Audi R8 Optical Illusion


When I announced that you can expect more classy optical illusions in the future, this is just what I had in mind. Before we start, I’d like to thank Xaver Nitsch for creating this original optical illusion just for us! Now, I’m perfectly aware we already had dozen of relative sizes illusions. We even had a very similar one including Range Rovers. BTW, this is where Xaver probably got his inspiration in the first place… But wait! This one is different. I won’t explain it though, I’m just gonna ask you a simple question – Which one of these three Audi’s (R8) do you think is the largest? Don’t rush, take your time. I have included an expandable solution just below the original image. When you think you know what is going on here, you may expand the box containing the answer. Be aware that the answer image is actually an animation. Wait for a few seconds before it starts. What do you think of this illusion now? Was this what you expected?

Which one is largest? - Illusion of 3 Audi's
Which one is largest? - Illusion of 3 Audi's

[DDET Click To View the Solution Animation]
3 Audi's Optical Illusion - Solution Animation[/DDET]

  • You know, that’s actually pretty cool. I was expecting them all to be the same size, as per usual.

  • Cool :)

  • ellie

    er…ok i dont lik this one .sorry :)

  • laila

    WOW!!!! i luff this one so awsome

  • Chris w/o the Hat

    Wow! I thought the furthest one away was going to be the biggest and that the closest one was the smallest.


  • tortebelly

    even after seeing the solution my mind just cant accept it, lol

  • i even measured them w my fingers and thought they were the same size! :) very cool

  • edwoodshoes

    Good job. And do they cost the same?

  • Nebbit

    WOW. i thought theyd be the same size, but this is a cool illusion…

  • anonymous

    never expected that…

  • Hallucination

    Same here, paperclippe!
    That was awesome!
    I guess we expected them to be the same because we thought they were trying to trick us by thinking the opposite of what actually was real. If you get what i mean.

  • Chris

    Excellent , I too thought they were all going to be the same size too . Great site .

  • dont get why you wouldnt like it theres nothing to not like:) yeah this is coolyou’d never guess its the one at the front

  • Em

    dont get it.. can anyone explain it for me…?

  • BraDRoBBo

    As soon as you said its different i was like ooo, then you asked the question and i knew before looking again what the answer was ;) pretty cool indeed that! whats funny is a few years back when i saw similar illusions i was actually thinking that this type of thing could be done (with size difference illusions) that you could ACTUALLY make the one that appears to BE the smallest, in fact much bigger, rather than the same size =)

  • Mr Dr Professor Dude

    sweet! There’s still sand or dirt or whatever in the window of the front car though…..

  • andrew


  • mrboma

    The second one is clearly larger than the third one. I think there is too large a discrepancy between the sizes. But the second one also looks larger than the first one, so the illusion definitely works in that regard.

  • Joseph

    Very cool. Thought they were all the same size.
    Sweet animation/reveal.

  • Reece

    i xpected them to b same size, too. that’s pretty cool

  • Detective Kitty

    wow I thought they’d be the same size and my mom did too…but the front one is bigger…no matter how you look at it I didn’t expect that…finally an ilussion that stumped me…

  • whoami

    Wicked! And really deceiving. It had me totally fooled. :-) MOI reloaded is also neat.

  • kelsey


  • Peter

    That is amazing. It took a lot to convince myself that they were all equal – I as blown away when I saw the real sizes. Even printed a copy out and cut the cars up to prove it!

  • Great one.

  • Sue

    This is one of the best size illusions, it really does fool you, makes you go back and take a closer look..
    Thanks for putting it on

  • YODA82

    was not expecting that!?!?!?

  • duncan

    haha i was expecting it to be number 2
    but it wasnt
    not like the other ones we’re they are ALL the same size

  • Édouard Bourcier

    Middle one bigger right?

  • Cool. I get frustrated everytime my eyes fool me hahaha. Love the animated solution.

  • na

    on the solution they look like sideways apples

  • Ben

    You got me. I was wrong.

  • Franx

    Man, that one was awesome! Never thought that THAT ONE would be the largest car…
    Well, anyways, that was awesome!

  • Samuel

    Nice, I already thought it was the front one, when you said ‘take your time’, but for it too actually be the front one… wow, very nice

  • Edgar

    Amazing… After checking (just measure it with the width of a finger) the right one is actually the largest.

  • wow!

    i was expecting them to be the same size too!

    even after the animation, i measured them to be sure about their sizes!

    excellent! :)

  • Vanyel

    Now THAT answer what not what I was expecting. very nice

  • Freak

    me too, i hope for better ones sooon ^^

  • Ben

    Wow, that’s a great illusion, as I was expecting them to be the same size from all of the other size illusions on this website. Awesome!

  • Facebook User

    That.. was.. awesome.

  • Jenni

    This is great! so its less of an illusion than it looked like!

  • ed

    I really liked this illusion. Made size measurements to verify and was surprised. Also removed background to check its influence and cut and paste to change the order in which the cars appear. The illusion seems to work on how the brain processes perspective cues. It appears that the brain expects an object of the same actual size to much smaller when it is further away. Shrink the further object less than than the brain expects and it actually appears larger. Reverse image order (further closer) and the effect is obvious. Note the distortion of the image background to enhance the brain’s perspective expectations.

  • Danielle

    Sweet. I thought the middle one was largest. Plus I like the cars! :D I would like more 3D illusions, though.

  • Kevin

    i guess that the first one (appearing smallest) would be larger once you said that it was different

  • Riff

    Nice. I really like it. Like paperclippe, I was expecting them to be all the same size.

  • Blake

    cool but i thought it would have been all the same size :$

  • coolkid

    it alright
    its k
    but lamborghini kicks ass

  • knight of the darkness

    i thought the three would be the same size, great illusion

  • K-milk

    lol, at first i thought they were all the same size, but now i just can’t
    can’t believe it!

  • Michael

    Really unexpected. And the animated solution is elegant. Thanks.

  • Zach

    Wow, the answer was nothing that i thought! Cool. Nice work

  • Cameron Kuhn

    wow thats cool

  • basekiller

    unexpected, very nice!

  • Tim

    Wow, I just assumed it was another “show three identical images in a vanishing point perspective to make the back one look larger than the front one” type of illusion.

    But I had NO IDEA that the back one was actually SMALLER than the front one.

    Really well done!

  • mike

    i thought the middle one was the biggest, but the front just barley is, nice touch on the animated solution as well, just a note, when i clicked it, it was allready in mid animation. you may want to have the animation start by clicking on the “show solution” button rather then having it automatically start when the page loads.

  • Mr Average

    Good one! I love my Audi, by the way, they are excellent cars.

  • Karen

    I never expected the first one to be the largest.
    Egad — the universe doesn’t make sense anymore.
    Can someone please explain this mystery to me? I am totally stumped.


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  • ausGeoff

    I’ll cry “foul” on this one!

    Half of the leading car wasn’t shown in the original picture, which unfairly limited our perception unfairly. However, the full outline is shown in the animation.

    The animated solution therefore “cheats”, as it adds unknown (to the viewer) information to the original image. We obviously can’t assess what we can’t see! Very poor.

  • Solaria

    Hmmm… the cars aren’t evenly spaced, so you see a little more of the middle car, making it look bigger? and the front car is partly out of the frame, making it look smaller?

    @ausGeoff: measure the distance from the bottom of the front tire to the steering wheel. no cheating!

  • Strictly speaking, if it was a real picture, the one in the back would be the largest.

  • toby

    i knew it wuld be the 1st one but i couldnt see it

  • maddy

    all r same

  • obanoro

    I was not entirely sure why the animations that were closer on screen turned down and why did it leave certain tid bits around

  • Johnell Kincaid

    My observation took me too a totally different conclusion. This shows us that your eyes can really be deceving and it can make your mind think something that is not true.

  • angellique

    OK I thought the 3rd one was bigger because of a perspective/riddle thing but not at all because it looks bigger. And further I keep re-playing the solution because I’m still not convinced

  • Great illusion, but I don’t get it why the car in the back is the smallest… Awesome…

  • Xaver

    Thank you very much and I wish you a happy new year! I’m happy that you like my little illusion that much and I had never expected that this one would be one of the top 10 illusions! I just played around a bit with photoshop to raise my “photoshop-skills”! Thanks

  • liam

    super lame not even clever

  • They’re not Audis! They’re waffles! see?

  • Anonymouse

    to be honest, that crossed my mind once, but then as i studied the picture further, i was like “nah!” little did i know..

  • Unicorn Face

    i knew it, i measured it with my fingers :]

  • yes! i was right! middle one!

  • You have got to be kidding me. That would have been my last guess. The one in front looks smaller than the other 2!

  • Slammer

    Free. Kin. Awesome. :)

  • The one far of to the left

  • cybermathexpert

    I got it right. Compare the passenger side mirror, size, width of shadow, etc. that says it all.

  • glittergirl

    Thats soooooo wierd!!! Its pretty cool though :-)

  • Tom Whiler

    The Answer Is The Smallest Is The Biggest

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