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By on May 17, 2012, with 58 Comments

Here’s an awesome find by Ellen. Can you see who is holding whom in this photo below? Are you absolutely sure? Think again – it can work both ways! Ellen really got me thinking there for a minute, before I could understand what was really going on here. It was as if those two girls were conjoined in some way, right? If you like these sort of illusions, you might wanna check our “Multiple Meanings” category for more!

Who is Holding Whom?


58 Responses
  1. Ash says:

    I saw it ;) I ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ these type of illusions POST MORE PLZ!!! XP

    • bill klemens says:

      the guy and the brunette are holding the blond, those legs belong to the blond She is wearing a black skirt. The brunette is wearing a black top and jeans. Nice illusion ! it took a second and third look for me to see it as it is.

    • Saad jamal says:

      if the brumette were to be carried, which she is not, there would be only two hands holding her (one at the shoulder and the other at the leg) yet she is straight as a stick.

    • sox says:


  2. kourosh says:

    Awesome !

  3. Antar says:

    If you follow the sash (or the vest) you’ll see that there’s no illusion at all.

    • Josh says:

      “if you follow the…” that is the case with most any illusion. That is the whole point, your eyes don’t necessarily follow that certain something in the first moments. This in no way precludes it from being an illusion.

  4. diane says:

    The Middle Blond lady .Had to look closly .

  5. Kimon says:

    Having seen several of this type by now, it still took me a few seconds to work out which body-parts belonged to which girl.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi MoIllusions,

    I just wanted to say congratulations on a great website. I use your iGoogle gadget and your Chrome extension, as well as surfing your site daily.


  7. eee efff geee says:

    I LOVE THESE ONES! keep posting them

  8. rn says:

    The key is that MISS POPULAR banner, that would be wrapped impossibly around two people if it was the body of the dark-haired girl being lifted up. So it’s the blonde girl being carried.

    But something about this image looks warped, no matter how you look at it.

  9. Kol says:

    haha oh wow, definitely one of the best i’ve seen on this site. at first my reaction was the same as yours – “what’s so confusing about this pic?” and i was just about to simply deem you’re crazy but then it hit me ;o great stuff

  10. Care Bear says:

    Who cares? They’re just having way too much fun!

  11. jackson says:

    the man and the brunette is holding the blonde

    • cindi says:

      I think its the its the other way around. the brunette is wearing a black dress and they are trying to make it look like the blond is setting up.

  12. AmetuerAspirant says:

    I just love physical illusions, they’re so much harder to do, but the effect is ten times as strong!

  13. jessie says:

    That’s easy he’s holding the dark hair as the legs of the blonde are on the floor and all you’ve done is put the bottom of her shirt over the top of the dark haired lady’s black dress but it’s clever though!

  14. plmethvin says:

    It’s quite obvious that the brunette girl and the guy are holding the lady with the sash. No illusion there.

  15. megan says:

    I think its the girl in the pink shirt who’s getting held….right?

  16. z2d4th says:

    Absolute impressive, This accidental photo-shot sometimes create a great illusions.

  17. NeatNit says:

    Oh wow. It took me quite a while to see it! Awesome one, love it.

  18. Carl says:

    Interesting, but easily deduced.

  19. ANONIMO says:

    the man and the woman in the right aree woman of the center

  20. xD says:

    lol wowza….das cool… xD but the sash tell all… :)

  21. why me!?!? says:

    this is all lot like “who’s hugging who?” i like both. i think it’s the brunette is being held.

  22. why me!?!? says:

    i mean a lot. :P

  23. hi says:

    i think that the one wearing the sash is being lifted otherwise there is 2 people in 1 sash

  24. John says:

    Nice. At first I was convinced there was a girl in a black dress.

  25. cooper17 says:

    i like it, got me at first

  26. some random guy you'l never meet says:

    Hey I know that person!

  27. htht says:

    center one being held! *hands*

  28. WillTreaty says:


  29. Lolly says:

    The two people on the sides are holding the person with the Miss Popular 2012 sash.

  30. Sakura says:

    It is pretty confusing, but I think they’re holding the girl in the middle.

  31. Chenoa Zephyra says:

    Pretty cool looking. Love this site!

  32. Debolina Mukherjee says:

    it’s very very lame.

  33. Nick says:

    They are holding the one in the middle otherwise the sash would be around both of the girls.

  34. Thjald says:

    WOW… !
    Very very cool site this one :)

  35. trinity w says:

    The girl in the black shirt is helping the dude hold up the other girl

  36. porfi says:

    where you are netx ansorry for you is toll you dance devil

  37. me123987645 says:

    I think it’s pretty obvious the two women are holding the man.

  38. Shashi says:

    nice illusion…
    though not that tough….

  39. Haha! If you guys don’t put here that it’s an illusion I wouldn’t be able to notice that! What a trick! Post more guys!

  40. DudeMan says:

    Love it.

  41. katie says:

    PLEASE post more of thes kinds of illusions!!
    This one was pretty cool but, the sash gave it away.

  42. goldi says:

    i’m a naughty boy

  43. froggy says:

    It’s pretty simple…
    lady in the black shirt and the guy are holding the blonde.

  44. sora says:

    this 1 was really easy!! i wouldnt consider this a hard illusion

  45. FLASH says:


  46. devis says:

    This picture is a doozy. It took a while to figure it out

  47. yasir says:

    great think dear

  48. Emmaskabalo says:

    obviously the blonde is the one being carried or else her hand need not be on the guy’s shoulder.

  49. stephen says:

    it had me fooled for a minute….but sussed it out after looking at it 2 or 3 times

  50. o.i.e. says:

    easy the top one is being held why look at all of there legs!

  51. kiana says:

    they are holding the blond beacause if they were holding the brunett the blondys shirt goes over the dress

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