Who is Holding Whom?

Here’s an awesome find by Ellen. Can you see who is holding whom in this photo below? Are you absolutely sure? Think again – it can work both ways! Ellen really got me thinking there for a minute, before I could understand what was really going on here. It was as if those two girls were conjoined in some way, right? If you like these sort of illusions, you might wanna check our “Multiple Meanings” category for more!

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    1. the guy and the brunette are holding the blond, those legs belong to the blond She is wearing a black skirt. The brunette is wearing a black top and jeans. Nice illusion ! it took a second and third look for me to see it as it is.

    2. if the brumette were to be carried, which she is not, there would be only two hands holding her (one at the shoulder and the other at the leg) yet she is straight as a stick.

    1. “if you follow the…” that is the case with most any illusion. That is the whole point, your eyes don’t necessarily follow that certain something in the first moments. This in no way precludes it from being an illusion.

  1. Having seen several of this type by now, it still took me a few seconds to work out which body-parts belonged to which girl.

  2. Hi MoIllusions,

    I just wanted to say congratulations on a great website. I use your iGoogle gadget and your Chrome extension, as well as surfing your site daily.


  3. The key is that MISS POPULAR banner, that would be wrapped impossibly around two people if it was the body of the dark-haired girl being lifted up. So it’s the blonde girl being carried.

    But something about this image looks warped, no matter how you look at it.

  4. haha oh wow, definitely one of the best i’ve seen on this site. at first my reaction was the same as yours – “what’s so confusing about this pic?” and i was just about to simply deem you’re crazy but then it hit me ;o great stuff

    1. I think its the its the other way around. the brunette is wearing a black dress and they are trying to make it look like the blond is setting up.

  5. I just love physical illusions, they’re so much harder to do, but the effect is ten times as strong!

  6. That’s easy he’s holding the dark hair as the legs of the blonde are on the floor and all you’ve done is put the bottom of her shirt over the top of the dark haired lady’s black dress but it’s clever though!

  7. this is all lot like “who’s hugging who?” i like both. i think it’s the brunette is being held.

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