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  1. Yeah! The image of the baby is clear enough! The head is in the left side of the picture and the legs are in the right side. It’s a fake picture, right?

  2. haha i saw it within 3 seconds or something but i guess thats cause ive been watching more of these things so u kinda know what to look for

  3. u mite call me mad or sumthin, but i’v bin staring at this picture for the past 5 mins and still havent seen ANY baby!!!!!

  4. I seen an evil face the second i looked at it(and then a baby) it is staring straight at the couple the branch at the bottom on the far right is the lower jaw… I duno maybe that was just stupid or obviouse or somethig but no1 said it so i thought you know i’d …

  5. It was a regular picture of an odd looking tree and someone used a smudge tool (in Adobe Photoshop?) and manipulated the branches.

  6. I am also amazed it was not visible to you…it jumped right out at me as well…a fetal postioned infant or laying on it’s back with legs stretched upwards but curled as infants are…an amazing illusion.

  7. I think you did saw the baby, you just said you didn’t so people would talk about it. I really like your comments, keep doing it do way you do.

  8. Um..not to brag, but i got teh baby in, like, less than one second….AND I COULDN’T GET TEH COFFEE BEAN GUY!!!!! WHY IS THAT BUGGING ME SO MUCH!!!!!

  9. I saw it same time as i saw the tree, basically…

    If you still can’t see the baby, look at the light rather than the dark, or even open it in Paint and invert the colours maybe?

  10. i found the feet in likle 2 seconds and then it took me another two seconds to find the rest of the body… that is pretty cool though…

  11. I got this sooooo much quicker than the coffee bean thing! It’s an embryo, stretching the whole picture, where the tree and branches make the shape.

  12. ATTENTION anyone who doesn’t see the baby. Look to the left, see those top branches, go down just a little, those are the arms. go over that’s the eye and the bige empty space is the head. The rest of the picture is the body and feet.

    see more of my opinion on “life and death all around you”.

  13. Your all going for the obvious, the shape in the tree.
    You have to look beyond that..
    In the sky you’ll see a figure of a baby…
    I thought there had to be more to this picture.

  14. i see it in 3 basic stages of development- the big baby, then above it’s belly is another, and above that is a blob. you can disagree if you want, but we all see things differently

  15. There is no baby in this photo!

    Ignore the other users! Esp. the ones saying “I got it in ** seconds”

    They can’t see it either.

  16. that’s pretty cool…the first time i looked at it, I didn’t think i saw it rite…then i had 2 go back and read what it was supposed to be..then i was like…oh!..duh..

  17. lol. it’s a fetus. It looks like someone took an ultrasound picture and shopped it into the tree branches. Or it could be something that someone actually found. It only takes a second or two to find it once you look at the trunk where the ‘feet’ are. Then little fetal hand is there too. It’s really neat. :D

  18. ha ha thats class. its so obvious also the tree and the people have been placed over the top of the sea.Infact it looks like a painting. Its not real. Hoe is it that the bottom left corner has more detail than the rest.

  19. Well if you have ever seen an altrasound picture of the fetus/baby in the womb, of a preganant woman, thats exactly what it looks like. Guess you would have to be a woman, it might be easier… lol and this picture is far easier than the doctors photo.

  20. it is soo CLEAR u can c everything about it u can c its feet, hands, eye (only 1 because the baby is laying on the side),u can c its mouth, nose, arms, legs, and i say it is soo detailed i cant believe it

  21. that is the most obvious one that i’ve seen so far!
    the tree branches give it away.
    ps. look for a foot

  22. i seee two babies the one obvious one but how about the other baby face in the sky if you look top right then down to th dark shaded spot and look to the right you will see two smaller clouds and those are the eye and go from there anyone else see this??

  23. This is very easy i got it in like 5 seconds (hate to brag.) It is very clear. The man in the beans is clear after you find it as well as for the baked beans i still can’t find it.

  24. I couldn’t find it then my friends showed me. I feel so lame a fifteen year old should see this! Well for those who can’t see it take a few steps back close your eyes and then open them, and you should see it right away.

  25. wow people this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo uber easy. itss sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo obvious. i dont know how you, vurdlak, of all people, king of the illusions, could not see this. im not that great at illusions and i saw it right away.

  26. o.o I was like, maybe the baby’s that dark thing over on the ground, but then I realized it couldn’t be that since it wasn’t clear and spotted the branches in less than half a second…

  27. Omg tht tip look at it frm far away gav me the answer.
    look at the skinny branches hangin down frm the thick branches of the tree

  28. Oh! It’s so simple! The bottom of the tree where the crack is, is the feet. Then the next crack is the hand, and the space on the left is the head!

    So basically, the trees make up most of the outlines of the baby.

  29. That’s not all i see… just above it’s stomach, in between its arms and legs is a cute little bunny!!! do u c it? hint: it’s lookin up, to the baby’s stomach!

  30. I couldn’t see ut either!!! Becouse I’m an idiot! just like you!!!
    p.s. Next time write: pleeeeaaaaseeeee coment my picture!!!
    well, hope you are happy!

  31. i dont believe that u didnt get this!! it should have been obvious at first glance. the tree branches that stick out at weird angles she give u the approximate shape of a baby and the ground gives u the whole picture

  32. I’ve Seen This Before But Have You Noticed The Couple At The Bottom? Well, Look At The Man Have You Noticed His Only Got One Leg? Freaky Or What?

    1. Thank you! I couldn’t see it before and after I read your comment I was like “Why did I no notice it before!”

  33. What I’d like to know is how they found a tree that happened to look like a baby? Or how did they make the tree look like this, how’d they keep those branches in the right place?

  34. super easy to spot. the feet are in the upper portion of the tree trunk, and the face and hands are in the branches toward the left side of the picture.

    1. No, it’s the ENTIRE fetus keep moving to the left of the pic and you see in the branches his face and hands..and the big open space on the left is his head….ijs…its HUGE! lol

  35. wow, the entire pic is the baby!!!!!! at first i thought the outline of the branches, but then i looked a little down and saw feet. then i looked around some more and saw the baby

  36. this is a good on at first i didn’t see the baby . in all the others i have seen the ‘invivible’ object before the bigger picture

  37. Woooow. Lol. If you did not see the baby at first glance then..idk exactly what to say.

    Saw it after .5 seconds of looking at the picture

  38. On the very right, you can see its toes, and its legs. then where the water and most of the sky is the body, it looks like its sleeping.And in the middle toppish, you can see the hands and arms and a little the the left is its eyes closed. Very good illusion!

  39. I see two babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
    I saw this once on sfogs long time ago, there was one, but when i found this again, there’s TWO! the first baby is the biggest forehead i have everseen!

  40. If you look at the right side of the tree, you see the babies feet, and it’s legs slowly go into the water, and left a little you see the babies arms in the twigs hanging from the tree, and next too that you see its face :)
    not the baby in the womb, a real baby :)

  41. ok, so he can faid all of the more difficult ones, but the one that I got in the matter of about 6 seconds, HE CAN’T GET?!?!?!?!?!?! :O!!!!!!

  42. This is a good one, look at the top right of the tree where it makes his foot, the top middle makes his hands and towards the left makes his face

  43. anyone else notice what looks like a ninja crouched down next to the woman? looks like he has a white sword on strapped on his back.

  44. This is so definitely photoshopped. Anyway, did you realise that there is another ‘foetus-like’ branch above the baby?

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