Adopting An Illusion

What is guaranteed in our lifetime? Death and Taxes right…

Let’s be positive instead and think about the good things we get up for in the morning.  A healthy body.  A stable job.  A happy family.  Some of us may not be as fortunate to have those things.  We should never stop being grateful for what we have.

An advertisement illusion to promote pet adoption.

Take a look at this advertisement, promoting animal adoption.  At every stage in the couple’s life, a pet has brought them ample amount of joy.  This was a carefully arranged photo-shoot enhanced with the illusion of a pet being the focus.  Very neat and clever.

If you are feeling a little down or need some love right now, perhaps looking to your nearest animal shelter could be a solution.  Adopt a pet today.  Who knows, maybe it’s the kind of love you need to spice up your life.  Spread the love!  Share/comment this if you are an animal lover.  Happy Friday!


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