Accidental Smileys Optical Illusion Set

These photos were laying on my hard disk for some time now. I never considered them best optical illusions in town, but when I came with the idea to include them all as a set, I finally found them interesting enough. When you open this article, you’ll see six photos with dominating smiley face in them. None were photoshopped. Some are simple, some more complex, but what is mutual to all of them is their fun nature and that all of them were captured in the right moment when photographer noticed the fun coincidence. Which one is your favorite? I like birds one the most, and this is why you see that particular photo in your widgets

40 Replies to “Accidental Smileys Optical Illusion Set”

  1. I like the one with the grill the best, and the first crater/sand one the least. They aren’t really illusions but are pretty funny.

  2. OMG!!!! THE MAN ON THE MOON!!! and what is the one with the snow??? i see the smiley face but what is is!?!??!?!?!?!??

  3. PS: My favorite is probably the 2nd one, although the first one is pretty incredible and the third one is probably the most complex. But I like all of them.

  4. If you want more, you might like to see a blog called “Faces in Places.” I found out about it in the Metro.

  5. O.o … If your wondering my name on fly like a bird 3 is mommy eagle… •.,..,.• <_< ^_^ *…*

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