Wrestling Optical Illusion

He-he, this illusion is hilarious! I just hope it isn’t offensive to anyone. Hope you like it as well! We had loads of gymnasts participating in some kind deceptive images. This is just one of them. More successful ones include: Sleepy Hollow Gymnast, then there was one with Synchronized Swimmers, after that we posted Basketball Head player, and also Lenin managed to infiltrate with his precision shot. Much, much more can be located in our categories (browse through sidebar). Thanks to Joshua Heller for his kind submission!

Click Here for a RANDOM Optical Illusion

33 Replies to “Wrestling Optical Illusion”

  1. hey first post! i take it he is actually in front of of him not up his bum! hope to see somemore cool elosions. sam da man

  2. Eerr…. thats why its called an Illusion, Sam da Man… xD

    Its awesome!

    I like how the guy in the red suit has like a line around his butt, making it seem likes its puffy.. xD

  3. this two guys just picked wrestling as a sport so an excuse for them to physically touch each other the most uncertain way.

  4. i’m a wrestler so i know exactly what he is doin…..he is doing a figure 4 and though it is a sweet pic it is not an illusion….he is squeezing the other person’s head

  5. I agree with anonymous #6. And anonymous #0, you dont even know how hard wrestling really is, so just shut up uless you’ve tried wrestling

  6. I always love when people leave messasges making fun of wrestling because as it is with the internet none of those people have the nuts to tell it to even the worst wrestler face

  7. Interesting new way to deliver an enema. I would think a suppository would be more effective and somewhat less intrusive.

  8. gosh you people are so annoying. for real. you think wrestling is gay? well its not. have you tryed it? no so shut your mouth because you dont know anything. grow some balls and then lets talk.

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