Back To The Future

It’s simple! Just takes few seconds to notice what’s the illusion in this photo. When you do, you’ll have a laugh like I did. The picture is photo-shopped, but still awesome. Hint: it has something to do with this. I got this submission in my email from anonymous submitter. Thanks Anonymous! After this illusion you can find some news concerning the site…

Site News: Have you noticed that 6 new illusion have been posted today? If that’s not enough, I don’t know what is! Illusion submissions have been coming to my mailbox like crazy for the past few days. Some of them didn’t appear on the main site because I just didn’t feel they were right material, but some are really great… and are waiting queue for me to approve them! Expect many more in the following days! The only thing I’m asking you is to spread the word and help Mighty Optical Illusions get even more popular.

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48 Replies to “Back To The Future”

  1. i noticed that the paper used in this was a “Metro” i was just wondering if they were in every city because there is one in boston!!

  2. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!THAT IS SO COOL!!! I love this type of stuff, when you can see the picture inside the picture inside the picture, and so on.

  3. Personally, I’d have said that this is an example of a good photosho, but thats just my opinion! Anonymous, just for reference- they even have the ‘Metro’ newspaper over here in Scotland! Thought You’d like to know.

  4. I like this illusion! The whole picture in picture thing is cute, but I actually like the whole “girl yesterday reading todays paper” thing, clever!

  5. Can you give me a
    Can you give me a
    Can you give me a
    Can you give me a
    What does that spell?!?!?
    What this picture is!!

  6. Everyone says that it;s a “bad photoshop” What’s so bad about it? and let’s see some of your “good” photoshops.


  7. For information, you have Metro also in Europe…in each country, each capital. Couille de ricain va! Don’t focus on your city, Boston isn’t the center of the world.

  8. Of course it is Photoshopped….!!I But I have been Photoshoppin’ for years, and this is not bad !! I would like to see the 2 anonymous people who said it was bad pull it off!

    Anyway, Nice one! (it’s called the ‘Droste effect’ by the way….)

  9. This photo is clearly from Finland, Helsinki, since Metro is a free finnish news paper for Helsinki subway. or whatever. Any way it must be that, ’cause Helsinki is the only city in Finland with subways. Never seen here a Finnish “illusion” yet so I was happy to see one.


  10. Metro is everywhere. even in a small town in sweden and the “Metro logo” is the same. btw nice photoshoppin

  11. GOSH, you people!!

    Ever heard of something called “entertainment”?

    Look, quite frankly I don’t CARE if you could do this, I think anyone could do this.

    It’s not about the skill of how they did it, it’s about how creative the picture is. I think it’s a really clever idea!!

    Yes, you probably could do this easy in Photoshop, but you didn’t, did you? They did it first!

    Full marks to them for creativity.

  12. I actually thought it was the illusion in the window at first. If you look at it closely it looks like there are a really scary pair of hands

  13. FYI, Metro is a worldwide newspaper available in pretty much every subway around the world. And this is in fact in Stockholm, Sweden. I ride this subway almost every day and there is no mistake about it. It’s the exact same pattern on the chairs and the yellow poles.

  14. honestly people…. “METRO” is short for metropolitan… almost every major city in the world has their own version of metro news. please dont be so dumb.. you sit your asses on the computer all day, try to learn something while you’re at it.

  15. Woman seen reading today’s paper yesterday- quite a paradox! You see, I don’t get it. I get the illusion part, but not the paradox.

  16. to everyone who said it was bad:

    you don’t criticise until youve tried it! c’mon, lets see your pics!

  17. Interesting, really…everyone speaks of Metro from THEIR country…but, the illusion, if you want to call it that, is taken from the subway in Stockholm(the pattern on the seats are rather distinctive), where the Metro magazine originated. Metro was the first freesheet in the world, and the name comes from the fact that it was originally handed out in the Subway, or ‘Metro’. It has nothing to do with Metropolitan or anything similar. Do note also that the UK paper Metro international is NOT a ‘Metro’ freesheet.

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