• kiu

    Look at the shadow, she grabs her leg and the hair is quite different. Realy good photoshop work…

    • She’s just putting her hands in a position to look like she’s putting on makeup, and jumping.

  • kiu

    Forget my post, the shadow seems to be ok. The “grabbing her leg” is just the bag with a combination of her heels and the hair is part of the street.
    Next time i will take a closer look before yelling “faaaake” :)

    • Drastic

      I do believe you are right…. the shadow is that of an arm. The bag’s position, close and in line with the body wouln’d throw that shadow. Plus there is no movement whatsoever in the upper part of the girl – hair or jacket – thus PHOTOSHOP`-

  • avenger13

    by looking at her shadow (one could see her left hand touching her left foot in the shadow) i think they took two shots of her: one standing still and adding makeup, and one while jumping in the air……. and then combined the two of them in photossop ;)

    and btw, as this is my first reply in here……. i love this site… well doone, mate! *thumbs up*

  • avenger13

    damn……. what i thought it was her am in the shaddow it was actually her bag *embarassed*

    another idea would be using chords. they use chords in movies for special effects (and in the final result you cant see them). so maybe she was hanging on some chords, and later at postprocessing they erased the chords……

  • Thomas Siefert

    She’s a woman and she’s busy, that’s what they do when they are in a hurry….

  • kiz

    first time posting.

    this site is really cool.

  • Farted

    I think she is propped up on bars. If you look at her front foot, it looks like it’s propped up by that gutter. The back foot looks like it’s propped up by that black bar too. They pry made it look like the scenery is far away though. And the shadow is the same but looks different.

  • Dataceptionist

    I don’t know but it’s damn cool!

  • _Dx_

    Wow ! thats cool….even if it is a photoshop work or wire trick.
    Only thing that I can figure out is just a little unnaturaly bent left leg.Is it.

  • Mike

    She could have done the stunt with everything except the eye liner stick. That could hae been added later.

  • Victor Bogado

    Since the hair is not “flying” with the forward speed she is doing what we tend to believe. I would sujest that she was jumping in the same place, not running while the picture was taken.

    A few jumps and a high speed camera would probably take enouth shots to choose a perfect one, like this we see.

  • Jason

    I don’t understand why everyone’s stressing about how this was done.
    Many people are capable of very extraordinary things.

    This could’ve taken hundreds of shots before they got it right.
    Or it could’ve taken just three. It was planned, and therefor very well thought out.

    It’s not like someone happened to snap a photo as she was flying by.

    Then again, who knows, maybe someone loves the Clone tool a bit too much.

  • mina

    i think i’ve fgured it out. first they shot a picture of her on her left knee with her right leg up on something as she did her makeup then they just photoshopped it so she was in the air in an outside scene. the shadow could have been done when her picture was taken. she could have been on a transparent floor/ground/thing with a solid floor/ground/thing a few feet underneath and had the shadow fall in the desired position. then they would photshop that in to make the illusion that she was in the air as she did her makeup

  • Def

    This is an image from a Danish tv-commercial for the sub-way. They recorded legs and body separately, then did some overlay. Looks great in motion.
    More images here:

  • MrBill

    It a cool effect, but the hair, clothes and purse don’t show any sign of jumping/hopping and why go to all the trouble of trying to stage that pose when you can do it in photo shop with just a few pixs.

  • DarkMage

    If you use any type if image software you can see a line of odd pixilation. Look at an imaginary horizontal line just at the bottom of her right calf. You can follow it over to heal of her boot and back across to her hand bag continuing to the bottom of the window. It is two pictures spliced together. There is other evidence that this picture has been modified. Look at her hand bag, the solid blue area on the right is very smooth, almost no pixilation. A blur tool has been user there. Also if you look at the right edge of her hand bag, there is an increased amount of pixilation at the edge and then it gets smooth again.

  • SlikFlik

    She appears too cool and composed to be in that acrobatic stunt. Check her facial expressions…. She doesnt look she is in a stunt like this. Definetely Photoshop…. Ahoy Adobe!!!!!

  • Hai

    either photoshop or years of practice

  • gamefreak

    This picture is wierd

    P.S. this is my second post

  • annis

    its good

  • Me

    I sure would like to see her knickers.

  • kristen


  • MMM

    look at the legs and the body… don’t match!

  • im bobbete

    this is interesting… better than some of the ones ive seen. well done!

  • Aden

    I think that she’s taken a photo of her jumping, and just another photo of her head, because of the shadows and stuff, and also if you look at the sadow under her neck, it is different to how it should be if her head was actually like in the photo, leaving intrest that it might me photoshoped on

  • XY!!!

    Same as MrBill

  • Anonymous

    i have those boots

  • xXe$kimoXx

    erm y cnt she just b sitin on a stool i mean tht postition is easy..yrs of practise? like they wld do tht ..,how wld they find all those ppl wiv tht practise!?
    k kinda kl pic

  • Anonymous

    Or maybe there was an overhead spotlight, it was done on a green screen er chroma key stage, she was being held up by two guys in green zentais to match the green chroma key stage, and backdrop, and the rest was added in by computer.

  • Anonymous

    Nice picture, can’t stop watching..

    at kimoxx:
    don’t understand your text,
    don’t want to understand your text.
    Don’t even want to spend my time figuring out what you want to say…

  • Anonymous

    There is a horizontal bar that protrudes out from the gutter towards the camera. Her front leg is resting on that bar. The shadow of the bar falls exactly on the front edge of the channel in the sidewalk opposite the gutter. Because of the angle of the camera we can not see that shadow.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know which is better. The awesome pics I see on a daily basis, or the ludicrous explanations some people come up with to explain them.
    Occam’s razor says it’s a two-shot picture, a jumping shot and a standing shot, layered in Photoshop to hang the jacket outside her waist, which is presumably where the join is.

  • Anonymous

    wHY IS EVERY ONE STRESSING!Just bcuz u c sumthn nu an amazin duz not meen tht it has a reason.sum pepl can just do things tht othr cant,like me 4 instane,get ovr it,quit tryin to explain everything it ruins the magic,honestly why duz everyone hav 2 in vestigate,not every1 can pull off detectiv srry if i hav ”offended” any1,but somtimes the best things are the 1s tht keep us wondering,tht keep us holding on…..-Danielle

  • Anonymous

    if u look at all of the shadows, the sun is almost directly over head. looking at her shadow, it is to our right… this image was photo croped. she took the pic on the ground on one knee adn the other on a stool or bar or some sort of support, then the women jumped and they took a pic of the shaddow. they then placed the shaddow into the pic at almost the right place

  • Anonymous

    The picture is from a danish commercial, this is the webside: http://www.m.dk/en/welcome

    Here is some of the commercial’s: http://www.m.dk/reklame_mar2005 http://www.m.dk/metro_dvd001.mpg

    It a commercial for the danish subway system.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not photoshopped, since it’s a pic from a commercial movie, it’s made on a computer, but not with photoshop or any other cropping device.

  • silver

    Hiya people!

    Why r u all so negative? I think No matter what the trick, it’s blooming well done!
    She is just in a rush/dance routine while getting ready!
    Lol! I laugh!

    Silver! =D

  • Mars

    why cant she just be a lady flying in the air cause shes late and shed putting on her makeup

  • Crazy♥

    It’s clearly photo shopped… Because look at her shadow she is holding her foot… and how could anyone be so straight up when jumping? Not even my acrobatic cousin can do it. So they had to of taken a photo of her standing putting on make-up then one of her jumping then put two and two together…
    sorry for such a long comment Lols

  • FaQ

    Wow, I just read everyone’s post and everyone is saying pretty much the same thing: it’s photoshopped.
    Now let’s stop arguing about it. Thank you. =D

  • lovey

    if that was real she wud of landed awkwardly,grased her knee,laddered her tights & the mascara would of gone in her eye.

    ps; faq good comment and point :p

  • nikki

    you can see that its fake by the foot in the front
    from the angle of the sun her shoe point wouldnt be seen in the shadow
    and if she were to land her feet wouldnt be able to reach the grond flat in time and she would just fall over
    hope you understood that

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t we just admire a good illusion and stop trying to figure out how it’s done! It’s not like we have just witnessed some paranormal phenomenon and need to investigate. It stands to reason, it’s the work of a team of dedicated and talented people.

  • Anonymous

    even though this is a really good photoshop, her legs aren’t exactly in proportion with her body. look at it closely you’ll see

  • Anonymous

    It dosent work 4 several reasons

    Her bag and her hair r lying flat – if she was realy jumping they would b flying out behind her.

    She is at the wrong angle 2 land – she would just crash into the ground.

    The feet (Particulary yhe front one) r way out of propotion 2 her body- they r 2 big.

    The angle of the sun on the building and the steps is all wrong compared 2 the position of her body.

    her body is straight as if she was standing – if she was realy jumping her body would b bent over

    Plus, 2 jump like that u would have 2 run realy fast- she dosen’t look very tired, u wouldn’t run that fast along a public footpath incase u nocked someone over, and she is not wearing good clothes for running or jumping (high heeled shoes???).

    Still, it is a realy cool illusion.



    wow but thats not an optical illusion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BUMB
    I smell a bubmble bee in this hive

  • Inciter

    as Def (14) and Anonymous (35) wrote Its from a danish commercial for a danish subway. In the commercial there are a lot of people running through the city very fast and all of them are relaxing with the upper body.

    The picture isnt photoshopped (as it is from a video) but the principial is the same…
    2 videos has been made
    1 where she runs and
    1 where she stands still
    The 2 parst have then been pasted together to create the odd video (and a stillpicture have been taken from it)
    See the video here: http://www.m.dk/metro_dvd001.mpg

  • Mr. G

    Am I the only one that can see the real truth??
    the optical illusion is that “she” is actually a “he”!!

    come on people!!

  • Anonymous

    This and pie are awesome

  • DeadlySurvival

    My guess is that they might have attached wires to certain parts of her body and let her do this, though balance would be precarious so it’s also possible they photoshopped two images together in layers, the first layer her standing there fixing her makeup and the second layer her jumping in the splits, cut out the appropriate portions and layered them correctly.
    As for the shadow, it’s more layering but probably just her accessories and the streets own shadows themselves.
    ^- ^;

  • Anonymous

    1,shez not that pretty
    2, she could be a proffesional acrobat ; )
    3, Whatz rong w/ makeuping in air lol

    • cheychey

      ikr is not that pretty. More on the ugly side, actually.

  • Anonymous

    For starter tomas thats rude because we dont do that went we are busy or in a hurry and is like shes been held up by people,so saying that they in green suits so they can make anything green go away

  • sunshinelight

    You can see her hand swung down in the shadow.
    Its a fake! :P

    • kimbo

      i dont think that’s her hand — it’s actually her handbag

    • Dominique

      yeaah, it’s definitely her handbaaag.

  • Libra In Red

    Sunshine–that’s the shadow of her purse. I think this is an example of jumping. With her long legs, it looks like she’s jumping extra-high.

  • Tiff

    Shes just jumping in the air putting on makeup…big deal

    • Anonymous Coward

      Go ahead and TRY it Tiff! Go on, I’ll wait here while you get some mascara and a trampoline….and while you go to the ER to get the mascara wand pulled out of your now blind eye!

      It’s a harness, get over it, and yourself.

  • T-Dogg

    One thing you can see, is that her hair is not moving so its a fake, but who cares all about the fact that it LOOKS kewl, so just chill y’all..

  • gapeach26302

    or she could have been suspended in the air from a harnest… its amazing what u can crop out of pics these days

  • cindy

    1,shez not that pretty
    2, she could be a proffesional acrobat
    3, Whatz rong w/ makeuping in air lol


  • anon

    yeah if you watched top model they had them all harnessed up suspended by ropes. not hard to edit that stuff out.

  • anonymous

    i dont get it… how’s it work?

  • Tazu

    well, this is a fail, the shadow shows her left arm being away from her body…

  • don’t matter

    she was jumping and wat;s wrong?:b

  • Alexandra

    1. The “arm” shadow is her purse. 2. She is probably held up by a green harness, the green is not seen. 3. It’s not fake.

  • this is pretty cool!
    i reckon that they took 2 photos- 1 with her just standing & putting on her make-up & another 1 with her jumping. they probably photoshopped her upper body onto her jumping lower body!

    i no that some of u don’t agree but it doesn’t really matter- it’s just awesome!

  • Georgia

    i think the legs ar e plastic manniquen legs. look closely

  • Elerean

    u can clearly c tht she’s putting her front leg on the door handle and her back leg is on the fence

    • Anonymous Coward

      I fail to see the shadow of the fence she would have her leg on…either way, it’s a great illusion!

  • Qtip

    if you notice in the background near the steps the girl hair is wild but in the actual picture her hair is perfect. by the way that is her hand

  • Natalia

    I will give it a try if I nail it I will send it

  • Ben

    If one looks closely, there is a difference between the shadows. They both originate from a different angles. The one on the step and hers. Couldn’t come from the same source of light and the ruffles on her dress are pronounced in the shadow but not on her skirt. She’s standing behind prop legs and a painting covers up her legs.

  • HI

    One things for sure, she is definitely NOT leaping.
    Wouldn’t her hair stream out behind her, her purse and jacket?
    Also, your body naturally bends forward when you do that.
    I think she may be sitting on stairs by the way she is posed, and the rest photoshopped.
    (your right- the shadow is not correct!)

  • chance

    i see it
    her leg is on the pipe

  • Vij

    Shes hanging from a harness….
    And they’ve photoshoped and removed the wires…its a lucky shot… But one shot

  • rara

    the leg in the front is the right leg but when you look at the foot the shoe belongs on the left foot !!!!

  • Jemima duck

    Clearly been photoshopped.

    Evidence #1 look at the shadow. She’s holding her leg.

    #2 two different people!! She has wrinkly face and arms. Smooth legs!

  • Cheers . Awesome stuff ! .

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