7 Hidden Bass Optical Illusion

Nothing new here, except that the police finally located me, and forced me to update and renew my ID card, and all sort of accompanying documents with my “new” living address (which I’ve been “forgetting” to do for the past 10 years). It has been a nice benefit, since all their fines and tickets were constantly being delivered to my previous address, where no one under my name lives anymore. After some time, those fines get old, and are automatically erased from your police file. So I’ve manged to pass unpunished for god-knows how long. I’ve probably damaged their budget significantly, by not paying more than $10,000 with all my driving tickets, parking fines, car pick-ups, court expenses and stuff. I just can’t believe how unconnected and unorganized their database is, since each time a police officer pulled me over and checked my ID, those alerts didn’t show up. Just an advice: whenever you get a fine, refuse to sign it. You have all rights to do so. Don’t know how it works in your area, but here it helps much if you later have problems. Now for the illusion:

It’s time for another spot the object illusion. We had a month break from these, so I’m sure it will come as a refreshment. Your assignment is to find all the hidden bass in the image below. Yeah, have to admit “Bass” is a new word in my vocabulary. Never heard of it before. Hope I’m not the only one, even though English isn’t my native language.

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  1. What in God’s heavanly name did you just talk about??
    -says the atheist.
    I’m just kiding. I hope you’re doing fine and are just joking.

  2. errr…I can only see the big one…shows how bad I am at this, and sorry about the fines..lulz hope your doing good *loves the illusions*

  3. This one’s harder than most of the hidden pics you’ve had before. Glad you made it as long as you did on the tickets.

  4. Hey there lovely. I can see the large one obviously and the smaller one just at the bottom, how many are there to find in this picture? hope your week went well? x

  5. Bass is a fresh water fish, many in North America. Thus the tangle of tree roots. There are also Sea Bass.
    Great site, thanks.

  6. I’ve found six and a possible two more…I think thats all there is. Haven’t you seen Napoleon Dynamite? Napoleon says to Deb at the end “I caught you a delicious bass.” Classic.

  7. I too hope you are kidding about the fines. Here in Florida if you don’t sign their paper they have the right to cuff you and take you to jail and you wait to see a Judge. I found 5 Bass. I thought everyone knew what a Bass was. Great eating and they are beautiful but there is an “art” to catching them (so I’m told). Keep up the great illusions; I think you are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

  8. My bf goes bass fishing all the time. He says if u really want your heart to pound go bass fishing. They put up great fight. He has caught some large ones. Largest is 10lb 5oz,24 inches long. As for what we found, we only found five of the seven.

  9. I found 5…or maybe 6 (the 6th one is obscure)

    Bass is a type of fish (very popular for fishing in my part of the world.

    BTW, Good job avoiding numerous fines! :D

  10. I found three thats doing good for me any body find more than that or better yet how many are there suposed to be in the picture?

  11. Makes me wonder what kind of a person you are. I thought you were decent. What language was your first to speak? I only see the big one and maybe a few other Bass, but not 7. We have lots of Bass in Ontario.

  12. What happens if you refuse to sign a traffic ticket?


    By signing the citation, you are not admitting guilt. By signing, you are saying you will appear in court on the date indicated on the citation to defend yourself against the charge. In a sense, the signature works as an O.R. (Own Recognescence)(sic) bond, if you refuse to sign, you will go immediately to jail. You are then presenting yourself in leiu of presenting a signature. I have been a police officer for ten years, 3 in Oklahoma and 7 in Washington. I’m not sure what state you are writing in from, but I can tell you, I’ve brought more than one person in each state to jail for refusing to sign.
    Indeed this is the case. But if you are brought in your Miranda rights kick in. You have the right to remain silent and a court appointed attorney at the time of questioning (this includes intake and arraignment). Its behoovant(sic) to you to sign though unless there is some greivous (sic)mistake on the document in which case you can call up the court that retains jurisdiction of the case and request review. Also, you can contact your local DMV HQ and address any grievances with the ticket.
    It is almost always in your best interest to sign. If you don’t sign, you will usually wind up in custody. And if your luck continues to run bad, you could wind up there overnight, or for a whole weekend, depending on the state/county/city ordinances or judges. To top it off, you are still on the hook for the violation. Most people just sign the ticket and pay it by mail – or fight it in court. Not signing doesn’t really help you in any way. 

    1. and if cops dont catch u stae/jury can now send out bounty hunters after u how will if caught make sure u attend court

  13. Strictly speaking I think it’s bass or fish heads, rather than whole fishies you should be looking for, so far i’ve found 3, the most obvious one is at the centre/bottom of the picture, almost a full bass facing to the right.

  14. I’ve been “undercover” like you since 2003… its lovely :) In my country (Bulgaria) you can walk into any of the places where you order a new ID card and for 1Euro you can change your permanent address to anything you say… we’ve had criminals stating they live in our “central park” :) Fish creep me a little bit, so I’ll skip on counting them!

  15. ok, only other one I can see (besides the one with the hook stuck in it’s mouth) is at the bottom centre of the tree/roots thingy

  16. 1. Big one with the snare in it’s mouth – obviously.

    2. Bass outline 11 ‘o’ clock relative to the big fish. outline amongst the roots.

    3. Immediately below this, outline between two roots again. Curled root makes the eye and wood grain make mouth.

    4. From 3, (about 4 ‘o’ click relative) bottom and centre of main picture. Made of folded wood grain, look for fins along it’s back and down-turned mouth to see it.

    5. Back to the centre from the lure in the big fishe’s mouth, look about 2 ‘o’ clock. Bass is part of trunk leading away, mouth, eye and outline are all in the bark.

    6. Immediately above 5 (at about 11’o’ clock, relative) is another bass outline this time in weeds.

    Is that it or have I missed any?

  17. hi ok the key to not getting tickets is .1 pay attention or 2 follow the rules .loli know where the cops park so i behave.as for the bass i see 1 at the right side of the bass fishs mouth facing down and 1 at the bottom in the roots looking to the right..

  18. look at the spaces left between root and bark. they are outlines in there mainly. Easy to see the head first, then trace back and look for the body

  19. While I doubt anyone will read this, I would just like to say that there are two uses for the word “bass”

    There’s bass like the fish…which is pronounced exactly how it is spelled…it’s one of the more common fishes that people fish for and eat :-)

    Then there’s bass like the guitar, but that one is pronounced like “base” (it’s one of those really REALLY weird English words that is meant to confuse American children learning how to read) it refers to anything musical like soprano alto tenor bass etc.

  20. wow i found 6 out of the 7!!
    3 made from the loose twig bits, 1 at the very bottom, the big obvious one in the middle and one to the right of the big ones face :)

  21. bass 2 |bas| |bøs| |bas|
    noun ( pl. same or basses |bøsəz|)
    1 the common European freshwater perch.
    2 any of a number of fish similar to or related to this, in particular • a mainly marine fish found in temperate waters (family Percichthyidae or Moronidae, including Dicentrarchus labrax of European waters and genus Morone of North America). • an American freshwater fish of the sunfish family, popular with anglers (genera Ambloplites and Micropterus, family Centrarchidae). • a sea bass.

  22. ha ha- i suggest you sign the tickets from now on.. there’s a police amongst us lol ( no, not me ) that guy/gal above !

    lmao nice try though- good sum of money there… mm mm

  23. I found all 7 on my first try, but then it helps that I know what a bass is. My dad loves fishing, I of course went out fishing with him several times. I have been ice fishing at 45 degrees below zero (Farenheight). My dad lives in Alaska, I do not believe I have ever seen a bass in person however, because they weren’t native to the area in Alaska where I am from.

  24. I found all 7, but it took me more than a few goes to see them. I like these types of illusions.

    For those not sure of the pronunciation, Bass is said the same way as mass, lass and gas.

  25. wow i actually found like 4 but i tried cheating and seeing if anyone of the comments could assist me..
    and then bam i started seeing them all over lol

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