11 Hidden Manatees Illusion

Ups! Sorry for my ignorance – believe me when I say, that I had no idea what the “cute” teddy bear shown in my previous post represents. If I knew, I surely wouldn’t characterize him as beautiful. If I had known this before, I’d think double before posting it online. I apologize if I had offended someone. But now when it’s up, I think there is no need to pull it offline. What is your opinion? Remember, this isn’t the first time I have shown my lack of knowledge. In the mean time, here is another quick spot the object post, where your assignment is to try and find 11 hidden manatees. Yeah, I know – Gardner again. Btw, thanks for helping our little widget to rate well! In the mean time, Yahoo one got messed, but the new version is already on its way (apparently Yahoo widget is cursed or something, never had so much trouble with anything similar).

26 Replies to “11 Hidden Manatees Illusion”

  1. I didn’t get the last one either… I think it’s not you who is sick for liking the last one, but the people who actually knew what it was. People need to calm down and relax. You obviously didn’t know it meant something else. People are just rude in my opinion.


  2. Oh man, seriously, you have no idea how annoying these illusions are getting. Find the hidden blah-blahs…

    Everything otherwise is just perfect =)

  3. Even though the “artwork” was supposed to be about some pedophile thing, i honestly believe that just because someone decided they liked an imagew and used it for the wrong ideas, doesnt mean it isnt artwork…also posting things like that shows that we all have different opinions on ARTWORK, good or bad, it is still someones time and effort. Thank you for posting it, and not pulling it :)

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