Athlete’s Optical Illusion

I know, I know… we already had bunch of similar “Caught in The Moment” type of optical illusions. Still, I can’t resist posting them. What I like most about this stuff, is the circumstances these photos were taken at. There was no intention to create an optical illusion, yet the results speak for themselves. The other two photos I included are just a funny coincidence. But the chewed-up Headless Gymnasts one is really awesome. Which one is your favorite? Should I stop posting these? Looking forward to hear your feedback!

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  1. k so the first one she just ahs head really far back and ya but i love the last one…….now who thinks its funny cuz a child hit him there like that, was going through his legs or do people find it funny cuz it looks like the guy is giving birth to this kid???

  2. I saw something like that first picture in a lampoon edition of a tabloid called The National Inquirer. I love the unintended photo booboos. They’re such fun.

  3. These are so funny!
    I’ve seen a better one of the first one though.
    The second one is kinda funny…..


  4. Actually, kidsrock, that’s not a kid between his legs. It’s another team member, but he’s in the background. The perspective makes it look like it’s a little kid hanging on to him, but that’s the humor of this illusion! Well that, and the other unintended, how shall we say, imagery? Fun stuff!

  5. These are nice… but i would like to see more of optical illusions. Also some new illusions and not the implementation of previously known ones.

    An illusion once understood doesn’t impress again.

  6. Kidsrock12347 – what are you 5? arm hanging between legs – looks like a big dick hanging out – friggen horse style – doubly funny because hes japanese

  7. The first pic is about as close to an Optical Illusion as you can get.

    Wikipedia says, An optical illusion (also called a visual illusion) is characterized by visually perceived images that differ from objective reality.

  8. Great photos, they make me laught a lot!!!!

    We understand that is very hard to find all-new optical illusion, and we appreciate your effort to bring us each week at least a image, video or stuff, even if is not a real illusion.

    Thanks you and keep it up !!!!

  9. Hilarious!! Keep them up. I especially like the last two. Have found your site and now have it as my iGoogle link, look forward to seeing it every day.

  10. Nope, keep em up! These are great. Really makes you LOL. Scrolled down all three and thought no.2 wasn’t that awesome. Yea, two guys hugging, so what. But then I took a closer look. LMAO! What a coincidence.

  11. Gawd, thats easy to guess she’s just bent bacwards and her leg is over her head DUH now that one i got XD

  12. I have nothing against gay people (they’re the best guys out there, let’s be honest here) but the second picture i find funny because it’s just such a weird coincidence.

  13. these are easy to understand…

    1.Her head is far enough back that the camera could not get it in the photo

    2.The way the football players jersey is positioned makes the letter R unseeable, so you think his name is gay but it’s really gray.

    3. There is another player walking in the distance. you can only see his legs. The player you can see has his penis hanging out of his pants, which makes you think that it’s an arm. NOw when you put it all together it looks like a kid look like he’s trying to play in the players crouch.

    1. LLL, the third one, its a players arm. Thus making you think its a penis. Which obviously worked on you. His dick isn’t REALLY hanging out, you’d think he would notice, correct? IT’s an arm. Calm down.

    2. And the second one, his last name may be gay. But the point is the two in the front LOOK Gay, so this guys last name is a coincidence. Get your stories straight.

  14. i dont know whats funnier: the gay football players, or the japanese guy with the arm sticking through his pants. KEEP EM’ COMIN’!!!!

  15. i would like you to keep last names to a minamun because i seen a bad illution about my last name other then that keep em’ goin

  16. The 2nd one made me really laugh.

    After reading through the comments on here in regards to the first pic, no one mentioned anything in regard to the “chewed” up part of the title. not only is the gymnast’s head far back but if u also look at the lighting in the background you will see what looks like an opened mouth and 2 eyes.

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