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By on March 22, 2014, with 17 Comments

Are you enjoying your weekend away from work? I know I’m enjoying the weekend, because we’ve been having some amazing weather and I’m doing everything in my power to take complete advantage of it. After I do this post, I’m going to go out and enjoy some sun. I also plan on going out tonight, so I’m definitely keeping myself busy. What are your plans for today? Leave a comment and let me know! :D

Below, I have a new brain teaser optical illusion that will definitely keep all of you busy for a while. As you know, I’ve been posting up brain teasers for a while, because I’ve been receiving a ton of positive feedback on them, as most of you like to have your minds test. Well, the one below certainly is not going to let you down. This is a wine glass optical illusion and your job is to figure out which wine glass is closest to the camera. Are you ready to give it a go? If so, scroll down right now.

Wine Glass Optical Illusion


So, were you able to figure out which wine glass is the closest to the camera? Was it the one on the left or the one on the right? Leave your guess in the comments section below.

Want to see another optical illusion that’s going to put your brain power to the test. Try to find all the hidden animals in this Mount Zoomore optical illusion.


17 Responses
  1. donnaflagg says:

    Another slick digital manipulation! :-)

  2. tomdanme says:

    It looks like it’s the glass on the left, but I think it’s the one on the right.

  3. Nick says:

    Making the novel assumption it has not been photo shopped, then I’ll go for the one on the left being closer, with the base cutaway, modified, etc in some way.

    Unfortunately, it’s just a guess and the right one could be the modified one, with the cup being cut away and placed ‘just so’.

    Frankly, without the answer given at some point, I don’t care for these as they are just opinions. Please consider following up with a link to how it was done if you know or saying you don’t know.

  4. GARY says:

    First the cars, and now this. 90% of them I can figure out. You really got me on these last 2.

  5. hadsil says:

    Presuming these are two real wine glasses and not just a photoshop, the one on the left is closer despite the bases of the glasses. Since the right’s cup is partially obscured by the left’s, it has to be behind. To account for the glass bases, the left cup is elevated by a length just enough to equal the curve. The picture is taken at just the right angle to make the illusion.

  6. Tbonicus says:

    My guess is the glass on the left is nearer to the camera. The visual contradictions are explained by the camera’s position being beneath and shooting upwards through a glass-topped table where the win glasses rest. A close look at the bases and stems reveals the right-hand glass in softer, more distant focus, despite its base looking larger and nearer. Carefully placed background bokeh create a false horizon to complete the illusion. Just a guess.

  7. watcher says:

    As Tbonicus pointed out the bases may indeed be on a glass to achieve the perspective challenge but there is some Photoshop going on. What is more off here is the lack of presence of the right class in the left. If these were truly glasses from the same picture you would see the outline of the right glass through the left. Who ever created this did a very good job on the shadowing. But for this to be a true mystery, the glass behind needs to show through the transparency of the glass in front.

  8. Papa says:

    It’s the glass on the right.

  9. Sue says:

    I wonder if the stems are angled, with the stem of the L glass tilted forward & the stem of the R glass tilted backward.
    I wish there were other views of this!

  10. Papa says:

    The base on the left is behind the base on the right

  11. somebody says:

    I think that it’s also the left glass. The left glass is bigger, anyway. The glass on the right could be lower than the glass on the left.

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