Accidental Bike Illusion

Thanks people for your positive comments about that optical illusion video I posted yesterday! I’ll make sure to post more soon! In the mean time I found this nice bicycle illusion. It’s an installation, abstract in it’s nature. Wanna know what is so strange about it (except that it’s sculpture made from iron bars)? Well, you should jump inside this article (if you are on main page), and you will notice that the bicycle is just a mere illusion. It can be seen like this only from two proper angles, where all the little sculptures align perfectly to form our yellow bike. Just like transformers :) Have a great day, I won’t be around here today anymore, cause I have great deal of studying to make for my university exam. Enjoy!

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  1. you wont be around? as in ur leaving and not comming back? or as in you are taking time out to study for days/weeks/months?

    good luck with exam btw

  2. it is a nice effect, but I doubt it’s accidental. my guess is that the railings are there for…wait for it…locking your bike to it!


  3. Well Good luck with the Exam mate. I hope to see more interesting Illusions upon your return. Love the site keep up the good work.

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  4. I don’t think it’s an “accidental” bike. Looks more like an “intentional” bike. This is the only way we can consider this ugly installation meaningful.

  5. I like this one alot,it’s really clever,but surely the artist intended it to look like a bike from certain angels,and it’s not an accident?

  6. wow, that’s a really kl illusion! very clever!!
    as T said, good luck with the exam. hope u do well!!

  7. Absolutely spliffing old chap. I can’t really believe its real. But why in Gods name would someone want to have one of those in the middle of a town. I like it very much and am contemplating getting one for me for my garden. Do you have any tips on what it should be of?
    Much love

  8. thats cool but if u lived there every day and you sore it from every angle like it shows you it wopuld kind of look weird if u see it every day but that was aswome

  9. Accidental would been cool. But it’s not, it was meant to be this way, So kind of boring. Except for the fact that you thought it was accidental I guess.

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