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By on December 9, 2012, with 8 Comments

Last time I wanted to share a personal achievement with you guys I wrote a post sharing my excitement after publishing my first iPhone Application. Unfortunately, judging from your reactions – that didn’t’ turn out so well ;). I want to introduce my second app today, but being smarter this time – let me show you an illusion first! After all, this is what you came here for in the first place, right? Let’s see what Julian Beever has been up to lately. His latest drawing was done in Zurich, depicting a giant 3D pizza. Like it?

Zurich Pizza Pavement Drawing

Zurich Pizza Pavement Drawing

Available for iPad and iPhone

Concerning the iOS app I talked about earlier, it’s an educational didactic game for kids aged 3+. It works on both iPhone and iPad, including latest models with HD graphics. The starting idea my friend Lovro and I had, was to produce something that would help kids improve their logical thinking, learn them to recognise shapes, as well as refine their fine motor skills.

I don’t want to spam you any further here, but I’d really appreciate if you would spare a second and take a glimpse at our new game, hopefully making a comment telling me what you make of it. This specially goes for parents and teachers of pre-shool children owning an iOS device. We are very proud of our achievement, specially of graphics and design which we did all by ourselves!

If you have a moment check the app’s website, and if you like it you can get it on Apple’ app store under the name of “Gator’s Car Repair for Kids”

Zurich Pizza Pavement Drawing


8 Responses
  1. Lord Disick says:

    I’d like that slice at my place :)
    BTW, nice app, great design. Don’t have a kid but will recommend it to my sister, she has two toddlers.

  2. Michael Mol says:

    Frankly, I’d love to check out your apps, but I don’t have any Apple hardware.

  3. Mikey says:

    Tasty illusion! I do have children that could benefit from your app, but I have a droid device. Kudos anyway though, I hope it’s successful!

  4. suor de sapo says:

    The grid lines ruin a bit the 3d effect imo…
    Android here (sent from my Mac mini)

  5. Striker says:

    “learn them”? Perhaps you meant “teach them”?

  6. Rohit says:

    Thanx Dude …..keep uploading more

  7. Austin says:

    that makes me hungry

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