Another Anti-Gravity Illusion


Found this image on flickr, it was originally taken by user called mrettig. This one really bugs me! How was it done? Is it some anti gravity spot just like “Mystery Spot” was? Or is it some cheap, low-life trick you can do by taking photo with camera that isn’t horizontally ligned with floor? I for one, seriously don’t know.

  • anonEmouse

    for a hint – look at the trees in the background

  • Dave Goodman

    The road is on an incline (it’s a hill), but the camera was tilted to match the slope of the road. People take funny shots like this all the time on Lombard St in San Francisco.

  • rick

    It seems like he is on a slope due to the angle of the trees in the background.

  • maddy

    really amazing

  • Tim

    Either that or someone skewed the picture using paint (or possibly a combination of sloped road and skew)

  • ThatBozGuy

    It is simply a freeway bridge underpasss slope and he is standing on it, the bridge point and embankment meet to his left and the roadbed is to his right. Nothing to see here move along….

  • bogdan

    You can see that all the trees and the fence is the same direction as the man

  • Annie

    I loved your site – especially the picture of the Pope.

  • MrBill

    The underpass and slope idea seem right, but how do you account for the angle of his body relative to the postion of his shoes? He’s not standing straight up so he must be leaning against the pull of gravity or otherwise he’d fall over. Really like the site!

  • niceboy

    I assume he has ankle joints.

  • Crissy

    that’s some steep hill…. i don’t know, look at his feet, they look inorganic to the rest of the photo- the picture definitly was tampered with, but like Tim said, it could be a combination of skew and hill

  • jay

    its just crap

  • freebird

    theres a house where the floor is inclined like this in ottawa and you feel so drunk when you just stand in it. funny

  • ~*NIQUE*~


  • Hai

    im confused

  • Hai^is^so^dumb

    Hai shut up. U dont noe sh^t about shi^

  • ALeX

    Well duh its a bridge. Have you ever seen grafitti on the ground before?

  • me

    wtf? u can see his feet r on the floor and there is graffitti on the floor ! wot r u on alex

  • Rayne

    I’ve seen grafitti on the ground many times.

  • Tony


    It is obvious that this is an incline with the camera tilted to match. The slant of the trees and fence….the slant of the persons (looks like a Pat or a Chris) feet. Nice looking illusion but simple to decipher. Not rocket science…or a “haunted creepy place”

  • momo

    TREES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT THE TREES!!!!!!!!!!!!!*^_^*

  • Mumbaikar

    anyone can do this trick with a cell phone camera. get into a fast vehilce and grab a photo of something nearby, abt 5-7 feet from you. it’ll give you same illusion. i have phots of this. can anyone tell me how to post them here as the proof?

  • Pandas

    nope, sry Mumbaikar. you can get a special cable thingy, but they’re not cheap

  • dingleberry59er

    it is a cut out and a dude is behind the cut out dude and he is like crouching… indeed.. look at it the light man …its a picture man … a big cut out picture of an ugly dude!

  • what the leg

    my question is how one leg is longer than the other ;)

  • wata wata

    ha ha he fall ovea



  • confused

    hes leaning up against a volleyball net

  • Anonymous

    this has been taken, or cropted at an angle. They guy is standing upright and the trees are growing upright. He is standing a significantly sloping surface. The thing that makes this illusion work better than normal for these, generally cheep tricks, is that the fence behind him as been built at the same slope as the hill on which he stands. In this case both the floor and the fence have now become horizontal, making the illusion more effective. As a previous observer mentioned however, look at the trees.

  • Tony The Tiger

    . . . very stupid

  • Fernando

    i think he’s superman. :D

  • Anonymous

    Even though the trees are not straight, trees do grow squew and the fence is straight!

  • Captain Obvius

    That fence isn’t strait, What are you on? Look at the poles on the end or middle of the fence.

    And another thing, You are all crazy! This type of illusion is very simple. I would guess that the camera is parrelel to the floor and he is just standing up strait. It is just that simple.

  • guitarking

    I agree w/ Tony.

  • Royce

    This is a video of Criss Angel. That old guy might have done this, but doing it backwords

  • WeeNee =O]


    aNYHooSe, eR, DoeS aNYoNe HaVe DiReCTioNS FRoM HeRe To MaRS?????

    heh…just a joke. sorry, i’m bored.

    cool “illusion.”


  • Anonymous

    hes on a skate ramp???

  • cvxbskj

    Hahahahaha… its pretty obvious when you look at the trees and the fence. Especially the fence.

  • Anonymous

    if u notice the tag on the bottem of his bag it isnt falling directly down(from his angle). so he must have been standing correctly up straight when this happened.
    James Mcardle

  • Anonymous

    i think the guy is just falling down and the person with the camera shot at the right moment.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s under a bridge.

  • Mr.E

    trees are ant-geotrpic meaning they grow away from the force of gavity (exept the roots) so the trees are pointing up

  • Anonymous

    ahhhh yes but look at the fence it is normal

  • nikki

    well probably some kind of hill and everything and the person were standing up towards the sky but the person taking the picture was aligned with the hill

  • Sarah

    Um why is everyone saying the same answer over and over again

  • Hahaha

    YAY ‘NICEBOY’!!!

    I have one thing to say- LOL!!!! Normally I hate ‘lol’ and never use it but you actually made me laugh out loud- Bravo!!

  • Airton
  • Anonymous

    Look at the trees, they always grow(or try to grow) straight up, that gives the illusion away… …nice, though.

  • Anonymous

    i think u used photoshop to make the person look like that…

  • Anonymous

    I know how this happens. It happened to me once by accident. Perhaps some of you didn’t notice, but the trees in the background are off too. When you’re driving by and taking a photo using long shutter time, it will make it look like this. The reason is that the shutter moves from top to bottom and thus making your position a little different when the shutter reaches the end. I don’t know how to explain it better. Very cool though, i was completely amazed when it happened to me on my Sony Ericsson phone camera.

  • Anonymous

    I Think they are on a hill thats my explanation

    • adriana a

      they are on a hill look at all the trees they are slanted as well

    • MumuAndNezzy

      explain why his feet are planted on the ground that way then

  • Layla

    the dude is standing on a hill. im vaguelly amused.

  • Anonymous

    i think he is about to fall over and they got a picture of it before he fainted.

  • Dadmartindy

    ThatBozGuy was right about the freeway bridge. Yes, take into account all the trees in the background. If you were to draw an imaginary line through the guy and the fence post, they are perpendicular–or darn near. Overtime fences tend to lean due to gravity. As for the guys legs? Well, he is supporting his weight on his left leg and the right is bend. The position of the pov does not allow you to plainly see this. Look at the plane of his left side: straight, right? Look at the right. A slight bow to the plane. The black bag on his right hip and his arms across the front does not allow you to see the angle of his pant’s waistband showing this.
    Some may agree, some may not. That is my pov of the picture and my logic. Anyway, good illusion thanks to the photographer.

  • Anonymous

    hes lining on a wier next to his head

  • Anonymous


    maybe he isnt a real persoN!

    HAve u been to the wax museum lately?


  • Kimberly

    As a previous poster said, the trees are all on a diagonal in this picture. Trees generally grow vertically. True, some grow on a diagonal, but all of them at once? not likely. The fence is parallel to the trees, so that must be vertical as well. And, as another poster pointed out, the guy is supporting his weight as if he is on a hill.

    Definitely camera on an angle trick.

  • Physics Explanation

    He is really leaning, but he is not going to fall over. Everyone has something called the center of gravity (or the center of mass) which is the middle of the person’s body (around the belly button area). When a person leans over or bends over this middle part should fall in between the feet or the base of the person to be stable. The only way he is leaning without falling is if he physically pushes his center of gravity backwards to where it is outside of his body and it falls in between his feet. Michael Jackson has demonstrated this by rotating on his feet and leaning over really far. Just look up some of his dance moves to understand, but this is really all plain physics.

  • yeahh his on a hill you can tell from the trees

  • Joan

    I think the floor may be slanting, the trees in the background is slanting too. i’ve seen this before i’ve even tryed it myself! it is not hard but it feels really weird!

  • High Steele

    He’s on the cemented slope, under a bridge, just outside Entwistle, Alberta.The hill was so steep going into the valley they had to do this to prevent erosion.I worked on the bridge.Guess he’s admiring some of my handiwork !!

  • Delishia Harding

    big WOW hes on a hill any1 can do that

  • Whitney

    he is on a chair!!!!!

  • akshay

    simple it Was done using Photoshop !

  • Olmon

    There a number of ‘Magic spots’ around the country, advertised and operated as tourists traps that capitalize on this same phenomenon. The man and trees are vertical, it is the ground that is sloped/leaning.

  • Anonymous

    ********************Spoiler alert**************
    a hill. look at the trees in the background.

  • ay

    maybe photoshoped, or, he was drunk and falling down and camera guy happened to get good shot/?

  • Faizan Ashraf

    He is on a hill…You can easily tell because trees grow toward the sun and the trees in this picture are slanting

  • andrew

    yep, hes definitely on a hill or some slope…

  • shawn

    You people are idiots…look at the trees. he’s under a bridge where they build concrete ramps for support.

  • jj

    The photo was ‘skewed’. very easy to do.

  • hickz

    taken on a hill…as u can see the trees behind the guy is slanting….

  • chris

    he is clearly on a hill so stop

  • This reminded me the illusion performed by Michael Jackson in a clip.I heard that the inventor of the illusion was M.Jackson himself.

  • Dave

    Considering that the image of this guy isn’t even in the same focus as the background would leave me to believe that the author of the image needs to learn how to adjust the sharpness levels of two images that are pasted in to one another to match.

  • Anonymous

    I can do that. You just tilt to one side and hold it. It’s fun to make people think you’re about to fall over, then when you’re a inches from the ground, you pop back up! :P

  • Anonymous

    This guy is probably standing on the slant underneath a large bridge or some sort of concrete hill. It’s OBVIOUSLY a hill because the trees are slanted also. His feet look tilted but are actually perfectly flat on the ground. The reason his whole body isn’t tilted is because the amazing powers of gravity actually force his body to stand upright. Pay attention in science, people.

  • viola woolcott

    hahaha. lovely! ;-)

  • Kieran

    This one is simple. The camera is held at an angle of about 30 degrees. Note that the man and the trees in the background are at the same angle.

  • GenCat

    its obvious that the guy is standing funny.

  • thegay1

    really people? look at his knees – bent ankles a bit curved. u have to examin it. so wow this pic was pointless. (to my standards)

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