Zipper Skin Optical Illusion

You know, one of the most popular optical illusions I have ever posted on the site and Facebook page was the “Amazing Body Paint Optical Illusion.” I had so many people comment on what a beautiful optical illusion it was, so I was on the hunt for some more optical illusions that were very similar in nature and I finally found one that I think is worthy enough to be posted up on the main page of MoIllusions. This could be considered a scary optical illusion, but there’s not debating that it’s a beautiful effect and someone out there is very talented with body paint. Check out this amazing Zipper Skin optical illusion below and see what you think.

Zipper Skin Optical Illusion

This body paint optical illusion makes it seem as if this woman’s skin is being zipped right off of her body. Whoever did this with body paint is a very creative person and they’re also an excellent artist. Without a doubt, this effect would be perfect for a Halloween costume. Did you enjoy this body paint optical illusion? Did it creep you out? Is it stupid? Leave a rating for this post and let me know how you feel. I would love to gather your feedback. I f you want to leave more in-depth feedback, you could also leave a comment below. Also, share this optical illusion with your friends and I guarantee that they will be amazed.

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