Amazing Obama Body Paint Illusion

Now this is something you don’t see every day! Yet another Brack Obama optical illusion for all of you. I believe we hadn’t had simmilar collective body paint examples before (except those fish), but as you see it’s never to late. In my opinion there is no need to dissect and explain today’s submission – rather just look at it, and admire. Hope everyone understands how it was done, and that it works only from a certain angle. This is exactly what Felice Varini does, with addition of humans and body art. Can’t wait to hear your comments. Hope you liked this as much as I did.

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  1. I really enjoy your work and have ‘Mighty Optical Illusions’ on my homepage. One suggestion, though: have someone proofread your narrative. Your use of grammar and your poor spelling takes away from the brilliance of these wonderful illusions. I hope Pres. ‘Brack’ doesn’t enjoy this website as much as I do! I wonder if this comment will get approved?

  2. While I do not agree with Obama’s politics, I do appreciate the fact that America has grown enough to accept a black man as President. A lot of work went into this painting, I’m sure. Though I still wish McCain/Palin had won. Ah, well.

  3. body paint is my personal favorite, especially camouflage ones, im just curious though,why are they all holding fire? lol and whats up with the person off to the left? ea overall still a great illusion!

  4. I Saw this on the a news show about a week or so ago and there they showed 2 different immages Obama it was either Malcom X or Martin Luther King, can’t remember. Very cool.

  5. that means i am probably the only greek person following your site??

    thats in athens greece.. they could be greeks (from their characteristics :D) its very cool and i like to see the parthenon back there, which i miss so much..

    keep up the good work :D

  6. Brilliant and much appreciated!

    Now,re: Anonymous #8-your opening remarks were quite nice- but you descended into snarkiness. I have no doubt that President Obama would thoroughly enjoy this site, ESPECIALLY the fact that it is created and maintained by a young man in Zagreb, Croatia. I wonder how good your proofreading skills would be in Croatian, hmmmm?

    To “looks like a waste of time painting Obama”, that statement is not relevant to the image; this is not a political forum.

    And to “While I do not agree with Obama’s politics” your expression is even-handed and fair, with appropriate praise for the art.

  7. I appreciate the art work that went into this. I personally love body art, but I was wondering what that random guy in the background is doing and wether or not he was supposed to be in the shot…

  8. I’m sorry, I know there had to be a lot of work in this; however, I don’t understand it. For instance, why the white under his head? I would have thought it would have been black for his neck. Also, what are the torches for? And why the odd person on the left? I feel really stupid trying to see what the artist intended. And the arm on the left side of his nose was not painted brown, how come?

  9. at .8 (anonymous)
    nobody really cares about grammar or spelling, this is the internet, we are not paying MOI to post these illusions, he is doing them because he likes to, so why dont we just sit back and enjoy his illusions instead of critisizing on his grammar.

    and nice illusions, though im not from America, that must’ve taken a long time to do…..and are they naked?….hehe..

  10. Anonymous said…
    “”While I do not agree with Obama’s politics, I do appreciate the fact that America has grown enough to accept a black man as President.””
    was für ein quatsch!!!!!!!!!!!
    black man or white man he is a human and US president.cann,t you finally accept this?????????

  11. Hi i was just wondering, it looks like the person to the left is supposed to be a part of the illusion…where does he fit in in the picture because the face looks complete to me…?

  12. My assumption for the weird coloring, torches, and background model would coincicde with where it was done. As analphabet118 pointed out, the Parthenon is in the background. That, torches, and the discus thrower (background model) are all associated with the Olympics. The ancient Olympics were a time of peace and truce– my interpretation would be that the artist is saying that Obama’s time in office will be a time of peace and truce between America and the world (note how that odd coloring is the coloring of the US flag, blue square, stripes and all).

  13. Hi. I love the art in this.
    Also I like the comments about what others see in a certain picture. Sometimes I get an “aha Erlebnis” as the Germans call it(the feeling: yes I recognise this)
    Other times I don’t see it, but it is nice to hear how others react on art.

    I think this is a website ment for amusement and art.
    Why all the discussions about grammar, spelling or politics?
    There are other places for that.

  14. ahh of cores, thanks IGGY and the other who pointed out were this photo was taken. i agree about the symbolism with the torches and other things, well lets just hope that it happens that way and we get out of this massive depression…

  15. Wow, this is amazing. Though I too am a little confused by the random guy on the left.

    To the person who commented on Vurdlak’s spelling and grammar: if I’m not mistaken, isn’t English your second language, Vurdlak? I say Kudos for tackling another language, and if you make some mistakes along the way that’s fine. To the people for whom English is a first language and who still can’t spell, well that’s another story…

  16. Well I am wondering how on earth they got the permission to shoot this pic and the whole video (cos this is taken from an actually short film) by the Parthenon of Acropolis in Athens, Greece!!!

  17. iggy said it all… the torches represent the ancient spirit. peace or even a begining where we focus on humanity, humans and intellect…parthenong didnt have that much to do with the olympics directly but mostly with democracy, the golden century of pericles and the intellectual peak of Athens at the time

    the colors are, i believe very clearly, the colors of the flag of the u.s.

  18. I believe the man at the left is passing the torch, with the metaphor of the Olympic relay blending with Obama’s acknowledging that he is ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’, those courageous people who have paved the way to his election as not only a Black man, but really, a Rainbow man, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural. The true visionaries see a world where cultures and heritages can unite people who share the same backgrounds, but are not used to divide by rights.

    We’re all pink on the inside!

  19. ugh, im sick of obama. hes not a damn savior people. i cant wait till everyone realizes hes just another politician. but as for the art, nice job.

  20. no matter what your political view you have to admit this is an incredible piece of art! it’s amazing and it took a lot of efford to make! it’s beautiful:D

  21. Terrific work of art. Hate the subject, but the talent is most definitely present. I like what Smith said (above), about Obama’s presidency being based on an illusion. Clever and appropriate.

  22. its body paint? people dont usually wear clothes when they do this? smart one. But this is cool, they even though about the shoes. How the red converse is his tie and the white once are a part of his suit. cool :) love it.

  23. What is up with all these stupid obama illusions?

    i am sick of it. there’s got to be better people to base illusions off of. i mean c’mon!!!

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