

    Its a lady’s butt/back/arms. Not very tough if you look at the nose and mouth. And if you’ve ever seen a woman in this position. Cool idea. Not, however, the world’s greatest illusion.

  • miki

    it is an illusion, i stared it for 4 minutes, and i was thinking about a pussy…
    that is miracle.

  • MrObvious

    Now that is a fine piece of tail… errr ,,,, ummm I mean that is a nice lepard

  • ThatsWhatSheSaid

    I thought this was a great optical illusion, it took me a while to get it and when I did i was shocked I also liked the second version of this illusion with the tiger.

    I also don’t want to troll, but for those saying this is not an optical illusion you need to look up the definition of optical illusion.

    optical illusion: An optical illusion (also called a visual illusion) is characterized by visually perceived images that differ from objective reality.

    an optical phenomenon that results in a false or deceptive visual impression.

    The optical illusion is that it appears to be a picture of a snow leopards face (false visual impression) but in reality it is a women with her back painted as the leopards nose and the eyes are actually painted on the concrete.

  • sean

    was kinda disappointed when I read the comments and found out what it was becuz this is not that good of an optical illusion. And the whole eyes painted on the floor is…um yeah, whatever.

    I think a good illusion is when 2 people look at the same picture and see 2 different things. Like both pictures are equal its just a matter of which catch your eyes first (like the old woman, young woman). Now that is one of the best illusions because somepeople to this day can’t see one of the ladies.

    I think this was just simply a painting of a tigers face.

  • lou

    she needs to shave . but ya amazing pic. love it !!

  • wolf

    yes its a woman:

    amazing how on top of it theres other animal illusions covering it

    but still..theres no way you can fail to see that ass

  • jade

    :) :( :O :D :P :'( wow rite coolllllll

  • jade

    : )

  • Andreea

    i noticed straight away that it is painted on a woman’s body (the leopard’ nose is her back)

    Really cool!

  • Pete

    Damn that leopard has stinky breath.

  • Claizza

    I got it!
    It’s An Upside Down Moth
    Because Most Moths’ Wings Look Like They Have Eyes On Them

  • milka

    this is woman’s back. she is sitting on the floor
    and she has her arms streched horizontal. her hair is also painted as the colors of the leopard. the wall behind the woman is also painted like that.

  • tufail thara

    this is three women back side and with painting

  • tori

    you can see her butt, back, shoulders, hair, and part of her arms.

  • garf03

    If u crop the image to half, the upper half for it self will looks like an owl

  • mischa

    to wolf: thanks for posting that picture with a different view of the woman. i kept trying to figureout where her legs were

  • etruscan

    Yep it’s a naked woman! kinda in doggie position(top view), her hair is the cheetah’s forehead and right below her armpits are it’s eyes, the upper lip crack of the cheetah is the woman’s crack.

  • Rorschachinstein

    it looks like the middle of the picture is a person

  • seekandyouwillsee

    Its 3 women, all will their backs facng outwards. the nose and brows is one woman, the eye (L/R) are two seperate women LOOK REAL CLOSE.. I have the video of the painting of the pic

  • seekandyouwillsee

    If you want the video just email me.. it is maybe 35 secs long.. It is a quik how its done with the artists name aswell. I tried to post the link here..

  • exo

    no. its not 3 women. its one, the picture was already posted in the comments above, and the description said the eyes were painted on the wall.

  • jupiter705

    its made of butterflys

  • bakarna

    it looks like a hwak!!! ayee

  • VirgoBoi

    This is only one girl, but I know what exo was trying to say because they saw a different one with two girls. But, this one only has one girl in the middle. Good eye though to those who saw the girl before the fact.

  • Mike

    This is stupid. I looked at it for 5 minutes straight and I see a bunch of crazy ideas people keep coming up with. All I see is a leopard, but people are saying its a swan, butterfly, and a woman ass? If you look at anything for long enough you will start to make out pictures.

  • Mystic

    ok for those of you that state this is not an illusion. the artist has to be good. paint something both in 2d and 3d then take an image creating a flat image if he did his shading right and giving the illusion of a 3d animal that on first glance does not appear off. cammo is completely diffrent from this. please respect the artist.

  • Krazy

    Very nicely done.. 2d/3d :) The lighting had to be perfect to hide the legs and still give the right shadow and kneeling on the subjects feet would distort the body… Therefore, I think its probably a hole in a wall/canvas.. and the butt is the tip of the nose, the back being the length of the nose, and top of the brows are the upper back and arms of the subject.

  • Dragonii

    I know the artist. He is a local here in New Orleans.
    I have seen the “behind the scenes” photos of this image being created.
    Yes, the nose, bridge of the nose and forehead are a woman’s backside. If I recall correctly, she was not on the floor but instead the tiger was painted on a board and she was sitting with her legs through a hole in the board.
    His work is very good, but unfortunately he is a very conceded, pompous asshole. It’s a shame to see someone with so much talent be that way, but what can you do about it?
    You can find more of his art at

  • swiyggil

    this is so beautiful, loving the body camo

  • sanchezcreatives

    Its a naked woman propped face down on the concrete floor. Her back down to her waist is the leopard’s nose, her butt cheeks is the upper lip.

  • adriano

    the leopard just ate some fish

  • Tylley

    Is it just me or is it moving?

  • DOOM

    Very Good Art Work Not Much of an Optical Illusion, I Still think it an Actual Pic of Leopard (only cuz the right eye of the cats looks way too intense for hand drawn if not i give this artist all the respet in the world) But the Nose is a Big Breasted Asian ;D and If you See the SpoilerPicture These Eye arent Painted on the floor its on a canvas with a space the asain nose can sit.

  • Natalia

    I don´t get it

  • TJ

    DOOM, i disagree, but your hint did send me off in the right direction. The Nose is a part of a body painting, and the rest of it is painted on a canvas, it seems. I think the start of the nose (at the bottom) is a persons butt (she might be asian…) and it goes up their body. I believe they are holding their arms out, as well.

  • north

    The nose and muzzle appear to be a person’t rear end and back, although I’m not sure if I care to know where the fur on the chin is from…
    anyway, very cool

  • duh

    The nose is a butterly

  • Rachel

    The round lips of the cat are the womans butt and the flat of the cats nose is the girls back and her arms rest aove the cats eyes

  • Me

    I have to say this was a stupid illusion

  • BENI


  • Brooke

    the nose is a butterfly

  • mikey

    if you just explained ‘the solution’ this would be much cooler.

  • Jspawnz0rr

    that’s sick.
    Perfect. By the way for those who haven’t noticed, it’s a girl in the middle.
    Look a t the nose carefully, it’s an ass.

  • John H

    For me, it is enough just to enjoy the brilliant art work that was created. I am enjoying its complexity. Marvellous.

  • George

    Its the back of a naked girl.

  • Ramon Leal

    The forehead, nose, and mandible are actually a woman’s backside painted.

    I’m sure from this angle its just easier for guys to recognize that its a woman.


  • josh

    ur all weard

  • Marissa

    There’s no woman’s body, retards, the nose is a butterfly.

  • Mordo

    You clearly do not understand what an optical illusion is. :(

  • mariyella

    when i look at this picture.. i only see the butterfly..i don`t know what you guys are saying about a woman`s back.. i guess it IS easier for guys to see it.

  • jamie

    its not really that amazing, if it is painted on a floor and its the back of a girl kneeling on her chest, an A for the art/ body painting and perfectly angled photography, however it isnt the BEST illusion ever.

    it would have been more fun if there had been 2 giraffes

  • Dan

    The leopards nose and forehead is a woman’s back and her arms extend over the eyes to make the brow

  • Allie

    wow…..I get it, but it’s pretty stupid….

  • David

    Mikey’s right, the “illusion” needs to be explained. Your links to the “final hint” and “actual solution” are anything but what they claim to be. This is my first visit to this website, and the only thing I’ve learned is to avoid it in the future. I love a good optical illusion, and I love trying to figure it out… but I don’t appreciate having my time wasted.

  • Maddy

    it’s true, the bridge of the nose is a woman’s back, the muzzle is her rear, and the brow above the eyes are her arms extended.

    the rest is a canvas. there was a hole cut in the canvas in the exact shape of the woman’s body, and she is hanging in front of it with the camera directly behind her.

  • Mayo

    Oh I think I get it, It’s a womans back and butt, with her hands spread out and holding her waists. Think that’s it.

  • bryan

    okay there is a butterfly on a asian womans painted ass

  • Gerda

    Yes I saw it, even though there is no hint and saying the eyes were painted on a concrete floor only confused me and brought me further away from the solution.

    But what is so great about this? I mean I think the painting is great, but the fact that there is a woman laying on the floor who they painted over… so what?

  • Octavio Arizaga Jr

    You guys are all retards, the left side is the painting and the right side is the real picture of the Leopard, Best Illusion Ever!!! Now what do i win?

  • Gerald

    It’s actually 3 naked women. Look at the nose. The bottom is an ass.

  • Gerald
  • Brian

    I cant belive no one can see this illusion…such nonsense about it being a naked woman. It is clearly a Duke holding a scepter while petting the head of his pet Griffin! In back of him are 3 men holding Knives…all in shadow ready to attack him. Then on the very left hand side is a small bottle with the words Rex Imperius on it…so simple!

  • Jonathan

    I like how Octavio says everyone is a retard, when the answer is clear from the “second best optical illusion ever.” Octavio, you are obviously the mentally handicapped one here.

  • the giraffe, woman back body,two leopard,butterfly…..there all is in there!!!

  • Chelsie

    the eyes are on a flat surface. the chin is too. The mouth, nose going up is a naked women, her arms are going over the eyes

  • Winston
  • Jennifer

    It looks like it is a naked woman with the leopard’s muzzle and forehead painted in her hair, arms, back, and bottom, and she is kneeling over the rest of the leopard which is painted on concrete…

  • i guess those eyes are from owl’s eyes. if you take a closer look of each eyes, they are the same but the hint is, is the eyebrow which only owl have that shape… Thats my guess….

  • jeff39

    the nose is clearly a butterfly. It even has 2 small antennae, almost like a snail…

  • Easy teller

    its a human

  • rose

    ok wow if you thought that it was a womans ass there is something wrong with you…the only illusion part is the nose which is a butterfly its not really at all amazing excp for the artwork

  • free speaker

    I’m seeing multiple animals here: the leopard, butterfly, woman and an owl when the lower half is cut off.

  • Jord

    i see it! yes, there IS a butterfly, but it’s painted on the womans back. i think.

  • jmoa

    The butt job :
    Two seals with their puppets

  • Dave

    Who ever posted this is a tit.

  • Richie

    The butterfly, which is the leopards nose is painted on an ass.

    If the woman turns around, it reveals even more…

  • umm

    it’s eyes follow you everywhere you go. and it’s painted on concrete.

  • For all of you who think it is a butterfly:
    You are completely wrong. In fact it is not even close to being s butterfly in any way. It is a naked women kneeling on a concrete surface. She is the nose and eyebrows. The rest is painted on either a canvas or concrete. She is paint to look like the leopard’s nos,muzzle, etc.. So now tha you have the answer you can all stop crying over about it and thinking its a butterfly. If you continue you are immature and need to just stop. So there you have the answer.

  • watup

    its just a picture of an animal retard

  • rocky

    its a person bent over painted to look like a tiger where the nose and moth are is her butt

  • kenan

    does no one see that the nose is a butterfly?

  • itsawoman.ENDOFSTORY.

    WOW, fuck the damn butterfly. It’s a WOMANS BODY. Someone already posted the link showing a side view where you can see the naked painted woman. The nose looking like a butterfly does not make it an optical illusion.

  • Ryan

    Nick: The nose is also a butterfly, you clown. You can see the antennae.

    If someone saying what they think the solution is makes them immature, what does that make you? F**king loser.

    • steven wilson

      That makes you more immature by calling people names for asking a question !! The apple never falls far from the tree huh little man ??? Yes, it`s a lady crouching seen from above. Her bum is the nose and upper lips and arms stretch up to form the eyebrow line. Absolutely brilliant illusion. Took me eons to see

  • Jaded

    The nose is the person’s bum/back. It’s body paint.

  • bob

    dumb. don’t waste your time finding the eagle. if you don’t see it by now, you never will.

  • Randy Davis

    It’s a woman’s backside from the eyebrowes to the tip of the nose

  • Randy Davis

    yes the end of it’s nose looks like a butterfly but it is really her but crack! look more carefully. you can also see her hips and thighs.

  • CthulhuSaves

    A very good and well-crafted piece of art, but I’m at a loss as to why it’s being touted as an optical illusion. The artist has simply chosen a two-part canvas, one of those parts being rather eclectic. Nice touch, but not an optical illusion at all. Setting the cavas aside for a moment, the subject matter itself would have to “trick the eye” into seeing one of two (or more) images, where the second image is only seen after changing one’s approach to viewing the piece (ie. seeing it from another perspective).

    • Frosty

      I have seen the making of this illusion it has 3 nude women with body paint on them.

    • phyre

      CthulhuSaves is right. This is very cool, but not an optical illusion.

  • HFox

    OK I see that the explanation of the illusions and the picture are getting mixed here.

    As for the Optical illusion: There’s is a Butterfly that is gray that serves as the Nose. I have NO idea where the Eagle or the Giraffe are. If someone could show me that’d be great.

    As for the Picture/Canvass: The Canvass is a Picture Painted on Concrete or Canvass or whatever 2D service and then there’s is ample space for a woman to crouch and then Extend her arms out facing the already painted left and right sides of the picture. Once the is set in the middle of the picture another artists COMPLETES the picture by painting on the back and the Butt of the kneeling or bent over woman with her arms extended. Once he completes the image on her back, from a Dead Straight, Head on angle of the picture, it appears to be a Tiger or Leopard with a 3D nose and the muzzle or soft of the Nose is also a butterfly.

    The Woman’s Body serves to illude the mind too because the nose looks super 3D when the rest of the picture looks 2D, making you think “Somethings up With this Picture”

    I hope that helps you guys.

  • furkan

    i was saw the butterfly at my first look but second, i understood there is a man
    (we see his back)

  • Jacque Halliday

    ha ha it took me a little while but i realised it was a woman before i noticed the butterfly and eagle.. cant see the giraffe though, i love looking at these pics. there’re amazing.!

    • Heather Livn

      Where is the giraffe and eagle? Can someone help me?

  • James

    I think it’s a very good illusion. It’s a woman’s body.

  • vikki

    The woman’s buttocks are cupped by a pair of hands. If you play with the lights and darks all sorts of things come into view.

  • Ganesa Venkkat

    The left eye is a hole in the concrete floor.

  • That is an amazing piece of art.

    But no one ever said that had to be a woman in that pic. could be a dude.

    • jimmy

      well, the waist and the hips kind of suggest it is a woman.

  • Raikoken07

    The eyes, both side shows an owl facing each other. INteresting.

  • iluvhue

    i see everything everyone sees above but for some reason i see the butterfly as being 2 upside down ducks but i could be way off.

    in other news, i do see on the right side a profile of the eagle and on the left side the profile of the giraffe.

  • Hail Earth

    I really don’t get this. i’ve glanced at it from multiple angles, focusing on the black, focusing on the white but alas: i just see a tiger. even with all the things people are writing about the nose being the crack, eagles and giraffes it still eludes me. Naturally its making me even more curios. Thus i’d appreciate it if somebody could post or send me a coherent solution. i don’t care about the challenge anymore- i just wanna know wtf the core behind the illusion is. I trust you understand my sentiments.

  • The truth

    It’s a shaft and balls.

  • ahahahahah o!! LOL!!…………. i knoW! whaTS the REAL illusion!!………..

    i havE 1 sure ansWER and the otheR is not!!.

    the real is thaT the left side view of the photo or “illusion” is that a piece of face of an eagle… ahahahhaha LOL!!….

    aND the second gueST is that the nose were 2 whiTE sealS!…(if you turned yourself / or flip the photo)………….. aaaagagga lol!!


    ive seen the other illusion u put on her just like this but in color and on that 1 it is 3 women

  • Shikimi

    Yes,I’ve seen people pose in art like this before but this is one of the best.

  • SOB

    There are two birds in the nostrils.

  • Refugee

    It looks like that the girl that poses as the nose, has a rather hairy ‘beaver’:)

  • GOD

    it is a 3d illusion. yes there’s a little butterfly at the nose for those of you who don’t see beyond that but the feline comes out of the screen and you should see it in greater dimensions.

  • Hmmm

    I know the artist. He is known for his body paintings. It’s a lot of fun looking at his work and trying to find out what part of the body is being used. He has a video of how it is done in his art gallery.

  • jojo

    ohkay. So the eyes are on concrete. a person’s back and arms are the rest of the paitnting and they are sitting on the concrete floor. this is VERY cool. ah-mazing!!

  • Ok, I am by no means finished guessing. But for starters, ok. If the eyes are painted on the concrete FLOOR, than the woman is on her knees (naked) with her feet tucked under her (sitting on them) and has her arms stretched out and upward. The final position is the woman then lye’s her whole self (while still on her knees and sitting on her feet) and bends forward with her forhead(unseen)touching th floor. The “animals “eyes” are painted underneath and on the sides of her body under her armpits. More to come :)

  • This is nothing short of awesome! Great job :D

  • There are two owls in it. at both of the eyes

  • Naveen

    in this pic this nose is of buffaloo

  • CB

    Hmm, for some reason, this picture reminds me of the cover for the Avatar DVD. (Canada, if there is different ones for different countries)

  • Crystal Urban

    Well hung! Is that you! lol love it!

  • ……

    Its nose is ɑ person laying down, with hands raised up. And I think, that person’s ɑ woman :)

  • josue

    if you see other than a butterfly and a women there is also a moth (upside down)the sides of the
    face are the wings while the area between the eyes is the abdomen and the area where it curves dramatically (around the nose)(also including the nose) and the top lip is the thorax, and the bottom lip which is harry like a moth’s head is the head obviously, so far we have found 3 optical illusions in one beautiful, amazing, wonderful painting.

  • this illusion is so perfect. I had a chance to see the making of and it’s amazing this artist work.

  • Andi

    One things for sure is that the eyes are different. One on the right has nore white in them than the one on the left.
    Dont’ know if that means anything.

    • Turnip Lover

      It means the pupil of the eye in the shade is dilated

  • This is awesome!

  • Tim G

    I don’t get it. He’s got a link to ‘this final hint’, but it just goes to a page with other illusions. What’s the final hint?!

  • SHubhanshu

    They leopard’s nos has been painted on sme1’s backkk…..the bums are visible..

  • Sangam Thapa

    there is a women in this picture…painted 4m back side…

  • Wade

    Here is the guys web site who created it.

  • Michael

    So its body paint? I had to read the comments, couldn’t figure it out myself. Just looked like a real leopards face to me. Guess I have no imagination.

  • poop

    it is a man or woman with her legs as the cheeks of the animal and the arms of the eyes above and the cheek is her butt.

  • HelloKittyIspretty

    I am soo confused everyone is saying there are all these other illusions but there isnt thats just a painted not even meant to be an optical illusion that “giraffe” and eagle” u keep seeing i guess are just there without notice the thing is it is a painting with a woman (And yes it is a woman cuz u can see her hair.there is no moth by the way and the butterfly is the womans tatto(corect me if i spelled it wrong) obviosly.

  • HelloKittyIspretty

    it is a picture of a woman infront of a painting of a tiger

  • LJSeinfeld

    So where does the “AWESOME” Optical Illusion part come in?


  • it looks like a women back painted. the nose also looks perfectly like a butterfly. except of these, I can’t see any more illusions.

  • Chris

    It took a couple of looks but I finally see the body paint portion… my only question would be if that is her actual bush below her butt crack…LOL

  • Anki

    Supercool! Love it :)

  • Sam

    Oh sweet, I met Craig Tracy last Fall in New Orleans. He’s got some beautiful artwork. His gallery is pretty awesome. I almost forgot about that. Thanks!

  • Mancible

    Armpits are always the give away for me in human illusions. But even after I noticed part was raised it took several more moments to see it fully. Absolutely amazing!

  • John

    You people are retarded. It’s a woman’s back laying over the painting of a tiger. NOTHING MORE. There are no eagles, giraffes, owls, or fucking Gollums for that matter. Quit wasting everyone’s time.

    • Karen Dutcher

      Geez, John, calm down. If you see this as a waste of time, go do something else and stop bothering people with your mean words!

    • Nick

      Actually, you’re the retard, because it’s a leopard, not a tiger….

    • hysteria


    • Nick Kelsey

      Actually you Both are Terribly wrong its a Cheetah Not a leopard,So the Dumb ass’s Up there are completely wrong

    • U people are all wrong

      u people are all so stupid its a freakin’ butterfly on the tiger/leapord/wutevr the hell the animal is’s nose.

    • happydoodle

      yeah, i agree, its kinda retarded, but its a leopard, not a tiger

    • Sofia

      hey john, quit being such a jackass people don’t see the same shit that you do. and actually there is an animal look at the nose, it’s a butterfly i dont see a woman i see and ass but not a woman.

  • wehate john

    yea john

  • yea jonh

    honestly, john! you’re such a fatty!! grrrrr :@

  • John

    Sorry guys, I was overreacting. Also, I’m a necrophiliac.

    • Jane Hernandez


  • verna

    it probably took you 2 months to figure it out!
    you dumb ass!

  • It is a back of a woman who is painted! Nude! Very clever

    • Megan Fox is EXTREMELY SEXY

      where is the woman?

  • RaiderRow

    I don’t see it. Tell me where this woman is. I see the butterfly nose, is that supposed to be the woman’s head? I don’t get this one.

    • Lee


      You can’t see her head, the woman is lying kind of lying on the floor with here legs tucked under her, the part of the Leopards nose and mouth with the whiskers coming out is her bum and the bridge of it’s nose is her back. really nice body art.

    • lol

      no no, see the snout and the sorta ( | ) shape of it? thats the girls ass cheeks from behind, and the middle up the nose is her entire back

    • gabby

      The woman is sitting backwards with her legs thru the canvas.Her body forms the whole middle of the picture and her bottom forms the end of the top jaw

    • Nobody you care about

      The snout is the girl butt

  • Viggz

    LOL – You call that an optical illusion ?

  • Mike

    I don’t see it…..
    what woman?

  • CarminaLLSAntos

    LMAO! ANYWAYS.. There is a butterfly located in the nose.. and it is a possibility to be a woman.

  • Lil Smily

    how do u reply to a comment

    • lalalalala

      u click reply

  • Mhairie

    ya, i don’t get it either…. wut woman?? i think i get it.. e.x

    • ???

      What the heck! I get the lady but where are all these animals u guys are talking about! What eagle, what horse, help! Also why is this so AWESOME and u LOVE it??


  • Sara

    I agree with John. It’s been done before. Big whoop.

  • Dave

    Does the woman have the hugest, fluffiest-looking bush ever, or is the hair for the tiger’s chin painted on the floor too?

  • carlos

    she has a nice ass

  • beverly


  • DJ

    The image is showing a nude woman’s backside as the nose. If you have a keen eye you can see it. This probably is the best optical illusion ’cause it look like a real photo but it’s a painting with a chick covered in body art sitting in the middle.
    And I agree with carlos, she does have a nice ass.

  • A Person

    I don’t understand why everyone “LOVES” illusions with naked people. You guys should focus on something else for a change.

    • ( :

      too right

  • Speak Your Mind

    Nicely camouflaged

  • destiny

    i dont have anything mean to say like the others but all i have to say for the new watchers study the nose. And basicly you will find the rest just take your time<3

  • Hippy

    Super, super, super-lame

  • lamont u bigg dummy

    women? with no visible breast this could be a man? in which case grosss..i agree this image sucks..i was expecting more of the pic to be invovled other than the nose…

  • me

    I think i see it.I’m not sure,but look at the eyes.They are painted wrong.There are actually 2 horses who are standing nose to nose with a butterfly in the middle.


    • Speakin’ My Thoughts

      U HAVE NOOOO HUMOR IN YOU WHATSOEVER. NOT EVEN IN YO FUNNYBONE. (let me guess, you didnt laugh!)

  • Jillian

    If you look at the nose and mouth part it kinda look’s like hands held together as a cup it hass 4 fingers and the nose is the thumbs the thumbs have finger nails if you look hard enough lol

  • i luv it

  • Khanh’

    where does she put her legs anyway?

  • Amber

    I see the woman but what did she do with her arms?

  • Rachel

    Where are the animals?!??! I see the lady but what eagle and horse???
    It isn’t that cool anyways.! Where are the answers?


  • Taylor Swift

    Is anyone coming to my next concert in 2011?

    I’m gonna sing a bunch of new songs!

    You guys should come! :)

    Taylor Swift

  • some people take this way to seriously.
    took me awhile to figure this out, but i finally see it.

  • hoho

    yeah its the backside of a human (I’m not saying woman cause it could be a man with a nice ass lol) it runs from the bridge of the nose of the leopard to the upper lip..its basically the naked backside of a human and what makes the upper lip of the leopard would be that persons ass

    • MTastatnhgew

      Does that mean that this leopard talks out of the ass? (no, not ITS ass, just THE ass lol)

  • EnterNameHere

    I see the human an butterfly, but what horses?

  • momey

    ok that painting or lets say a womans body covered in paint thats all plus naked

  • same

    this is a horse with butterfly wings as a eyes and a leopards skin

  • Someones name you will never know becauze I havn’t put it Here

    If anything guys, I think it’s just the nose that is the main focus that the artist is putting out there. Really the intricacy of the butterfly makes it stand out so much that that’s the only twist to the picture. If you insist on seeing a humans ass (not knowing whether it’s male or female’s) that is fine by me, by all means go ahead. But the picture that is being portrayed here is nothing more than a Leopard in a grassy field with a butterfly on it’s nose. We’ve all seen the capturing movies with a scene of a young tiger/leopard/cheetah cub… all the same capturing picture. It is Amazing because the artist has incorporated one thing into another and kept the true nature of what this creature was created to be. See it as you wish, optical illusion or not, this is a beautiful piece of art.

    • Art Lady

      Yes, it is a beautiful piece of artwork. However, I indeed see a woman’s backside that covers the center of the picture, as well as I see an owl’s head if you remove the center and scoot the sides together. It is an amazing piece of work, as well as an astonishing illusion for the human mind to portray.

      – Art Lady <3

  • Someone

    Dude, look at its nose, butterfly? xD

  • Dave

    Does this even qualify as optical illusion? A painted naked sits on top of a painted floor. This is just a photograph of a painting. How does that even quality as an illusion?

  • Linsey McGregor

    It took me a few minutes to see this, but then I saw the other post that includes a gallery that show how its done. then went back to this one and saw it.

  • Keijo420

    hairy woman

  • tfvy

    this is actually not impressive at all

  • africanrockpython

    i see both the butterfly and the woman,where did the horse come from though

  • Henderson

    All I can see is a great butt :D

  • Mike

    That woman has a hairy ass.

  • Grace

    luv this illusion. It took me 2 weeks to see the woman. btw thats all it is. Not a butterfly, girrafe, vairious other ideas.

  • random

    Ok i see the woman, butterfly and sorta of the horse but i aslo see the playtapus’ or maybe there twos ducks, do you guys see them to?
    The playtapus’s or ducks are apart of the butterfly

  • Joel Andrew V. Mallari

    yup your right its a woman and a butterfly on her butt

  • Grace


  • smarter than you

    see look

    [img]butterfly in leopard[/img]

  • Lilli

    The nose is a woman’s butt O.o

  • umm… i was looking at it and then a video game add poped up was that the ilusion? jk but the video game add did pop up its a butterfly and its face. xD

  • patrick

    the eyes are a sewer hole

  • i think it’s nose is a body of a man..

  • lavaBorn

    the part with nose with looks different, is a girls back painted and other things are painted on the floor

  • boobieluver

    its a women kneeled over and that has a very nice rear:D

  • Marci Lynch

    it’s totally a chick painted to look like it’s nose and eye brows . it’s kind of obvious if you look at it long enough .

  • reyna mae

    I can see butterfly.. instead of nose? ^_~

  • reyna mae

    i can a butterfly….

  • Ricky

    I have no idea how they have been seeing a man or a woman in the nose. The nose looks like a butterfly to me.

    • Schultz

      the nose does look like a butterfly but thats not the illusion your looking for, actually its a woman with her back painted to look like the whole nose area from the bridge to the rest of the nose… the lower jaw, eyes, and “cheeks” are painted on concrete

    • Chance

      The whole middle of the face is a womans back painted and the arms are the eyebrows

  • Aisling Eileen O Carroll

    butterfly! :)

  • Denise Pratt-Little

    oh i see it its a girl laying down nd the nose is her butt nd the middle is her back but the sides which are the eyes are painted on the ground

  • gabby

    The nose of the leopard is the woman’s bottom and her body reaches up and her shoulders for the eyebrows

  • mizMyra

    i can picture theres two owl as the eyes of the tiger… try it yourself friends.. =)

    • Before opening this for an extra “clue” to what I may be seeing my thoughts are A) I first saw two owls, slightly “further” aware in the 3dimensional of it all and 2nd)Sure, the painted lady would be cool, but wasn’t I initially advised this was drawn as a sidewalk as the canvas??! and, Lastly), I should take another look. Honestly tho, the”spotting of the owls” was my first impression after the tiger pretense disolved, as very much based on a technique I’ve acquired viewing many 3D patterned pictures of “Schooners” {a la Mallrats}

  • Barbara Howard

    Seems like to me the left eyes appears to change sizes……..anyway it is beautiful, wish it were mine.

  • Amanda Cook

    Oh, wow i so see it.
    After looking for a little while i realized it.
    Its body art. Well a woman, her butt is the nose, upper cheeks, and the nose up is of her torso.
    Amazing illusion though. (:

  • makenzy

    omg! its a lady with a tramp stamp!! thats sick!! :D

  • Vicki

    OK, the SNOUT is a woman’s bum (not just the nose, but the entire snout). The nostrils are painted on her lower back. The spots between the leopard’s eyes are around her shoulder blades, then then her upper arms make up the brow bones. I’m not sure where she’s hiding her legs.

  • michael

    the nose is also a butterfly

  • Arkanite

    girl, with a leopard body paint and dyed hair, with the eyes drawn on the floor, as you said, under her outspread arms. can even see outlines of her arms.

    Nice butt.

  • Scoutiam

    Its a girl her but is ALL of the nose then going up is her back it seems her legs are in front of her so we cant see hem amazing body art!

  • marcy

    i see a woman, two owls(eyes) and two ducks are the nostrils

  • i’ve seen the tags. “body paint’re listed there.

    So that’s the hint for me…

  • I’ve seen the actual picture and it’s pretty nice as well. One girl and two guys.

  • dameagatha

    the bridge of the nose consists of two arms–then the two hands wrap around the nose–the thumbs are the nostrils.

  • Kitty_KCat

    all cats noses look like that is not ment t0 be a buterflay just a cat and it is a girl


    • funny

      funny, doesn’t look like a concrete FLOOR to me.

  • starlightbabi


  • person


  • twohop

    Never wanted to lick a cat square on the mouth before!

    • Mia

      Really dude that’s gross

  • nina

    omg its a womans ass lol XD

  • kacie124578

    at first i saw the nose as a butterfly then i saw the posted answer…[the nose even has antlers] this is an awesome illusion
    but if you cant find the answer, heres a hint…

    BUTTerfly as the nose

    • MachineHead


  • Mike

    There a painted naked women between the lepords eyes, I can make out the siluet of her back and her well formed bottom as the leopards snout.

  • Curry2987

    This is an old picture, I met Criag Tracy last year at his shop in New Orleans and this was on of his older pics, I

  • Amy lee

    mmm…I sense no optical illusion here. :/ all I see is a leopard’s face.

  • Casey

    Lol. When I first saw it i thought the eyes were off Avatar … :) Then I actually looked at it and the only thing I saw was a butterfly, but that is truely an excellent picture! Great job on finding it!

  • gm62

    It’s intended to appear as a leopard’s face, and it in fact appears as a leopard’s face. That’s not an illusion, that’s camouflage.

  • chagi

    what i saw was not a woman but a building on top of the butterfly look alike…

  • justice nkombua

    look carefully, the nose r the legs…

  • kripesh

    i dont see any thig

  • look very carefully, its a nude woman. if you look, you can see that the snout is the back of a woman. You can also see the shoulder blades near the top, which appear to be eyebrows, but do not be decieved, look as if the eyebrows were the botom of the arm. her back goes to the mouth and nose, go around an see a well rounded butt as the end of the nose, by reading this u may not be able to see it instantly, but if u look hard, youll see it!

  • anon

    It is to real looking to be an optical illusion. I mean you could make an educated guess if you know there is a women in the picture where her body would be but you can’t see it enough to no for sure. I just seems like a waste of time for whoever made this. And Nice Ass!

  • Kean

    Obviously the nose is a woman’s ass that is laying on the floor.

  • It’s a women laying down with her ass in the air to create the nose

  • Allie

    body art and butterfly nose at first i thought it was just the nose but i sat the first one and i got it i have it my desktop on my phone

  • courtney

    i dont get it!

    • I got no name

      It’s a nude girl and u can EASILY see her butt at the snout

  • Blah

    The leopard’s right eyebrow is a swan, the nose is a butterfly, and the nose to his mouth is a woman… Great illusion!

  • Can anyone else see it breathing??!!!!

  • xzendor7

    I Don’t See How This Is An Optical Illusion; Unless I’m Missing The Point. The Model IS Part Of The Canvas Apparatus, It’s Not Like Several Images Were Creating A New One In The Mix. That Would Be An Optical Illusion!!!

    • Some dismembered body

      The eye area is an owls head if u look closely

  • Appolin

    verry nice…………

  • AD

    Where is the solution (i.e where has the illusion been ‘revealed’? Its so stupid without any explanation or revelation pics…

  • d muir

    It wasn’t hard to spot the woman’s torso. This is an elaboration on a very old children’s cartoon that reveals a dog’s nose to be a nude girl. Racy, titillating, but juvenile. I even questioned whether it is a true optical illusion. But the exposé image was convincing. This is definitely an illusion. And executed at a very high level of quality. Remarkable, even! Bravo. The excellence is in the complexity of the execution of the image. Not in the mystery, or illusiveness, of the illusion.

    Just a point of view.

  • The answer Pic

    I outlined the back for those who didn’t catch it. [img][/img]

  • aaaaaa

    This should help every one to see the woman.


    • Anonoymous person

      it’s nose is a butterfly if anyone noticed

    • mel


  • Zoey Redbird

    Wow that’s amazingly hard to see!

  • lasya


  • CynMo

    Undeniably stunning, fascinating, & mesmerizing; I sit spellbound!

  • Austin

    This would be cool if the leopard’s eyes were actually painted on a concrete floor like you said. Looking at the picture posted, that’s not a freaking concrete floor. Go back to school, get your degree in concrete floor identification, come back and apply for the writer job.

    • Albe

      Settle down Austin! Have a lie down or something.

  • Taiya

    I still can’t see an actual woman. Am I just supposed to be seeing the shape of a woman’s back and a butt? I dunno, guess I’m no good at these things.

    • Josiane

      thank tou, after reading your comment, i understand

  • Max

    Taiya, haven’t seen a naked woman from the back never?

  • Michael

    Wow. It took some time, but I think I can see it. No, its not on the floor, obviously.

    The only part that looks a little weird…

    The only part I’m not really sure about….


  • Chris

    That’s not an optical illusion. That’s just a woman painted as part of a picture. What a waste of time.

    • dj


  • Martin


  • I want to watch front ^^

  • Random ha

    how is this an optical illusion? its only body and background painting… its like taking a picture of a painted kustom kar framed in a small area so all you see is the picture and say its an optical illusion of a beach scene…???

  • John


    You try too hard.

    The picture is on the floor as you can’t see her legs beneath her and her butt wouldn’t look like that if she were standing up. There’s no way to verify what kind of floor she’s on, however, if that’s what you’re arguing.

    • hmmm

      john she is deff not on the floor now is that concrete behind her. i dont know where you got that her but wouldnt look like that unless she was on the floor, but your wrong because shes actually hanging from bars while her lower thighs rest on a seat. her legs actually go through the picture.

  • jc

    Your Mama is an optical illusion !

  • @ScottDoesItBest #tfb

    proves women’s bodies are perfect.

  • garrett

    Where is the tongue, ha

  • allan

    Look at this picture :)

  • dspurlock

    What really throws you off looking at it is the tip of the nose is a butterfly and on side of the nose (left looking at the picture) almost looks like a kittens paw, pretty awesome special effects. Never would have guessed it was a woman!

  • dspurlock

    What really throws you off looking at this picture is the fact that the tip of the nose is a butterfly and on the side of the nose (left looking at the picture) almost looks like a kitten’s paw, pretty awesome special effects, so you are looking for animals or maybe insects. Never would have guessed it was a woman! I tried to correct my grammer and make my statement clearer. Hope I accomplished the task.

  • jester


    • jod

      I agree. That makes my TV set an “optical illusion” device.

    • The definition of an optical illusion, is something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality. Therefore, this is an optical illusion. NOT “gimmicky art crap”.

    • CW

      in regards to : “bubby says:
      February 23, 2012 at 4:19 am
      It’s a pretty butterfly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
      Its a pretty nice shaped ass, screw the butterfly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      in regards to :”freckles says:
      February 23, 2012 at 3:24 am
      uh, if we can see her backside, where and how can you see her breasts at the same time?”


    • Jen

      To Matt at the Top of the comments:
      No one EVER* said that this was a peice of “Gimmicky Art Crap” Get your facts straight or don’t comment at all. No one likes a smart a**

    • Denny R

      The picture was painted on concrete with a women lying on the ground for the nose

    • crystalforever

      ur an idiot look at the nose=(

    • JTARD


    • STRETCH97

      IS TOO…..

    • Nick

      You’re retarded. That is an optical illusion. It would appear to be a canvas, however it’s a woman with body paint, and a painted cement floor.
      Good luck being an idiot, “Jester”.

  • Lynda

    I also noticed the butterfly, and below it, two hands coming together, but I can also see an owl on the left looking at a bird on the right side.

    • isabella


  • Rachii

    pretty cool art, once u know what it is, u cant just see the picture as a leopard face.

  • HellxOmega

    Ok here is what i got:
    The line from Top to his mouth is the back of the woman and the mouth is the bottom of her (ass) i still cant figure out what the eyes are for. can anyone please tell me?

    • Heavensrun

      For seeing, silly.

    • Blahsgjiuyff

      I c nothing!!

  • NunyaBidNes

    Did you guys even look at the side pictures of the girl sitting on the board with her legs through the hole? There is no butterfly or a kittens paw or an owl, it’s a leopards face plain and simple, what have you never seen one? gimme a break people, it’s fantastic art, nothing more! get a fricken life!

    • Explainer

      There is a person painted to look like the nose of a panther

  • Rock

    She has nice boobs too. They hit the leopard, right between the eyes! It’s always a amazing where you can find the shape of a woman. Great vision and artistic creativity.

    Not can we see what’s on the leopard’s mind?


    i love everyone saying its not an optical illusion. An optical illusion is an image that isnt what it really seems. Eg: we believe its a painting of a tiger but in reality its 2 separate images put together to form 1. Therefor ^^ it is in fact an OPTICAL IllUSION. I love how so many people have nothing better to do then to bust someones balls about the way he described a photo. Like fuck off

    • Smabbles

      Lol silly billy! It’s a leopard not a tiger! It even says it’s a leopard in the description!!! lol^>^

    • Jack

      1) therefore*
      2) its a leopard not a tiger
      3) the snout is the back of a woman and the nose is her ass. look up the artist.
      4) you say people have no lives for commenting on this, yet you take the time to criticize them instead of… oh i dunno…. having a life?

    • stardragon

      Hey, can you just WATCH THE LANGUAGE!? In case you have not noticed, there are kids on this site, READING THE COMMENTS, and they see all this bad language you’re spewing. In fact, I am one of those kids, so you had better straighten up before you get banned from this site.

    • timbo

      Who is Eg?

  • lobster

    yes thank you an illusion is somthing that isnt what it sseams

    look it up or ask you school for your money back

  • Unfortunately, I saw one of the hint photos to get to this site, so, the illusion was partially ruined for me.

    It would be great to have the kind of time to create this stuff. I’m just treading water in my still photography career right now….

  • tom

    someone can speak chines

    • Nera


  • This is indeed a great photo. Nice job! I don’t see the nose / butterfly someone says in the comments!? Was this really the artist intention?

  • John Doe

    This should be called the prison illusion, since they are trying to make a pussy out of some ass.

  • John Doe

    That cat can eat a bird in one sitting.

  • John Doe

    Nice pussy cat. Meow!

  • John Doe

    Very creative concept.

  • I’ve been pretty much blind in one eye since birth, so i’ve never had true depth perception….even tho this pic isn’t 3D. it’s difficult for me to see! Most optical illusions work fine for me, but this one doesn’t work at all…….weird….

    • RubyHeart

      @Bitrat, it’s not that kind of optical illusion; no depth perception required. The illusion comes in the form of the animal’s snout actually being body paint on a woman’s upper arms, back, and rear end. The rest of the animal’s face is painted on a plank or canvas (the description says concrete floor, but…?). The woman is sitting in front of the canvas and the camera is positioned behind her. Focus on the animal nose area and the shape of the snout to perceive the shape of her figure.

  • Snakeeyes

    I’ve noticed it before see the images below… f*ck yeah !!

    It’s an awesome optical effect !!

    Hard to find

  • Scott

    I think this is awesome!!! Yes it is an illusion. Tell me you can figure out it was a female with out assistance.

    • suor de sapo

      …even if you can figure out the ambiguity (key word) immediately, is still an illusion. There’s some kind of subjectiveness in every illusion, of course – a lake reflection picture perfectly symmetric is no longer an illusion to most of us. But it can confuses (another key word) someone who watches one of those for the first time (like a child). All we have to do is trying to respect others point of view. Because some day the lake reflection picture will be upside down and the child will alert us for that fact, unless we weren’t arrogant enough (like many posters here) blocking us to figure out that before the child.

  • Angela

    The woman is freaking naked she’s just got paint on her! You can SEE everything, breasts, butt, and all. HOW CAN YOU LIKE THIS??????

    The illusion is kinda cool though.

    • freckles

      uh, if we can see her backside, where and how can you see her breasts at the same time?

  • Reyna the Praetor

    Cool thing. Took a while to see it, but still it’s awesome

  • Yummy

    It’s a pussy cat!! lol. wonder who got 2 paint tht….? especially at the bottom part! ;)



  • 2NE1


  • Not necessary

    I think i got it… so there’s a naked woman’s back painted, which is the top of the painting to the nose, or the cheek thingy or watever, dat bit’s the butt. n since the eyes were painted on concrete, which WAS mentioned in the description, that bit is not part of the body anyway… so yeah, they just look like they’re painted in one canvas.

  • bubby

    It’s a pretty butterfly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michelle go there then you will see it is half women, half paintingg

    • My Opinion

      Oh i get it know

    • RangerJimK

      Thanks, Luke. The statement that threw me off was “that leopard’s eyes were painted on a concrete floor.” Which means that the concrete floor then had to be chipped out and mounted vertically (or two holes chopped into the floor for the legs, eh?

      Otherwise it would have looked more like the backside of a cello. ;-)

  • Cocoflavor

    If you turn the pic up side down you see a baby seal covering the eyes ;)

  • jbewfo

    hey the brige of the nose and the nose is a person in a costum!!!

  • kristi s805

    awesome it was a lesson more for me that in society going so fast pace we dont see what we might miss right in front of us..the body paint on the woman was amazing. i had to relax to see it…

  • catsgood123

    i get its a girls body .the eyes are on the concret floor and the body is the mouth up

  • Alex

    I can see from here that there is a female body painted in that picture. It’s obvious…

  • luke
  • Jacko77

    That’s amazing! SPOILER ALERT:

    There is a woman’s body in there somewhere!

  • IllusionSolver

    The nose nd part of the mout is a woman

  • This is very clever. For those who can’t see it (as I couldn’t at first), look at the top right of the picture, you can see where her arm finishes and the painting on the ground begins.

  • sasuke

    I didn’t get the lepoard one

  • Dallas Valerian

    Where did her legs go?

    And @CW, “shortbus window licker” is sure to take a turn in my repertoire. Unfortunately your snarkumentative tone suggests a fauxtelligent trolling shniznit, which is kind of a buzzkill.

  • Gilmaru

    Damn.. I wish I was the painter…

  • colby

    i had to click the links that some of you were so kind as to post, but i saw the woman. i saw it from the beginning but people were saying you could see her breasts… what’s up with that? :P it really is a cool illusion, and the nose looks like a a butterfly to me! ^_^

  • colby

    forgot to mention, that i clicked the link to see which direction the woman was facing, to clear up the previously mentioned “breast” issue. you can’t see them, thank god. i love these illusions!

  • josh

    I see woman’s back, butterfly, seals, owls… maybe other hidden images…

  • zmania

    i got its a woman hanging on a painting with her back and butt painted

  • kgd

    Amazing! I want one.

  • Could we PLEASE get the comments REMOVED that contain “Bad Language” and “Bullying remarks toward others”!!! I thought that all of the “Comments” were Screened and had to be Approved before they are officially posted for everyone to see??? There are children that visit this website and view the content! PLEASE be RESPECTFUL when posting Comments!!!

    Thank You!!!

  • Ajsel

    There are 3 women and on them they painted it look ate the ass ;)

  • mya

    its a grl for the nose if u look very carefully u can see the butt,back and arms. pay attention to how it pops out. take a closer look.

  • mya

    hellxomega. the guy said the eyes were painted on concrete everything else is a grl.

  • mya

    david blair. STFU haha. why do we have to remove the comments with bad language. the ones with swear words never hurt anybody. hell. see

  • Jelisa

    its a person in the middle.

  • Smabbles

    If the nose is the woman’s butt then where’s her legs?

  • RangerJimK

    Now, if the leopard’s chin whiskers were actually a rather largeish merkin, then that would certainly explain why so many people claimed that it was a woman’s front. But if so, where are the breasts?

  • Jack Wallace

    It took a minute to see but with the hint of a butt I see it now, lol.. its all I see, qwazy! Itsa woman kneeling on the ground in a worshipping stance with her breast pressed against the floor and her arms spread above her head in a “Y” formation. It is an optical illusion of a woman painted combined with the concrete floor surrounding her body painted to form the facial of a White Leopard. The butterfly or two bird heads are there to defer the eye from noticing the woman’s butt cheeks. VERY GOOD!! AMAZING.. :-)

  • Purplejuice

    You’re all wrong. It’s a sailboat.

  • Luis

    I can see…. Batman!!

  • David Eastwood

    Half of you saw it correctly – it IS a woman’s back and butt for the muzzle and nostrils + a painted floor for the rest. Basically it’s a more complicated follow up to Man Ray’s famous old photo of a woman’s back with two painted ‘f’ holes to make her resemble a violin.

  • antwan

    work of body paint…of a woman,her ass being the nose of the leopard with her arms opening above both eyes..she is kneeling on the painted concrete floor…

    • Kathleen Barnett

      I can see her foot on other angle she is sitting not kneeling !


    • Wow

      WOW! She has like my perfect kind of figure! Love it I would love to see what she actually just normally looks like… I mean good GOD just perfect lovely figure

  • AleWolf

    I see a human form, look at the muzzle! you see the rear end, the back, and the arms and shoulders around the eyes!

  • luke collins

    look eyesey

  • Duggan

    I think it’s actually a moth with head down the bottom. Imagine that there is a lie going down the centre and you might see it.

  • kaleialoha

    something’s not right with the nose

  • Joel Schmierer

    I think the hint made me believe the leapord face is painted on one of those concrete skateboard playgrounds with those curved concrete jump ramps. You can also tell by the face contours and nose. Who else thinks this?

  • jade

    i find this a little bit gross but at the same time an awesome piece of art, the top part of the muzzle is a woman’s butt

  • Karen

    Ummm…. Firstly, I didnt see anything, and what IS up with the eyes thing? Then, when I saw what it really was, mmm, yes, I’ve seen it. Now, I know what it is, it is very cool. But, hey, It’s still gross.

  • Karen

    And, yes people. Look at the nuzzle of the leapord. It is something like a butterfly. Look closely.


    Do you not see a resemblance? Yes, I do. Very cool.



  • LAM-‘OIO


  • Dead¤Arrow

    Lol,I just had a laugh at reading up all your comments

  • Dead¤Arrow

    You guys should have a look at Octavia Ocampo’s art.Though it s technically coined “metamorphic art”,I think much of it could pass off as a good collection of optical illusions

  • cottoncandy

    i cant see anything lol

  • cottoncandy

    ohhh i see

  • Lolage

    It’s the eyes. The hint was a big give-away. The leopard appears to have a human eye (eye on your right-hand side) and a leopard eye (eye on your left-hand side). There’s a difference in the sclera; the human eye exposes more of the sclera, the leopard exposes less, but the iris of both eyes are the same size. Because of the sclera being exposed less on the leopard eye, it makes the iris appear bigger than the human eyes iris, which exposes more of the sclera, giving the illusion that the human eye iris is smaller than the leopard eye iris.
    Yeah, yeah, I saw the butterfly on the nose, too, everybody did.
    This is just MY elaboration on this illusion based on my knowledge.
    Correct me if I’m wrong. I’m seriously crazy, it’s not even funny.

    • Lolage

      Oops, I mean it’s ALSO the eyes.
      See? Crazy.

    • Lolage

      OK, so I just took a look at the other comments and found the REAL proof. I told ya, I’m crazy.

  • gleek

    tnx rick

  • Please explain me what this illusion this is just a painted picture or something more thrilling

  • shubhi

    someone plz tell me what is it exactly

  • vasara

    no, this is not at all illusion and no creativity is involved in it, just painted a body and added the eyes on sides.

  • kevimetal

    wow camouflage to the max!

  • what the no one knows that its a girl sitting there naked look at the nose closly she is sitting back ward making it look real I seen it on youtube

  • Margaret

    That is really great blending. I must say. I never even thought that the her butt would have been the cats mouth and nose. I had to cheat. :)

  • Qwerty

    TOO MUCH COMMENTS!!! Anyway, I see a lady doing a pose in that body art illusion. Nicely done there.

  • hi

    the nose is a persons back and the mouth is her lovely bum

  • prawar

    this is an awesome one, but clearly not the best one.

  • Schick Razor

    Lets just say the lady needs a razor to get rid of her bushy stubble.

  • fossda

    this is the best optical illusion ever because other people think you’re looking at a picture of a tiger when you know that in reality, it’s a naked woman lol

    • Green Giant

      *The moment you realize that you don’t know the difference between a leopard and a tiger.

  • Bonnie

    This is great! I must say I was Baffled at first could not see it all.. But Wow

  • Skylar Jay

    If you’re are lucky enough to scroll all the way down here, then know that the illusion in this is that it nose/muzzle of the leopard, is the fairly shapely figure of a woman. A lot of people are making a fuss about the shape of the model involved in this artwork, but honestly, I’ve seen curvier shapes..

  • savannah

    Thats just dirty

  • Sue Jones

    He makes it sound far better than it actually is. If you can’t see it yet, here’s the explanation.

    • Especially when he says the eyes were painted on a CONCRETE FLOOR, which would have been impossible unless somebody jackhammered a cavity out of the floor. There was a reality show recently, I believe called Body Art, on which painters were issued challenges painting images on bodies. They did some impressive work in a very limited amount of time.

  • bob

    may be durty but is cool

  • Sean James Villaruz Macabugao

    Well Played Mo Illusions. Well Played.

  • Kathleen Barnett

    I can see her foot on other angle she is sitting not kneeling !

  • “I’ll retain myself”? What the fuck does that even mean? And no, neither the title nor knowing it has anything to do with you (or you had anything to do with it) makes it credible. Legend in your own mind, eh?

  • tim leblanc

    If you have it on a tablet tilt it so it’s up side down it looks like 2 seals a rock shelf with waves

  • My Name Is Bonnie

    dat ass

  • Nang Wai

    the nose is a butterfiy

    • thatonepone


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