Beach Sand Art Diving Illusion

Summer time is all about the beach, at least for some of us! Trips to the beach are always on our bucket list every summer, whether it’s a quick day trip to the lake or a longer vacation to the ocean. I love everything about the beach – the sun, the surf, the sand. And, of course, the sand art! People can get pretty creative with their beach art too. Sand castles are definitely pretty cool, but one group of New Zealand artists really stepped up their beach art game and created something pretty amazing!

sand art

From a distance, these sand art pieces look like real, everyday objects. Add some people in the right poses to the mix, and you have a pretty cool beach optical illusion! Unfortunately, all of the hard work is washed away when the tide rolls in. But, I guess that makes room for new designs, right?

Make sure you check out these drawings in the sand by the same artists if you love sand art!


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