Baby Legs Optical Illusion

I guarantee you that the title of this post definitely threw you off. I bet you’re curious as to what you’re about to see. Well, when the person submitted this funny optical illusion to me on Facebook, I, myself was quite thrown off. From the sight of the thumbnail, I was wondering what could possibly be the illusion. After I clicked on the image, I have to admit that I almost spit coffee all over my computer screen. This is a funny optical illusion that you will most certainly get a laugh out of.

Baby Legs Optical Illusion


Now you know why this is called the baby legs optical illusion. So, what do you think about the above optical illusion? Did it make you laugh like I said it would? I certainly hope that it did. Oh, and kudos go out to the person that submitted this illusion.

Some of my favorite illusions on the site are the ones that you have to move your head back away from the computer and something hidden will be revealed in the image that you are looking at. I know a lot of you all like these types of illusions, as well. They certainly never disappoint any of you. That’s why I want you to check out the Johnny Depp Optical Illusion if you want to see something really cool.

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