American Flag Optical Illusion

Once again Mighty Optical Illusions brings you a classic trick. This after-image optical illusion appears, once you’ve stared at the red dot in the center of the USA flag more than 30 seconds; now quickly turn your eyes towards some white spot – for examlpe: your celling, a wall, piece of paper… What do you see? Did it work for you in a same way it worked for me? If you like after image optical illusions, visit “Jesus Illusion”, “Glowing Bulb” and “Batman”.

78 Replies to “American Flag Optical Illusion”

  1. Wow! Thats cool. I could see it, but there was no stars. And the dot in the middle was red, untill you inverted the colours, then it was dark blue right? :)

  2. hey mac users, if you press control, option, command, and 8 all at the same time the colors reverse and the flag turns the right color. try it!

  3. I blinked and it looked like it had the right colors.. then i looked at the white part of the screen and it had the right colors..

    and now, i have a headache from staring at the screen for 5 minutes.. lol

  4. If u invert the colors (mac users: ctrl,option,apple 8) then its the american flag. Its obvious i no, but just thought it would be interesting. It might even mention it in description,

  5. The first time I tried it I just saw a black dot…the second time….it was the weirdest thing ever…my heart nearly jumped out of my chest…and now after writing this I look at the paper and the flag’s still there…Wow..

  6. When doing this trick, instead of looking a piece of white paper, look at the same picture, just in black and white. It works!

  7. Wow… At first for me it was just a blue blob flying around the paper then all of a sudden the U.S. flag pops up and starts falling to the end of the paper!

  8. i stared for around half a minute then stared up at the ceiling but saw nothing. But when I look back at the monitor (since the website’s background is white too), I saw it! The colour is exactly the SAME!

  9. it has to with color opponent processes. our visual system contains cells that have red vs green, blue vs yellow and black vs white color opponents. staring at one color long enough floods the cell with that color so that when you look away you see its opponent. hu hutz!

  10. haha! those r called phantom colours. the opposite colour. u will get the us flag if u copy that image onto paint and invert the colours. (i read bout this in the 4th grade :D ). im frm india btw

  11. that was pretty cool.. i’ve seen stuff like that. it has to do with the way your eye recieves light and rods and cones and stuff.. red blue and green. red + blue = magenta or something.. blue + green = cyan.. and green + red = yellow. and all three combined is white.. no light is black. :)

  12. If you stare it for one hour and then you look towards a white spot, you’ll see Obama in the middle of the flag waving at you, amazing!

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